ACC U-19 Youth Asia Cup 2017: Day 4 - Pakistan v Sri Lanka

A bright and sunny Monday morning and Kinrara Oval is at its best. Both teams were here for their warm up sessions and the coin toss commenced at 9am. Sri Lanka won and elected to bat. Sri Lanka is in blue and Pakistan in green.

The batting team sends in Dananjaya and Hasitha as opening batsmen while Pakisan’s Shaheen and Munir alternate. It’s a maiden over to start off, with Shaheen with the ball to Dananjaya. Munir maintains the rhythm but concedes a Boundary 4 to Hasitha and is then dismissed by Shaheen at Over 3.6. Kamindu Mendis (SL team Captain) replaces. Team SL Dananjaya strikes a boundary 4 and a single off Munir. Shaheen bowls and dismisses Kamindu in the 5th Over and Nishan comes in to pair with first batsman Dananjaya. The SL team is not able make much more runs off Munir or Shaheen in the next two overs, and loses another wicket at 7.2. First batsman Dananjaya is dismissed bowled by Munir. The score is 17 for 3. Nipun replaces Dananjaya as the fourth batsman. A series of dot balls mar the next overs for Sri Lanka, while Team Pakistan deftly catches those that get hit. The 10th Over sees a score of 18 for 3. Nipun manages to make 4 singles to Hassan Khan’s bowls but suffers at the hands of all-rounder Musa in Over 12, as the score inches slowly up to 25 for 3.

Nipun is dismissed at 14.1 caught by Musa off Hassan Khan. Jehan Daniel replaces to pair with Nishan who swings a boundary 4. Another series of dotballs occur and Jehan is dismissed at 15.6  caught and bowled by Musa at 34 for 5. Ashen Bandara replaces to pair with Nishan. Hassan Khan and Musa alternate bowling and the same pace is maintained for Sri Lanka until Musa dismisses Hishan at 19.6 with a score of 41 for 6.  Nuwanidu Fernando replaces to pair with Ashen. Wickets are steadily falling for Sri Lanka and it has not even reached the half point of the first innings. Not enough runs being made nor sixes or fours. Pakistan must not let this pace loosen their fielding. After maiden over 22, there are more dotballs than runs, several singles and doubles, and a couple of boundary 4s by Ashen and Nuwanidu, taking the score up to 75 for 6 at 32.

Nuwanidu is dismissed at 32.4 caught by Musa off Taha. Kevin Koththigoda replaces and immediately scores 3 runs. Pakistan is hot on his heels and stops runs for the Kevin-Ashen pair. 34 is another maiden over by Hassan Khan. Sri Lanka does hit well but they are few and far between and must try to make more good hits to score. Kevin hits a boundary each in 37 and 38, and Ashen another boundary in 36, but in between it is all ducks and singles. Musa and Taha are hard bowlers, delivering a different style from one bowl to the next, keeping Team Nepal second-guessing every move. The weather is sultry and perhaps this is tiring the Pakistani fielders who miss catching a couple of hits. This spurs Sri Lanka team to make some fancy shots, wielding their hits to the covers or mid-wicket, but still unable to make any big hits, much less any runs.

At Over 41, the score arrives at 103 for 7.  Over 42 is a boon for Sri Lanka, giving them 2 doubles, 4 singles and 2 wide. Ashen then does a double boundary 4 after 4 dot balls to raise the score to 119 for 7. Looking back, this sudden surge in points is surprising after the slow start and uneventful mid. Kevin is the eighth batsmen to be dismissed lbw at 43.3 and Thilan Prashan enters to pair with Ashen. Shaheen  concedes 4 singles to Thilan at 45, and Munir does the same with 2 wide balls and allowing Sri Lanka’s Ashen and Thilan 3 singles at 46. At 135 for 8, Sri Lanka is a little too late to galvanise into action in Over 47 although they manage to do 4 singles. Ashen Bandara the 9th batsman is dismissed by Munir Riaz at 47.1 leaving Thilan to pair with Praveen. A wicket away, and this task is left to Munir and Shaheen, a lefty fast bowler. It is up to Sri Lanka’s last pair to make enough runs to give Pakistan a respectable competition. With two bowls to the end, Munir Riaz dismisses Praveen, the 10th batsman and the match ends with a score of 141.

Second Innings

After an hour’s break, the second innings begin with Team Pakistan opening batsmen Arif and Omair. Team Sri Lanka fields Dananjaya as bowler. We are hoping to see some action in this innings as Pakistan bats to chase 142. The action does come early at 1.1 when Omair swings a boundary 4, but it is all dot balls till the over ends and well into the next.  Arif swings a four at 4.5 and is immediately dismissed at 4.6 bowled by Thilan at a score point of 21 for 1. Omair is dismissed in the next three bowls by Dananjaya. The next three overs is quite uneventful with 2 boundary 4s by Taha and 6 singles. Kevin dismisses Abdullah Shafique at 9.1 for a duck, at 38 for 2.

Rohail Nazir replaces to pair with Taha, who scores another boundary 4 for team Pakistan and this takes the score to 45 for 3 at the 11th Over. Finally, a boundary 6 is hit by Taha at 12.5 after a series of singles and dot balls. And Over 14 sees both Rohail and Taha swinging sixes to sprint the score to 69 for 3. Praveen quickly puts an end to the partnership, dismissing Taha caught by Jehan in this 15th Over wicket maiden. In the next three overs, Jehan and Praveen succeed in curbing the runs, ensuring Pakistan only 6 points.

It does seem that this innings is playing out faster than expected. Four wickets down at the 20th Over for 79 runs. About half way through the chase, and half way through the wickets, each team needs to drive home their targets. Team Pakistan manages 3 singles and a boundary 4 in 21, only 2 singles in 22 and more dot balls in 23. A boundary 6 by Rohail off Kevin tips the score over the 100 mark and Over 24 ends at 106 for 4. We are still seeing a lot of single runs and at 27.4 Rohail Nazir is bowled by Praveen at 123 for 5.

The sprint to catch 142 is in sight and Over 29 sees a collection of 8 runs, including a boundary 4 by Mohsin. Sri Lanka Praveen prevents further runs in 30 and Over 31 ends 6 runs more at 139 for 5.  The end is in sight for Pakistan but another wicket is taken. Saad Khan is dismissed by Praveen caught by Kevin, Musa replaces. Praveen is going for the kill these last three points. He takes another wicket and dismisses Mohsin Khan. Hassan Khan replaces and runs the winning point to end the game at 142 for 7, winning by 3 wickets. The time is 3.50pm.

Day 4: Nov 13, 2017

Pakistan v Sri Lanka at Kinrara
Sri Lanka won the toss and chose to bat
Sri Lanka: 141 all out off 49.4 overs (A.Bandara 49; M.Musa 3-25, M.Riaz 3-30)
Pakistan: 142 for 7 off 32.1 overs (M.Taha 31, R.Nazir 48; P.Jayawickrama 4-28)

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Photos by Vincent Phoon
Filed November 13th, 2017