ACC U-19 Youth Asia Cup 2017: Day 4 - Bangladesh v Malaysia

Malaysia faced Bangladesh today at Bayuemas Oval. Both teams completed the 50 0vers, despite Malaysia – an emerging country – going against a professional cricket nation.

Malaysia won the coin toss and elected to field first. Bangladesh’s stellar batting performance proved to be no match for Malaysia’s fielding capabilities. Within the first 10 overs, Bangladesh already scored 61 runs. Pinak Ghosh swung the first boundary of the innings at 4.4, followed by two more boundaries from MD Naim Sheik in the next over.

Muhammad Hafiz Mohd Khair dismisses MD Naim Sheikh at 5.6 overs for 13, while in the next over, a catch by Vishvaruben Kumar off Syed Aziz Mubarak dismissed Pinak Ghosh for 12.

Skipper Mohammed Saif Hassan and MD Tawhid Hridoy walked in to bat next, and swung two 4’s and two 6’s, bringing up the team 60.

Captain Virandeep Jagjit Singh and Haiqal Mohd Khair was able to restrict runs up to the 15th over, but Tawhid broke the dry spell and swung another boundary for Bangladesh off Mohammad Arief. The overs continued on quietly up to the 23rd over, followed by a boundary-6 to Saif Hassan. The 25th over of Bangladesh’s innings ended with 112 runs.

At 29.4 overs, MD Tawhid delivered a boundary-6, followed by two more in the following over, doing more damage for Malaysia as he brought the score up to 154. The 35th over of the innings saw triple 4’s from Bangladesh, thanks to MD Tawhid and Saif Hassan.

Bangladesh made their 200th run with still 12 overs and 8 batsmen remaining. The 40th over came, and Bangladesh took no precautions and it started pouring boundaries. Within just five overs, they scored 273 runs but lost their captain along the way – Mohammed Saif Hassan dismissed caught by Shaunvinder Singh off Hafiz Mohd Khair for 90 at 41.2 overs.

Hafiz Mohd Khair took two more consecutive wickets in the 46th over. Afif Hossain dismissed caught by Vijay Unni for 21 and MD Tawhid dismissed caught by Virandeep Singh for 120.

As Bangladesh’s innings neared an end, Aminul Islam and Mahidul Islam further boosted Bangladesh’s run count. At 46.1, Aminul swung a 4, followed by two 6’s the following over from Mahidul. In the 49th over, Aminul swung two 6’s but lost his partner in the 3rd bowl – a catch by Hafiz Mohd Khair dismissed Mahidul for 16.  

In the final over, Aminul Islam delivered the last three boundaries, ending Bangladesh’s innings at 335-6.

Malaysia went in to bat next, sending in Captain Virandeep and Syed Aziz Mubarak to open the innings. Virandeep delivered two boundaries within the first three overs. Before they could even establish a partnership, Syed Aziz was dismissed at 2.5 overs, after a catch by MD Naim Sheikh off a bowl by Mohammad Shakhawat Hossain for 1.

In the next few overs, Bangladesh’s swift bowlers restricted Virandeep and Saif Ullah Malik from making any runs. At 8.5, Virandeep made a boundary swing and brought up the team 20.

Malaysia’s weak start ended their first 10 overs with just 26 runs. Virandeep swung another boundary 4 at 10.3 overs, but the following overs were mainly disappointing maidens.

Into the 21st over, Saif Ullah was dismissed caught for 8 by Mahidul Islam off Afif Hossain. His replacing batsmen – Shaunvinder Singh was dismissed shortly after, also by a catch off Afif Hossain at the final bowl of the 23rd over, after scoring Malaysia runs. They were halfway through their innings and had only scored 47 runs, with 3 wickets taken.

At 27.5, Malaysia lost another batsman as Vishvaruben Kumar left the field for 0 after Mahidul’s catch. Vijay Unni was the fifth to go, taken out at 32.5 overs for 2, after a run out by Hasan Mahmud. Malaysia was 280 runs away from winning and Virandeep did not show despair. He persevered as all captains would, as he swung another boundary in the 37th over.

Malaysia was left with 5 batsmen and 10 overs, but only scored 67 runs. To Malaysia’s disappointment, Captain Virandeep was dismissed at 41.2 by Captain Saif Hassan with the help of Pinak Ghosh’s catch. Five overs remained and Hafiz Mohd Khair was stumped un Mahidul Islam at 44.2 overs, followed by the dismissal of Mohammad Arief by MD Roni at 48.6 overs.

The final over saw no runs, and Malaysia ended their innings with 73 runs for 8.

Day 4: Nov 13, 2017

Malaysia v Bangladesh at Bayuemas
Malaysia won the toss and elected to field
Bangladesh: 335 for 6 off 50 overs (S.Hassan 90, T.Hridoy 120, A.Biplob 39*; H.Khair 4-78)
Malaysia: 73 for 8 off 50 overs (V.Singh 46; S.Hossain 3-18)

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Photos by Peter Lim
Filed November 13th, 2017