"I always felt that no wicket was a flat wicket. You'd always get something out of it if you put the effort in." Jason Gillespie

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ICC World Cricket League Division 4

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4 – 11 October 2008, Tanzania
Tanzania, Afghanistan, Fiji, Hong Kong, Italy, Jersey

Match Schedule:
October 4 Hong Kong v Italy at University Ground
Tanzania v Jersey at Anadhil Burhani Ground
Afghanistan v Fiji at Gymkhana Ground
October 5 Afghanistan v Jersey at University Ground
Fiji v Italy at Anadhil Burhani Ground
Tanzania v Hong Kong at Gymkhana Ground
October 7 Fiji v Hong Kong at University Ground
Tanzania v Afghanistan at Anadhil Burhani Ground
Italy v Jersey at Gymkhana Ground
October 8 Tanzania v Italy at University Ground
Afghanistan v Hong Kong at Anadil Burhani Ground
October 10 Tanzania v Fiji at University Ground
Hong Kong v Jersey at Anadil Burhani Ground
Afghanistan v Italy at Gymkhana Ground
October 11 FINAL at University Ground
3rd/4th Playoff at Anadil Burhani Ground
5th/6th Playoff at Gymkhana Ground

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