ACC U-19 Youth Asia Cup 2017: Day 3 - Nepal v India

It's Sunday 12th November, day three of the ACC U19 Youth Asia Cup 2017 tournament held here in beautiful Malaysia. In the Group B matches, we have already seen India vs Malaysia, Bangladesh vs Nepal and today, Nepal plays again against reigning champion of the ACC U19 Youth Asia Cup – India.

After the hard-earned match against Bangladesh played at Kinrara Oval yesterday, Nepal hopefully had time to recover and refresh for today. The teams arrived at the Bayuemas Oval bright and early, had their warm-up sessions and started the match on time at 9.30am.

First innings

India won the toss and elected to field, sending in Vivekanand to open the bowling. Team Nepal put in their best pair Jitendra-Asif to bat. It does seem that Team Nepal has recovered from their match yesterday as we see 7 runs in the first two overs. Team India is not putting up with this and manages to curb the runs to only 12 in Over 6 and at the same time Team Nepal loses its first wicket when Asif is caught by Shiva Singh off Aditya’s fast bowl.

Nepal’s Anil retaliates with a Boundary 4 and a double right after, and Jitendra follow suit with consecutive fours and a single. Aditya stops this sprint in its tracks by taking out Anil at 9.5, the shot caught by Tanush. At the 12th over, two wickets down, and barely averaging 3 runs per over, it is obvious that Team India’s bowlers Vivekanand and Aditya are on top of their game and Nepal is starting early to close the gap with back sweeps and fancy shots.

Team India puts up another bowling pair Shiva-Mandeep to get through the next overs and between them, Nepal’s Dipendra-Jitendra partnership defend their wickets to get to 50 runs at the 20th Over. These last 2 overs were played in a light drizzle, and umpires stopped the game at 20.5 as the rain got heavier and ground covers were put in place.

The time is 11.10am, Tanush Kotian is bowling to reigning pair Dipendra-Jitendra. The match continues at 11.25am with Abhishek Sharma bowling in the 22nd Over and concedes 5 singles to Team Nepal. However, Tanush’s medium fast bowls are certainly getting to the Nepal batsmen who let the next 3 overs go with only 4 runs. Jitendra swings a boundary 4 at 26 and the pair make smarter hits to score 7 in 27, but Jitendra is dismissed at 27.3, bowled and caught by Abhishek Sharma.

Rohit Kumar comes in to replace and this pairing with Dipendra sees a sharp rise in runs in Over 29, one 6 and 2 doubles in 30. The crowd is ecstatic. More singles in the next 2 overs run up the score to 105 for 3 and Rohit Kumar is dismissed early in Over 34, caught by Anuj Rawat. Bhim Sharki now joins up with Dipendra Singh Airee, Team Nepal’s captain.

Dipendra, an all rounder, has made 51 runs from 72 balls at this point and is still strong in the game. Shiva Singh has succeeded in bowling 3 maidens in this tournament already and is surely aiming for a fourth but Bhim is resisting his bowls and swung consecutive 4s in 37, lending his weight to the partnership. He makes a most awaited boundary 6 off Abhishek’s medium bowl in 38 but is dismissed by incoming bowler Atharva at 38.2 caught by Abishek Sharma. Dipendra is now paired with incoming Pawan Sarraf.

Atharva, an all rounder is playing his first match of the tournament and is proving a good asset. Dipendra swings a four off Atharva’s bowl and Abhishek comes in to curb Pawan’s runs to almost 0 in Over 40 and later Shiva Singh dismisses Pawan at 40.4 at 129 for 6.

Kamal Singh Airee joins his brother Dipendra who retaliates with a boundary 4 and 2 singles. While Kamal is taking time to warm up to hit the ground running, Dipendra swings a boundary 4 (plus NB) and manage 2 singles. This young man is a die-hard and at Over 46 swings a mighty boundary 6 off Vivekanand’s fast bowl. The pair are taking risks to make more runs and luck is definitely on their side as they make 12 runs in 4 bowls but Team India will not let this go on for long.  Kamal Singh Airee is dismissed at 45.5 caught by Abhishek Sharma off Vivekanand.

Kishor Mahato enters to pair with Dipendra who has contributed 81 runs to the current score of 161 for 7. At seven wickets down, and 18 more balls to play, Team Nepal Kishor-Dipendra have made a pact to swing and run at all cost. This makes for some really exciting moments. Dipendra refuses to go down against Aditya’s fast bowls and keeps swinging to score 2 singles, 2 doubles and a boundary 4 in 48 alone. What fantastic players!

Team India’s Mandeep bowls in 49 and dismisses long-standing player Dipendra who is caught by Tanush. As he walks off the field, supporters make a standing ovation to this young man’s tenacity and skill. Sandeep Lamichhane replaces this young giant and the new pair succeeds in their risky runs to bring in 2 doubles and a single to the score which is now 177 for 8 at over 49. Bowler Aditya has the last over for this Innings and he is coming in fast and furious, but the Kishor-Sandeep pair are not going down easy. They make 8 runs this last over to end the match at 171 for 8. Nepal is certainly a team to look out for.

Second innings

The second innings started at 2pm. With the target is 186, Team India sends out Captain Himanshu Rana and Manjot Kalra as their opening batsmen. Team Nepal starts off with Kamal Singh Airee, a fast bowler who concedes only 3 runs to the opposing team. Anil Kumar however, does not do so well. Himanshu strikes a double boundary to set the pace forward and bag another 5 runs in Over 3.

Kishor Mahato proves amazing with his really fast bowls making Manjot Kalra swing to 6 bowls for no runs in Over 4. It is now up to Himanshu Rana to inch the points up and he swings a double and a boundary 4 to reach 25 points at 5. Manjot redeems his game and swings a 4 and 2 off Kishor. The 12 bowls in over 7 and 8 see only one boundary 4 and nothing else but overs 9 and 10 does a complete turn-around with a sixer, 4 boundary 4s and a double! Himanshu-Manjot is setting the pace well this innings.

At 60 runs in the 10th Over, the run rate is now 6 per over. Himanshu and Manjot seem relaxed and not overly exerted, meeting at the middle for a fist thump ever so often. Kamal Singh Airee is a medium fast bowler and his bowls to lefty Himanshu result in more dot balls. At 11 Overs and 65 points, the opening batsmen Himanshu and Manjot are still holding strong. A disappointed Himanshu however, walks off the field dismissed by Kamal Singh Airee. Finally Team Nepal sees light at the end of the wicket!

With India Captain out, there is a glimmer of hope. Atharva replaces and this new partnership with Manjot sees a slow creep of runs against fast bowlers Kamal and Sandeep up to Over 15. The next over sees Pawan Sarraf in bowling action, he is a medium and fast bowler and changes his pace to keep the batsmen on their guard. They only manage 2 singles runs.

It is 3pm, the sun is bearing down onto the field. Kamal Singh Airee is up to bowl again and prevents batsmen Atharva-Manjot from any moves. The run-rate has decreased to 5 per over. Pawan proves himself by bowling a maiden over at 18 keeping Team India from making any runs. Manjot and Atharva hunker down to swing 2 singles and a boundary 4 at 19. The next three overs see only 5 runs and at 22.4 Atharva breaks the dry spell with a boundary 4 only to be dismissed by Dipendra before the over ends.

Salman Khan replaces and is dismissed in the next 2 overs by Shahab Alam at 27 for 2. The wicket is shaken again with the dismissal of Manjot off Pawan and Team India sends out Anuj Rawat who now pairs with Salman. At over 25, Team India has 100 for 3 wickets, the run rate has decreased to 4 per over at this point. Bowlers Dipendra, Pawan and Sandeep amp up their game to curb runs but Team India retaliates to make 28 runs in 5 overs.

The goal for Team Nepal is to take down as many wickets as fast as possible and they succeed to take out Anuj Rawat after he swings a boundary 4 in Over 32 off Pawan and again in Over 33 as Sandeep dismisses Tanush after replacement Abhishek score a boundary 4. Team India is six wickets down and 54 points away from winning.  Shiva Singh replaces Tanush to partner Abhishek and go against medium fast bowler Pawan, who does well to curb their runs in over 34, while Sandeep does the same at 35.

Abhishek gets out of this rut by swinging a back sweep Boundary 4 and rouses up the crowd. Another back sweep by Shiva Singh for a single run has the score of Over 36 at 142 for 6. Team India Abhishek and Shiva are determined to run and between them manage 39 runs up to Over 39. Abhishek is dismissed at 39.3 bowled and caught by Dipendra, Mandeep Singh replaces.

Both team fight hard to keep to their strategies, and it does seem that Team Nepal is tiring under the sun. Sandeep bowls a maiden over at 41 and Dipendra Singh Airee dismisses newcomer Mandeep Singh at 41.1.

Team Nepal surges together in high-fives, regaining their drive to take down two more wickets before Team India hits 186, which is only 30 runs away. Shahab Alam bowls in Over 43 and Team India defends with only one run made.

Dipendra dismisses Shiva Singh who hits big and is caught by Sandeep early in 44 with dot balls for rest of the over.  Team Nepal is energized and Sandeep works hard to keep this momentum and curbing the runs. At Over 48, Team Nepal is just one wicket away from bagging this match and the crowd is waiting for that wicked arm of Shahab Alam to dismiss the last wicket, which happens at 48.1 when Shahab Alam dismisses Vivekanand Tiwary the 10th batsmen for Team India at 166 for 10. It is amazing to see Team Nepal to come up so well in this match! Nepal won by 20 runs all out.

Day 3: Nov 12, 2017

India v Nepal at Bayuemas
India won the toss and elected to field
Nepal: 185 for 8 off 50 overs (J.Singh 36, D.Airee 88)
India: 166 all out off 48.1 overs (H.Rana 46, M.Kalra 35; D.Airee 4-39)

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Photos by Peter Lim
Filed November 12th, 2017