"Acts of fielding deserve more recognition than they get because every so often one can change the outcome of a match, sometimes a series." Ayaz Memon

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ICC World Cricket League Division 8


Venue : Kuwait
Dates : 6th – 12th November
Grounds : KOC Hubara, KOC Unity, Kuwait Entertainment City, Sulaibiya

Kuwait Bahamas
Bhutan Gibraltar
Suriname Zambia
Vanuatu Germany
The top two sides move up to WCL Division 7 to be staged in Botswana in May 2011.
Kuwait – Winners

Kuwait's and Bhutan’s Match Schedule:
Sat, Nov 6 Kuwait v Suriname at Sulaibiya
Bhutan v Vanuatu at KEC
Sun, Nov 7 Kuwait v Vanuatu at Hubara
Bhutan v Suriname at Unity
Tues, Nov 9 Kuwait v Bhutan at Sulaibiya
Thu, Nov 11 A1 Kuwait v B2 Zambia at KEC
A3 Bhutan v B4 Gibraltar at Hubara
Fri, Nov 12 Final Kuwait v Germany at Hubara
5th/6th Playoff Bahamas v Bhutan at KEC

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