ACC U-19 Youth Asia Cup 2017: FINAL - Afghanistan v Pakistan


It is the final match of the ACC U19 Youth Asia Cup 2017. Pakistan won the toss and elected to field.

Winner of the Eastern Region Nepal had their last match with Afghanistan in which Afghanistan won by 7 wickets. Winner of the Western Region, UAE had their last match also with Afghanistan, in which Afghanistan won by 134 runs. Pakistan had their semi-final match with Bangladesh, which had them winning by just 2 runs.

A look at the team statistics for Afghanistan reveals 3 wins of 4 matches with a total of 421 runs, 343 runs conceded, only 16 wickets lost and 27 wickets taken. Darwish Abdul Rasool tops the batting statistics with 173 runs for 90 bowls with Rahmanullah following closely behind at 169 runs for 152 bowls.  Mujeeb ur Rahman tops the bowling statistics with 33 overs and 15 wickets taken. Naveen follows second having bowled 24overs with 6 wickets taken.

Team Pakistan has also won 3 of 4 matches played with 498 runs made and 276 runs conceded, losing 27 wickets and taking 23 wickets. Batsman Muhammad Taha tops the batting list at 231 runs for 256 bowls and Rohail Nazir following with 91 runs for 128 bowls. Bowlers Munir Riaz tops the list having played 27.2 Overs conceding 111 runs and taking 8 wickets, while Muhammad Hassan Khan has played 28 Overs, conceding 105 runs and taking 6 wickets.

The final match starts at 10am. Team Pakistan in their signature two-tone green spread across the pitch with Munir Riaz bowling to Rahmanullah – Ibrahim Zadran pair. The teams start the battle at the get go with hard bowls for dotballs and occasional hits from the Team Afghan. The first over sees a boundary 4 at 0.6 by Rahmanullah. Shaheen bowls next to the batting pair and shows merciless fast bowls, conceding only 1 run, while Munir Riaz does not fare that well, allowing 4 runs to be made by Rahmanullah-Ibrahim pair. A repeat performance by Shaheen at Over 4 with only 1 run made. Ibrahim Zadran is no match for Munir Riaz this time, managing one run. The fielding is excellent the bowling merciless. Team Afghan is on top at this point allowing Team Pakistan only 3 runs per over at 21 runs in 7 Overs.

Muhammad Musa comes in to bowl and succeeds to deliver a maiden over to current batting pair Ibrahim-Rahmanullah. Shaheen conceds a boundary 4 to Rahmanullah at 7.5, while Munir curbs the runs to one at 8.3. The runs are made painstakingly amidst shots that are deftly managed on the field, prevent the batsmen from moving anywhere. More overs pass with the same repeat performance by both team and another maiden over delivered by Muhammad Musa to Rahmanullah. Tough opponents! From previous matches, Rahmanullah has proven to be a savior during these dry spells and at 14.3 he delivers a boundary 4, and a beautiful boundary 6 at 15.4. The score is 54 for 0. It is 11am. Over 18 sees Rahmanullah bowled by Muhammad Musa, caught by Muhammad Arif. Rahmanullah walks off the field having contributed 40 runs, 10 singles, 2 doubles, 5 boundary 4s and 1 boundary 6. Ikram Ali replaces to bat with Ibrahim Zadran.

Over 24

Team Pakistan in blue struggle to make runs in Over 22 as most hits are caught within the 30 yard boundary preventing any runs. Shaheen Shah bowls in 23 and this left hand fast bowler delivers a maiden over 23. Team Pakistan sends in Muhammad Hassan, another left hand bowler, medium fast, concedes 3 runs to Afghanistan to bring the score to 77 for 1.

Shaheen is back in play, and this time Ibrahim Zadran delivers a hard shot straight to the boundary for a 6 off his equally fast bowl to get the score up to 86 for 1. It is not easy for Team Pakistan and they must break out from this rut to hit big runs. However, Team Afghanistan makes it worse by bowling Ibrahim Zadran off the field at 26.6, caught by Muhammad Arif off Taha. Darwish replaces.

The next overs till Over 30 do not even make enough runs to pass the 100 mark. Team Afghanistan then make a boundary 4 at 31.6, 33.2 and 34.2, inching the score to reach 128 for 2 at the 35 over just before the tea break. The sky is overcast with no direct sunlight hitting the field, and it’s a pretty cool day. Over 36 sees Suleman Shafqat right-hand spinner concede double fours and 4 singles, and Munir manages to curb the runs in 37.  Muhammad Musa returns to bowl and finally Ikram Ali is able to hit big in this over, swinging consecutive 4s, double 2s and a single, sprinting the score up to 154 for 2. What a pleasure it is to see these swings coming in from the Team Afghanistan and about time too. Ikram swings one more boundary 4 at 38.1 and the rest of the over is quiet with 3 dotballs and 2 singles.

Eleven overs to go and Darwish is bowled by Muhammad Musa, delivering a high ball to be caught by Omair Yousuf. He walks off the field with 18 runs contributed to Team Pakistan. Replacing is Nisarul Haq Wahdat who pairs with Ikram Ali who has deliver 62 runs off 83 bowls up to this point. The new pairing delivers some fancy back sweeps to score a single boundary and 3 runs and take the score up to 167 for 3 at Over 40. Fast bowler Munir Riaz prevents Nisarul Haq from leaving his wicket in the first three balls, but concedes 3 penalty runs for no balls, 1 wide before Nisarul swings a boundary 4 close to the ground. Another boundary 4 by Ikram Ali and Over 41 concludes with a healthy climb of runs to finish at 180 for 3.

What was a slow start to this match, has now picked up pace and batsmen are bolder at making their swings for 2 single runs by batsment Ikram and Nisarul.  In the third bowl of over 42, Nisarul makes a good swing for a high ball off Musa but is easily caught by tall Shaheen. Tariq Stanikzai replaces as Nisarul walks off having made a promising 7 runs to 10 bowls. The over ends at 185 for 4. Newcomer Tariq is bowled by Muhammad Hassan at 44.4, caught by Muhammad Taha. He leaves with 5 runs to the match. Qais replaces to pair with long standing Ikram Ali who at this point has contributed 81 runs to the match. At 45.1, Ikram Ali swings a boundary 4 off Shaheen Shah’s left arm fast ball. The 200 mark is reached in Over 46 that sees 10 runs made,  9 runs at 47 and 5 runs in 48. Over 49 is the most exciting over yet with consecutive boundary 6s to Ikram Ali off Munir Riaz, 4 doubles, one 5er and one single to rocket the score to 244 for 5.

Shaheen Shah bowls Qais Ahmad at 49.2 caught by Rohail Nazir and Naveen Ul Haq Murid replaces at 49.3 and is dismissed at 49.5. The last bowls sees 1 run and the first innings is concluded with a score of 247 for 7.

Second Innings

Team Afghanistan in blue is spread out on the field with bowling pair Naveen and Mujeeb  to batting pair Arif and Omair. Arif swings a boundary 4 at 0.3 amidst dotballs and Omair is dismissed off Mujeeb for a lbw, Shafique replaces. Three runs are made in Over 3 by Shafique off Naveen, and at 3.2 Mujeeb dismisses Arif for a lbw. The score is 11 for 2 and a series of dotballs ends Over 4. Naveen delivers a maiden over at 5, and Mujeeb concedes 2 runs to Taha and Shafique.

The next two overs see 2 singles, a double and a boundary 4, spectacularly delivered by Muhammad Taha off Mujeeb, yet the score is slow to rise. At Over 8, it is 21 for 2. Mujeeb delivers a maiden over at 10 and Wafadar Momand bowls Abdullah Shafique at 10.3, Rohail Nazir comes in to partner with Taha, and proceeds to deliver a boundary 4. The next two overs only see a rise of four runs to the score of 32 for 3. Qais enters to bolw and dismisses Rohail Nazir at 13.3 after 2 dotballs. Saad replaces and the over ends with no runs and a score of 32 for 4.

Wafadar now enters to bowl and concedes 8 runs that include a bonus point for a wide ball, and in over 16, Qais dismisses Taha at 15.3, Hassan Khan replaces and manages a boundary 4 before the over is done. The score is 46 for 5. The next 2 overs again see a slow rise of 5 runs and Mujeeb manages to dismiss Hassan Khan at 18.4 and Suleman at 18.5.

Team Pakistan is struggling to close the gap and keep their wickets. Mujeeb takes another wicket at 20.1, dismissing Shaheen for a duck, Qais follows the trend and dismisses Musa at 21.2. The final blow is delivered when annihilator Mujeeb dismisses Saad Khan the 10th batsman at 63 runs. Team Afghanistan again shows its unrelenting wicket-taking nerve and skill to deliver their win of 185 runs, putting them on the pedestal as the champions of the ACC U19 Youth Asia Cup 2017!

Day 10: Nov 19, 2017

Final: Afghanistan v Pakistan at Kinrara
Pakistan won the toss and elected to field
Afghanistan: 248 for 7 off 50 overs (R.Gurbaz 40, I.Zadran 36, I.Khil 107*; M.Musa 3-46)
Pakistan: 63 all out off 22.1 overs (M.Rahman 5-13, Q.Kamawal 3-18)

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Photos by Vincent Phoon and Peter Lim
Filed November 19th, 2017