Asian Games 2014

Venue : Yeonhui Cricket Ground, Incheon, South Korea
Dates : September 20th - October 3rd 2014

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20 overs a side

Preview: Cricket Going for Gold
Asia's Women Training Hard For Incheon
Asia's Men Up For Incheon
Asian Games 2014: Cricket In Fine Mettle


Gold Medallists, Sri Lanka


Gold Medallists, Pakistan

Women’s Tournament Men’s Tournament
Group C: China, Hong Kong, South Korea
Group D: Thailand, Nepal, Malaysia
Seeds: Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Japan
Group A: Malaysia, China, South Korea
Group B: Nepal, Kuwait, Maldives
Seeds: Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong
Matches start at 9.30AM (GMT 0030 hrs) and 2PM (GMT 0500 hrs) Matches start at 9.30AM (GMT 0030 hrs) and 2PM (GMT 0500 hrs)
Sat, Sep 20 South Korea v China
Malaysia v Thailand
Sat, Sep 27 South Korea v Malaysia
Kuwait v Nepal
Sun, Sep 21 China v Hong Kong
Nepal v Thailand
Sun, Sep 28 China v Malaysia
Maldives v Nepal
Mon, Sep 22 Malaysia v Nepal
South Korea v Hong Kong
Mon, Sep 29 Kuwait v Maldives
South Korea v China
Tue, Sep 23 QF1: China v Japan
QF2: Hong Kong v Sri Lanka
Tue, Sep 30 QF1: Hong Kong v Malaysia
QF2: South Korea v Sri Lanka
Wed, Sep 24 QF3: Pakistan v Thailand
QF4: Bangladesh v Nepal
Wed, Oct 1 QF3: Afghanistan v Nepal
QF4: Bangladesh v Kuwait
Thu, Sep 25 SF1: China v Pakistan
SF2: Bangladesh v Sri Lanka
Thu, Oct 2 SF1: Afghanistan v Hong Kong
SF2: Bangladesh v Sri Lanka
Fri, Sep 26 Bronze Medal Playoff: China v Sri Lanka
Gold and Silver Medal: Bangladesh v Pakistan
Fri, Oct 3 Bronze Medal Playoff: Bangladesh v Hong Kong
Gold and Silver Medal: Afghanistan v Sri Lanka