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Asian Games 2010

Guangzhou Asian Games Twenty 20 Cricket Competition
Venue: Guanggong International Cricket Stadium, Guangzhou University Town
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Women’s Tournament Men’s Tournament
Group A: Pakistan, Thailand, China, Malaysia
Group B: Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Nepal, Japan
Group C: China and Malaysia
Group D: Hong Kong, Maldives, Nepal
Group E: Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Winner of Group C, Runner-up of Group C
Group F: Bangladesh, Pakistan, Winner of Group D, Runner-up of Group D
Matches start at 0930 (GMT 0130 hrs) and 1330 (GMT 0530 hrs) Matches start at 0930 (GMT 0130 hrs) and 1330 (GMT 0530 hrs)
Sat, Nov 13 China v Malaysia (Match 1)
Japan v Nepal (Match 2)
Sun, Nov 21 China v Malaysia (Match 1)
Hong Kong v Nepal (Match 2)
Sun, Nov 14 Pakistan v Thailand (Match 3)
Bangladesh v Hong Kong (Match 4)
Mon, Nov 22 QF1: Pakistan v China (Match 3)
Maldives v Nepal (Match 4)
Mon, Nov 15 China v Pakistan (Match 5)
Japan v Bangladesh (Match 6)
Tues, Nov 23 QF2: Bangladesh v Malaysia (Match 5)
Hong Kong v Maldives (Match 6)
Tues, Nov 16 Malaysia v Thailand (Match 7)
Nepal v Hong Kong (Match 8)
Wed, Nov 24 QF3: Afghanistan v Hong Kong (Match 7)
QF4: Sri Lanka v Nepal (Match 8)
Weds, Nov 17 China v Thailand (Match 9)
Japan v Nepal (Match 10)
Thu, Nov 25 SF1: Pakistan v Afghanistan (Match 9)
SF2: Bangladesh v Sri Lanka (Match 10)
Thu, Nov 18 SF1: Bangladesh v China (Match 11)
SF2: Pakistan v Japan (Match 12)
Nov 26
Bronze Medal Playoff: Pakistan v Sri Lanka
Gold and Silver Medal Match: Afghanistan v Bangladesh
Nov 19
Bronze Medal Playoff: China v Japan
Gold and Silver Medal Match: Bangladesh v Pakistan
“We can sense the feeling athletes experience when their country's flag is on top after winning a gold medal. Playing for the senior side is a big honour but representing the country in an event like this is nothing less.”
- Khaled Latif, Pakistan’s captain