ACC U-19 Youth Asia Cup 2017: Day 1 - Malaysia v India

It is a good day to have this match. Malaysia U19 faces India U19 in the first day of the ACC U19 Youth Asia Cup 2017.

At Kinrara Oval, the weather starts off cool and heats up towards the afternoon, and just moments after the match ends at 4.30pm, a light drizzle covers the grounds.

It must have taken India Captain Himanshu Rana by surprise to see Malaysia Captain Virandeep Singh clad in the same light blue coloured jersey and pants at the coin toss. India won the toss and elected to bat.

It was an easy paced match for Team India. Captain Himanshu Rana topped the list with 107 points before outed by a catch from Shaunvinder Singh off Muhammad Hafiz’s bowl at the 41st Over. Team India ended the first innings with a score of 310/7 in 50Overs.

In the 2nd innings, Team Malaysia's pairing of Virandeep and Syed Aziz does well to sprint the score to 31 in 4 Overs but Arshdeep Singh’s mighty bowls wickets Syed Aziz in the 5th Over. SaifUllah Malik replaces and Virandeep shows his batting skills with 2 boundary 4s in Over 6.

Arshdeep Singh keeps his swings fast and furious, halting any points for Virandeep – Saifullah batting tea. But it is Vivekanand who bowls out Saif Ullah Malik in Over 8 at a score point of 43 for 2. Muhammad Amir replaces and is bowled out in Over 13 by Shiva Singh at 53 points.

Team India halts points for Team Malaysia until Over 17 when Shaunvinder manages a boundary 4 to take the score to 59. A slow and arduous climb for Team Malaysia, and Virandeep loses another partner when Vivekanand takes out Shaunvinder in the 20th Over at 69. Already 4 wickets down, Vishavaruben comes in as the 5th batter to partner Virandeep for the next 5 Overs before he is outed by Abishek Sharma at a score point of 86.

Muhammad Hafiz Khair comes in and is immediately bowled out by Darshan Nalkande, who also bowls out replacement Muhammad Irfaq. The score is 87 for 7 and Mohammad Arief pairs with reigning player Virandeep. Darshan wicked bowls outs Virandeep in Over 28 but allows replacement Haiqal a Boundary 4.

Over 29 is quiet with dot balls, and Team Malaysia tries its best to stay its course. Shiva Singh manages to bowl out the 9 player Haiqal Mohd Khair. The last two players, Mohammad Arief and Wan Amirul Zulkarnain manage to defend their wickets until Tanush Kotian bowls out Wan Amirul at a score of 108/10. India won by 202 runs.

Day 1: Nov 10, 2017

Malaysia v India at Kinrara
India won the toss and chose to bat
India: 310 for 7 off 50 overs (H.Rana 107, M.Kalra 35, S.Khan 67; H.Khair 4-61)
Malaysia: 108 all out off 37.1 overs (V.Singh 52; D.Nalkande 3-34)

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Photos by Peter Lim
Filed November 10th, 2017