ACC U-19 Youth Asia Cup 2017: SF1 - Bangladesh v Pakistan

It’s a beautiful blue sky day to have the first semi-final match of the ACC U19 YOUTH ASIA CUP 2017. For those who remember, in the 2016 ACC U19 Youth Asia Cup, Bangladesh lost to Pakistan and this is the opportunity for redemption.

The teams arrived early and were seen to be having fun during their morning warm-up session. Toss commenced at 9am as scheduled, Pakistan won the toss and elected to field.

In their signature two-tone green, team Pakistan put up tall all rounder Shaheen Shah Afridi to bowl to opening Bengali batsmen Pinak Gosh and Naim Sheikh. After a series of dotballs, Pinak swings a boundary 4 on a wide ball and then scores another double in the first over. A good start. It gets very much better in the second over when the batsmen swing triple boundary 4s and singles to amp up the runs to 22 for 0. However, over 3 sees a single boundary 4 and over 4 is a maiden over.

Not going down this early without a fight, Pinak swings two boundary 4s, a single and double to rake in 11 points. Munir Riaz bowls to Naim in Over 6 and concedes a double and 2 singles, clearly curbing the runs, and Shaheen does the same with Naim, allowing a single and one boundary 4. Both teams are definitely starting the match on the right foot, curbing runs and swinging hard. Five more points obtained by Naim in over 7, with the score at 47 for 0. Bowler Muhammad Musa is easily curbing more runs by Pinak in Over 8, and over 9 sees Naim dismissed by Shaheen at 8.3 caught by Rohail.

Saif Hassan replaces and immediately retaliates with a double boundary 4 to raise the score to 59 for 1. First batsmen Pinak swings another boundary 4 at 9.5 while Saif does the same at 10.6 to end Over 11 at 71 for 1. The first boundary 6 is swung by Saif at 12.4 but not much else happens up to Over 14 with the score almost stagnant at 81.1 in 18 bowls excluding 1 wide. It is the same low run overs in 15 and 16, but 17 sees Saif Hassan ending the dry spell for Bangladesh when he swings consecutive boundary 4s amidst dot balls to elevate the score to 93 for 1. It is a difficult trial for Bangladesh to reach 100 in the first innings of this match but still the run rate is reasonable at 5.47, above par score for the Kinrara Oval grounds. Finally reaching the 100 mark at 18.4 with a single run by Saif Hassan off Saad Khan, Team Bangladesh really need to pull out their might and force to give Pakistan some challenge in the next innings.

First batsman Pinak, still strong in the game, manages to swing several singles and a boundary 4 at 19.6, and Pakistani bowling alternates Suleman and Saad are steadily curbing the runs. At Over 22, the score is 111 for 1, 20 bowls after passing the 100 score mark. Team Pakistan Saad Khan concedes 9 runs in Over 23, including a boundary 4 by Pinak and 5 singles by the batting pair. At the innings’ half way mark, it is clear that both teams are determined to stay on top of the game, it is a battle of mental strength for all those on the field right now. Saif Hassan swings a boundary 4 at 25.1, amidst 3 dot balls and 2 singles off Suleman Shafqat while Muhammad Taha, stops the runs at 27 conceding a double by Pinak. The score is 134 for 1. Pinak is making fancy shots with a boundary 4 back sweep at 27.5.

The time is 11.25 am and the teams have been playing for almost 2 hours. With a run rate of 4.95 at the 29th over, we shall expect a score of 247 or thereabouts at 50 Overs, if it remains constant. Over 30 sees Saif Hassan striking a consecutive three boundary 4s off Munir Riaz but the last swing of the over shoots 50 feet straight up and is easily caught by Rohail on its way down. Saif is dismissed at 29.6 with a score of 156 for 2. Tawhid replaces to pair with long-standing first batsman Pinak, and swings a boundary 4 in his first over in the match, lending his weight to the partnership. Pinak re-energized scoops a beautiful back sweep right over the boundary for a 6 at 31.1.

Fast bowler Munir is determined to take a wicket and this happens at 31.4 when he bowled Tawhid for 171 for 3. The run rate has improved to 5.5 and at this point, we are expecting the first innings score to reach 275.  Afif Hossain replaces to pair with Pinak Gosh and between them garner 3 runs at 33, and 5 runs at 34 including a 4 by Afif, but Team Pakistan is beginning to lag a little. Shaheen Shah bowls a double no ball in 35, conceding 5 runs to Team Pakistan.

Munir Riaz ends first batsman Pinak’s glorious stay on the field, caught by Muhammad Taha, and Pinak walks off the field at 187 for 4, contributing 82 runs himself.

Aminul Islam replaces to pair with Afif Hossain facing bowler Munir Riaz at Over 36. Both batsmen swing a boundary 4 in Over 37 and 38, raising the score to 200 for 4 at 37.5, increasing the run rate to 5.4. Left hand spinner Suleman is back to keep batting pair on their game which they manage to score 4 runs. Having passed the 200 score point at 37.5, the batting pair are playing safe to make as many single runs as possible. At Overs 39 and 40, they manage 7 singles.

With 60 more bowls to go, we are awaiting more amazing boundaries and catches to happen. Afif brings out his fancy shots, swinging to the left then to the right to make the runs in 41 and managing 4 runs off Suleman. Hassan Khan then bowls to Afif Hossain who swings left and then right to score 5 runs. Aminul Islam is dismissed as the 5th wicket caught by Mohsin Khan off Hassan Khan at 217 for 5. Mahidul Islam replaces to pair with Afif against Suleman Shafqat at Over 43 for 4 more runs. Over 44 passes with one run each from the batting pair and Suleman comes back to bowl Mahidul Islam at 44.4, the score 224 for 6. Nayeem Hasan replaces. More single runs made in over 46, by Afif-Nayeem new partnership against bowler Hassan Khan and raising the score to an even 230 for 6, with the run rate exactly 5. Over 47 sees 8 runs in all, a double and 6 singles by batting pair off Shaheen.

Six wickets down, 12 bowls to go, Team Bangladesh hunkers down to make the most of the time left. Afif scores a boundary 4 in 48 and Nayeem sweeps a beautiful 6 off Shaheen to take the score to 258 runs at Over 49. Afif does a magnificent scoop earning him 4 runs and straight swing to the covers for another 4. The last bowl from Musa is taken like a champion by Nayeem Hasan arching way off past the boundary for 6. The first innings is over, Bangladesh earning 274 runs with 4 wickets to spare.

Second Innings

Pakistan enters first batsmen Mohsin and Arif to face all rounder Hasan Mahmud. Pakistan is chasing 275 and Team Bangladesh is hot on their heels from the get-go. Over 1 sees 5 dot balls and a single run owing to an LB to Arif. Qazi Onik bowls in Over 2 and this over stretches to 10 bowls owing to 2 No Bowls, a single wide, and at the same time dismissing their first batsman Arif at 1.2. Abdullah Shafique replaces to pair with Mohsin and over 3 passes by with more dot balls. More dotballs in Over 4 with a boundary 4 by Abdullah Shafique start the score at 14 for 1. A boundary 4 by Shafique at 3.6 and another one by Mohsin at 4.6 raises the runs to 20 for 1. At 5.6, bowler Qazi Onik Islam delivers to Mohsin Khan and Abdullah Shafique was run out at 26 for 2. Muhammad Taha replaces to pair with Mohsin Khan and both of them score 12 runs in 8 (Boundary 6 to Mohsin and boundary 4 to Taha). The next two overs see bowlers Hasan and Nayeem alternating and curbing the runs in the former and conceding 12 runs to the batting team of Mohsin and Taha in the latter, to scale up the score to 42 for 2. A single run in Over 9, two single runs in 10 really do some damage at this stage.

Mohsin finally swings a 4 and is dismissed within the same over by Afif, for a lbw. Rohail Nazir replaces to pair with Taha, and between them let the over go by with only 3 runs and no runs in the next over (13), as Afif Hossain delivers his fast bowls. Over 14 and 15 do not see the action that the crowd is anticipating, delivering only 5 runs in 12 bowls. It gets better in Over 16 when Rohail-Taha pair score 5 singles and run up 7 more points in 17. Taha swings a boundary 4 amidst several dot balls to hit 71 for 3. It is an excruciating climb to hit the 100 mark, and Team Pakistan gets to that score at 22.3 overs without losing any wickets. So it is still Taha-Rohail partnership that inches the team score to pass 100 points. Over 26 finally sees a six but also a dismissal. Taha strikes a resounding 6 straight over the boundary at 25.2 and Rohail is dismissed off Shakhawat Hossain at 25.5. Saad Khan replaces to end the over at 120 for 4. The Saad-Taha partnership now has another hurdle to pass

Mohammed Saif Hassan bowls and concedes only 3 runs to Pakistan team Taha and Saad, to end the over at 132 for 4. A near repeat of the first innings, both teams are in to battle it out, Pakistan chasing 275 and Bangladesh stopping the chase with ball spins and agile fielding.  Taha swings a boundary 4 at 28.1 off Nayeem Hasan but doesn’t manage to get anything else in Over 29 and Saif Hassan also manages to curb the runs for Taha-Saad in 30, allowing them only 4 runs. Taha is the main man in this match so far and he swings a beautiful 6 to Nayeem’s bowl and after several singles, the score is 147 for four in 32. Over 33 is not much difference, Team Pakistan managing to garner 6 runs.

Thunder rolls up in the sky and although the sun is still beating down, grey clouds are moving in. Qazi Onik reigns in over 35, allowing only 3 doubles and 2 singles to the Pakistan team. A beautiful 6 is swung by Taha into the fence, and with several single runs sprints up the score up 9 points to 182 for 4.

The time is 4.23pm and the game is about an hour away from its designated end time. Both teams are ignoring the heat, the impending rain and are focused on the match in hand. Saad Khan reciprocates Taha’s efforts and swings two boundary 4s in Over 37. At 38.2 Qazi Onik Islam finally dismisses long-standing batsman Muhammad Taha caught by Nayeem Hasan. Taha misses the century by only 8 runs.

Hassan Khan replaces to pair with Saad Khan. Skies are turning darker and flashes of lightning occur in the horizon. The match was suspended at 4.30pm due to rain, with the score at 199 for 5. At this point, Pakistan is ahead by two runs according to D/L method.

After 35 minutes, at 17.05, due to weather GWL, the umpires called off the match. At this point of time, D/L was in favour of Pakistan winning by two runs.

Day 7: Nov 16, 2017

SF1: Bangladesh v Pakistan at Kinrara
Pakistan won the toss and elected to field
Bangladesh: 274 for 6 off 50 overs (P.Ghosh 82, S.Hassan 61, A.Dhrubo 52*; M.Riaz 3-53)
Pakistan: 199 for 5 after 39 overs (M.Taha 92, S.Khan 35*)

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Photos by Peter Lim
Filed November 16th, 2017