Success has a proud lineage, defeat has many fathers – legitimate or illegitimate. We at the ACC have taken absence from the 2007 World Cup, of our Associate and Affiliate teams, to heart.

Asia, with three World Cup winning nations in its midst, is reckoned to have the richest resources of support, talent and finance in the world. All ACC Associates and Affiliate countries have a chance to join the Full Members at the world’s top tournament.

We can talk, they can talk. We can plan. They can plan. We can do. They can do. And when we say “they” we mean “we”. We are all in the quest to secure participation in World Cup 2011.

For the associations that truly commit themselves to play in World Cup 2011, that truly wish to convert their dreams into reality - the ACC will support you in your endeavours.

Truly believe in yourselves, focus on the goal: World Cup participation and all the benefits it brings is possible.