President’s Message

We in Asia are honoured and gratified that the Africa Cricket Association (ACA) is joining hands with the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) to establish and promote the Afro-Asian Cricket Cooperation (AACC). It is the first major collaboration on any sporting level between the two continents and I am sure, it will come to be seen as a truly significant event in the world of cricket.

The top players of Africa and Asia are currently enjoying unprecedented levels of popularity as cricket progresses and expands into new areas. As administrators, our prime concern must be to improve the ongoing health of the game.

The Standard Chartered Afro-Asia Cup will do much to raise the funds necessary to boost activity and support for youth and junior cricket. The money will make a tangible difference to many of the upcoming cricketers of Africa and Asia in the years and decades ahead. More opportunities for competition and coaching will be created as a result and as the game broadens and deepens its appeal across our two vast continents, cricket will emerge even stronger.

Our slogan for Afro-Asian Cricket Cooperation is ‘Cricket for Unity’. These matches highlight the cause for which we have come together. Singly we are strong, together we are even stronger. Thanks to the support of players, administrators, sponsors and supporters of the game in all our member countries, cricket will transcend even greater heights.

Jagmohan Dalmiya
President, Asian Cricket Council