ACC U-19 Youth Asia Cup 2017: Day 5 - Bangladesh v India

It was a match between giants today at RSC. The rain delayed the match and reduced the overs to 32, making it more intense than it already would have been.

Bangladesh won the toss and chose to field first, sending India to bat first. India lost an early wicket as Manjot Kalra left at just 0.4 overs after a run out by Afif Hossain for 1. Two beautiful boundaries in the 3rd over brought up the score to 14.

It remained quiet until the 9th over where Anuj Rawat swung another 4 for India. At 9.1 overs, Himanshu Rana was dismissed caught by Qazi Onik off Nayeem Hasan for 15. Anuj Rawat fought back and swung another 4 in the same over. Riyan Parag was next to bat and he was on fire – two 4’s off the 11th over, followed by a 6 in the 12th, and another four in the 13th. Bangladesh halted his performance and dismissed him at 12.5 overs – caught by MD Naim Sheikh off Robiul Haque.

Harvik Desai took Riyan’s place and delivered a 4 in his first over. 15 overs in, Anuj Rawat delivered another boundary before he was dismissed caught by Mahidul Islam 14.4 overs for 34. Replacing him was Abhishek Sharma who swung a boundary 4 at 16.3 overs. They have now passed their halfway mark and ended the 17th over with 91 runs.

The next wicket dismissed Abhishek Sharma for 9 at 18.4 overs – caught by Afif Hossain off Robiul Haque. 22 overs down and India brought their score up to 109. Harvik Desai delivered a 6 at 22.2 overs but was dismissed lbw right after by Nayeem Hasan, after scoring 21 runs for India.

A boundary off Darshan Nalkande brought up the team 130 but he was unfortunately dismissed soon after at 27.3 overs, caught by Aminul Islam off Afif Hossain. In the 30th over, Shiva Singh swung two 6’s before he, was taken out for 17 with a catch by Mohammed Saif off Afif Hossain at 29.6 overs, when India was with 165 runs.

Salman Khan delivered two more fours in the last two overs of the India’s innings. Soon, it was Bangladesh’s turn to bat, and they were left to chase 188 to win.

Downpour interrupted the match at  the beginning of Bangladesh’s innings and the target was revised to 190. In the second over, MD Naim Sheikh delivered two boundary-4’s. The following over saw another boundary to Bangladesh from Pinak Ghosh.

In the fourth over Pinak swung two 6’s, bringing the score up to 32. MD Naim returns to bat and he hit the balls pass the fielders, straight to the boundary line. In the following over, he swung a 6 and brought the score up to 48 runs. Pinak continued his strong batting performance and swung another 4 at 7.6 overs.

At the end of the 10th over, Bangladesh was 127 runs away from winning. Into the 12th over, Pinak Ghosh swung yet another 4, followed by MD Naim Sheikh’s 6 in the next over. MD Naim was dismissed caught by Anuj Rawat off Mandeep Singh for 38 at 13.1 overs, after the partnership delivered 82 runs for Bangladesh.

Mohammed Saif Hassan took over and swung a four at 13.3 overs. Pinak Ghosh, being unstoppable, swung another four at 15.1 overs. At the end of the 16th over, Bangladesh were already halfway to their target.

Two more boundaries to Saif Hassan before he was dismissed caught by Siva Singh at 17.5 overs for 16. Pinak Ghosh remained unshakeable as he swung another boundary for Bangladesh at 19.4 over, bringing the score up to 123-2.

MD Tawhid Hidroy who took Saif’s place, delivered a six in 22.4 overs, and contributed a 6 and a 4 in the 24th over. At this point, Bangladesh was only 36 runs away from their winning target. The 26th over saw a boundary from Pinak Ghosh once again. Two 6’s and a 4 in the 28th boundary by Md Tawhid won Bangladesh the match, with 191 runs for 2.

Day 5: Nov 14, 2017

Bangladesh v India at RSC
Bangladesh won the toss and elected to field
India: 187 for 8 off 32 overs (A.Rawat 34, S.Khan 39*; R.Haque 3-43)
Bangladesh: 191 for 2 off 28 overs (P.Ghosh 81*, N.Sheikh 38, T.Hridoy 48*)

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Photos by Alex Liew
Filed November 14th, 2017