"China, due to its culture and superb athletic skills is a natural to do well at cricket if we can introduce the mental as well as physical skills of the game." Mike Gatting

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Pepsi ICC World Cricket League Division 3

Official Tournament Page

24 – 31 January 2009, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Argentina, Afghanistan, Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, Uganda

ACC Teams' Match Schedule:
January 24 Afghanistan v Uganda at St Albans Club, Corimayo
Argentina v Hong Kong at Hurlingham Club Ground
January 25 Afghanistan v Hong Kong
January 27 Argentina v Afghanistan at Hurlingham Club Ground
Cayman Islands v Hong Kong at St Albans Club, Corimayo
January 28 Afghanistan v Papua New Guinea at Hurlingham Club Ground
Hong Kong v Uganda at St Albans Club, Corimayo
January 30 Afghanistan v Cayman Islands at St Albans Club, Corimayo
Hong Kong v Papua New Guinea
January 31 FINAL at Belgrano Athletic Club Ground
3rd Place Playoff at Hurlingham Club Ground
5th Place Playoff at St George's College Ground

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