"It's important even at university level to have cricket. That's the future of any country." Aravinda De Silva

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Pepsi ICC World Cricket League Division 4 2010

Venue : Italy
Dates : 14th – 21st August
Participating Teams : Italy, Argentina, Cayman Islands, Nepal, Tanzania, USA
Nepal’s Match Schedule
Sun, Aug 15 Italy v Nepal at Pianora
Tue, Aug 17 Nepal v Tanzania at Medicina
Wed, Aug 18 Argentina v Nepal at Bologna
Thu, Aug 19 Nepal v USA at Pianora
Fri, Aug 20 Cayman Islands v Nepal at Medicina
Sat, Aug 21 FINAL: Italy v USA at Pianora
3rd/4th Playoff: Nepal v Tanzania at Medicina
5th/6th Playoff: Argentina v Cayman Islands at Bologna

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