ACC U-19 Youth Asia Cup 2017: Day 3 - Pakistan v UAE

Today, Pakistan played against UAE in RSC. Pakistan had won the toss and elected to bat first.

Pakistan lost an early wicket in the second over – Muhammad Mohsin was dismissed caught at 1.4 overs by Ansh for 0. Muhammad Arif quickly got the team back on track with his swings. In both the third and sixth over, he delivered a boundary 4 and six.

In the 7th over, Arif and Abdullah Shafique’s stellar batting skills boosted Pakistan’s score. Shafique swung a four and Arif again swung a four and six. At 8.3 overs, Arif delivered another 6 for Pakistan. By the end of the 10th over, Pakistan was already at 86 runs, for only 1 wicket.

Arif unfortunately was taken out at 10.3, after being caught by Rahul Neelesh off Kartik Palaniappan for 56, with three 4’s and five 6’s. Shortly after in 11.3 overs, Saad Khan was dismissed caught by Aryan Larka for 1. But this did nothing to halt Pakistan’s batting performance. Abdullah Shafique and Muhamad Taha’s boundaries ended Pakistan’s 20th over with 132 runs.

At 23.3 overs, UAE took their 4th wicket that dismissed Abdullah Shafique after a catch by Niel Rohan Lobo off Kartik for 56. The dismissal proved to be nothing as Taha and Rohail Nazir delivered two boundaries in the next overs.

Rohail left in the 28th over for 9, after a bowl straight to the stumps by Hrithik. Pakistan was down to their last 5 wickets and have scored 172 runs. At 31.4 overs, Muhammad Taha delivered another four. The next over saw the catch by Shah Faisal Khan that took Aryan Larka out for 11 runs.

Muhammad Taha remained relentless – he delivered four boundary-6’s and two 4’s in the next few overs that brought the team up to 246 runs. He walked out at 38.5 overs after being caught and bowled by Faisal Khan, just 6 runs away from this century run.

At 39.1 overs, UAE took their 8th wicket – Muhammad Hassan Khan dismissed bowled by Aryan Larka for 14. 40 overs down and Pakistan had scored 253 runs, already what would be a hard chase for UAE. Shaheen Shah Afridi did not make it any easier for UAE, as he shot a four in 40.6 and a six in 42.3 overs.

Shaheen was dismissed later in the 45th over, caught by Hrithik off Marlon Malcom for 17 runs. The following over, Muhammad Musa delivered the final boundary of Pakistan’s innings. At 47.1 overs, Munir Riaz was dismissed lbw by Rahul Neelesh for 4 – ending Pakistan’s innings and leaving UAE to chase 300 to win.

Ansh brought UAE to a great start. The first three overs he delivered four boundary-4’s. Pakistan was not taking any risks and he was soon dismissed at 3.6 overs, caught by Saad Khan off Munir riaz for 21. Nothing much followed, until the 7th over where Muhammad Ali was dismissed caught by Shaheen Shah for 2.

At 9.6 overs Hrithik swung a boundary-4. The first 10 overs concluded and UAE only scored 24 runs for 2. Into the 12th over, Muhammad Musa takes two batsmen out – Hrithik was dismissed bowled for just 4 runs and Syed Haider with another bowl for a duck.

UAE was losing wickets faster than they could make their runs as Muhammad Hassan took three more wickets. At 12.6 overs, Krishna Lakhani walked out the pitch after a catch by Rohail Nazir for 3. At 16.5 overs, Rahul Neelesh was dismissed lbw for 4. At 16.6 overs, Fahad Nawaz was next to leave, caught by Rohail Nazir for none.

As their chase for 300 got harder, Pakistan made another attempt at restricting UAE from making any runs. At 19.3 overs Kartik Palaniappan was next to walk out, dismissed run out by Saad Khan for 8. It was the end of the 20th over, and UAE only had two batsmen remaining and still 245 runs to win.

At 23.4 overs Shah Faisal Khan makes the final attempt at boosting up the score with a boundary four, but was dismissed in the next over; bowled by Munir Riaz for 11. UAE was at 71 runs then.

At 25.6 overs, UAE’s innings end with their last wicket taken – Aryan Larka dismissed bowled by Muhammad Musa for 11. They ended their innings with 73 runs, as Pakistan emerged as winners of the match.

Day 3: Nov 12, 2017

Pakistan v UAE at RSC
Pakistan won the toss and chose to bat
Pakistan: 299 all out off 47.1 overs (M.Arif 56, A.Shafique 56, M.Taha 94)
UAE: 73 all out off 26 overs (H.Khan 3-14, M.Musa 3-11)

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Photos by Vincent Phoon
Filed November 12th, 2017