ICC World Cricket League Division 6

August 29 to September 5, 2009

Pepsi ICC World Cricket League

This tournament forms part of the qualifying process for World Cup 2015

Singapore, Botswana, Norway, Malaysia and the top two teams qualifying from Division 7 (Bahrain and Guernsey)

Singapore – Winners
ACC Teams’ Match Schedule:
Aug 29 Singapore v Guernsey at SCC
Bahrain v Malaysia at Indian Association
Aug 30 Bahrain v Guernsey at Kallang
Norway v Malaysia at SCC
Singapore v Botswana at Indian Association
Sept 1 Botswana v Malaysia at Kallang
Singapore v Bahrain at SCC
Sept 2 Singapore v Norway at Kallang
Bahrain v Botswana at SCC
Guernsey v Malaysia at Indian Association
Sept 4 Singapore v Malaysia at Kallang
Bahrain v Norway at Indian Association
Sept 5 FINAL at Kallang
3rd/4th Playoff at SCC
5th/6th Playoff at Indian Association