ACC U-19 Youth Asia Cup 2017: Day 2 - Afghanistan v Sri Lanka

Rain delayed the match in Bayuemas Oval today, which resulted in the overs beng reduced to 42. Afghanistan had won the toss and elected to field against their opponents, Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka played the match beautifully, timing their pace very well and was able to end their innings with 2 batsmen still remaining. Hasitha Boyagoda swung two boundaries in the first three overs, and Dananjaya Lakshan delivered Sri Lanka a six in the 7th. At 8.6 overs, Dananjaya swung another boundary. The partnership completed the first 10 overs with 45 runs.

The first wicket dismissed Dananjaya with a run out at 12.2 overs for 24. Kamindu Mendis took his spot and swung a four two bowls later. At 17.5 overs, Kamindu was dismissed bowled for 11 runs by Qais Ahmad Kamawal. Sri Lanka had scored 74 runs then, with 8 wickets still standing. They played safe and avoided any risky attempts at making runs. By the 21st over, they scored 83 runs.

Two boundaries were delivered in the 26th over by Hasitha that brought up the team 100. The following over saw Hasitha’s dismissal for 53 runs as Yosuf Zazi takes his second wicket of the match.  Jehan Daniel walked in to bat and at 28.5 overs, he delivered a boundary-6.

Krishan was next to leave at 31.5 overs, as he was dismissed caught by Darwish Abdul Rasool off Mujeeb Ur Rahman’s bowl after scoring 13 runs. Jehan continued to deliver another boundary in the 33rd over, followed by Ashen Bandara’s four in the same over. At 36.6 overs, Ashen was dismissed caught by Tariq Stanikzai off Naveen Ul Haq for 13. Sri Lanka down to their last 5 wickets and 5 overs, with 155 runs.

Into the 38th, Nuwanidu Fernando swung a four. the following over saw a double boundary from batsmen Jehan and Nuwanidu. Two more overs remain, and Sri Lanka has scored 178 runs for 5; so they started making riskier attempts. At 40.2, Nuwanidu scored yet another boundary-4. Two bowls later Jehan was dismissed caught by Yosuf Zazi for 36 runs. Two bowls later, Rashmika Dilshan swung a boundary four, bringing the score up to 188-6.

Sri Lanka’s innings were coming to an end, and Nuwanidu Frenando walked out after getting caught by Ikram Ali Khil off Ibrahim Zadran for 19 runs, immediately followed by Rashmika Dilshan’s dismissal for 5 runs at 41.3 overs. At the last bowl, Nipun Dananjaya swung a four, leaving Afghanistan to chase 197 to win.

Afghanistan sent in Rahmanullah Gurbaz and Ibrahim Zadran as their opening batsmen, both delivering a four within the first 7 overs. Soon later, Rahmanullah was dismissed at 8.1 overs, after a swift catch by Ashen Bandara for 11 runs.

At 9.2 overs, Ibrahim Zadran delivered a four, followed by another at 10.2 overs – bringing the team up to 38 runs for 1. Sri Lanka took another wicket in the 14th over dismissing Ibrahim for 27 runs with a bowl by Kevin Kothigoda.

Afghanistan was losing wickets too soon – in the 17th over Ikram Ali Khil was dismissed for 7 runs. 136 runs away from winning, they lost another batsmen at 18.1 overs – Nisarul Haq Wahdat dismissed caught by Kamindu Mendis for 10.

Darwish Abdul Rasool who went in after Ikram Ali’s dismissal took matters into his own hands. He delivered two boundary-6s that brought the score up to 87. At 27.1 overs Tariq Stanikzai walked out after a catch by Krishan Sanjula for just 8 runs. Darwish’s performance peaked in the 31st over, with a double four and double six Unfortunately, Azmatulah Omarzai was dismissed in the same over for 4 runs due to a run out.

Darwish was taken out by Ashen Bandara at 31.3 overs with a catch off Praveen Jayawickrama, after reaching his half-century mark. At this point, Afghanistan was 70 runs away and had 10 overs remaining. At 32.2 overs, the 8th wicket fell, dismissing Naveen Ul Haq for 1 with a run out. The 34th over saw the final two dismissals as Qais Ahmad Kamawal was caught by Jehan Daniel for 4, and Mujeeb Ur Rahman caught and bowled by Praveen for just 1 run. Afghanistan was bowled out with 135 runs and 8 overs remaining.

Day 2: Nov 11, 2017

Afghanistan v Sri Lanka at Bayuemas
Afghanistan won the toss and elected to field
Sri Lanka: 196 for 8 off 42 overs (H.Boyagoda 53, J.Daniel 36)
Afghanistan: 135 all out off 33.5 overs (D.Rasool 50; P.Jayawickrama 5-17)

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Photos by Peter Lim
Filed November 11th, 2017