Asian Games 2010 - Day 12: QF4: NEPAL v SRI LANKA

  • Asian Games T20 QF4: Nepal v Sri Lanka
    Nepal won the toss and chose to bat
  • WICKET Sri Lanka strike in the first over, Anil Mandal caught low down by wicket-keeper Kusal Perera off Kaushal Weeratna, Nepal 2 for 1 after 2 overs now
  • Lots of backstory resonance in this match - Nepal's Sri Lankan coach Roy Dias taking on his home country and one-time colleagues in Sri Lanka in what could be his last match in charge of Nepal after the best part of a decade in the job
  • There'll be tears either way at the end - his team are very emotional today though Roy Dias has told them to treat it as just another match, just another day
  • He was the very first interviewee on the Asian Games website and we will miss him too
  • OK, back to the matter in hand and Nepal are 3 for 1 after 3 overs. Sri Lanka bowling to an off-stump line, not much bat on ball so far
  • WICKET Nepal lose their second - Sri Lanka field as well as them! Weeeratna throws down the stumps from mid-on as Gyanendra plays to the fielder’s left and a slow-starting Anil Mandal is short by a shade running to the batsman's end. Nepal 3 for 2 after 4 overs
  • Gyanendra Malla on 1* off 9, Paras Khadka on 2* off 3, Sri Lanka 6 for 2 after 5 and Sri Lanka look like an ominously perfect outfit so far
  • I've said of Paras when he was Nepal's U-19 captain that he was good enough to play for a Test-playing country, Gyanendra's not too shabby either - these two could do a lot to impress on the watching audience just how talented Nepal's cricketers can be
  • After 6 overs, Nepal are 10 for 2
  • Dilhara Lokuhettige RFM straying down leg in his opening over and Paras and Gyanendra take advantage, Nepal 15 for 2 after 7 overs
  • The Sri Lankan side here has a clutch of full internationals and all are proven T20 players in domestic cricket on the island
  • One name which will be familiar is leg-spinner Malinga Bandara who comes on now from the Pavilion End
  • SIX Gyanendra hits Bandara inside out over extra-cover for a beauty. Shot of the day already. Nepal 23 for 2 after seven overs.
  • FOUR Dilhara Lokuhettige is pulled over mid-wicket by Malla and Nepal are 31 for 2, Malla 15*, Paras 12* after 9 overs
  • Gyanendra Malla really playing well here, he's hit three boundaries already and is on 21* off 22, Nepal 38 for 2 at the half-way stage
  • These two are about more than boundaries, good singles being taken too and 12 come off the 11th over bowled by Sjeera Weerakoon OB and Nepal are 50 for 2 off 11. And Sri Lanka have a fight on their hands
  • Jehan Mubarak OB, the captain brings himself on. The most experienced international player in Sri Lanka's side
  • And does the damage with his second ball, Paras heaving at one which held its line, to take the top of off-stump. He goes for a good 18 off 24 (1 four), and Nepal are 51 for 3 in the 12th over
  • Sharad Vesawkar the new batsman, always a touch of class about him, but he needs to dominate the bowling more in this format if he's to make the runs expected of him. Today may be his chance, at the other end Malla is 29* off 29 and Nepal are 56 for 3 after 13 overs
  • WICKET In trying to do just that, Sharad departs caught and bowled by Malinga Bandara (his first wicket) for 4 off 10, and Nepal are 57 for 4 in the 14th
  • WICKET Gyanendra goes caught at deep extra, playing inside-out, the stroke not going as straight as he'd like, he's out for 30 off 30 (3 fours), Nepal still on 57 in the 15th
  • End of an impressive innings - he is some player - the two hitters Binod Bhattarai and Mahaboob Alam in. This could be fun for the crowd
  • Nepal 60 for 5 with five overs to go. Getting to anywhere between 80 to 90 is realistically possible
  • WICKET Binod Bhattarai caught low down at short extra for 1 off 3, Nepal 63 for 6 in the 16th. Basant Regmi LHB is in
  • Sri Lanka's captain Jehan Mubarak showing his talent in bringing himself back to break the substantial momentum-shifting Paras-Gyanendra partnership took his second that over, and Nepal are 63 for 6 after 16 overs
  • 17 overs gone, Nepal 66 for 6
  • WICKET 17.1 overs and Nepal are 66 for 7, Jehan Mubarak again, Basant Regmi goes for 1 off 5, sweeping
  • Mahaboob Alam on 6* off 13, Binod Das 1* off 5. We'd love to see Mahaboob hit but the bowling he's facing is better than anything he's seen before
  • WICKET Binod Das goes, driving at the pace of Lokuhettige. he made 1 off 8 and Sri Lanka are 67 for 8 in the 19th over.
    Now it's Amrit Bhattarai RHB
  • WICKET There it was Amrit Bhattarai, bowled first ball by Lokuhettige, at the root of middle. "Hat-trick, hat-trick" chant the numerous Sri Lankan fans above me in the stands
  • Last man Rahul Vishvakarma LHB keeps out the hat-trick ball delivered from round the wicket and then snicks a FOUR down to third man. Useful runs as Nepal come to the last over on 71 for 9.
  • Mahaboob Alam LHB on strike to Isuru Thilakaratne LFM
  • Thilakaratne runs out the last man, throwing down the stumps at the bowler's end with a direct hit, Rahul Vishwakarma a foot short and Nepal finish on 72. It looked, while Paras and Gyannendra were batting so well in their third-wicket partnership, that 100 was on, but Sri Lanka responded strongly to the young men's challenge, racing through the Nepal batsmen once Paras was bowled by opposite number Jehan Mubarak
  • Nepal's Amrit Bhattarai has the white ball in his hand, Udeepa Weeratna has the bat and we're good to go. Sri Lanka looking for 73 to win
  • Good lbw shout by Amrit to the left-handed Weeratna third ball up but not out, beats him next ball too
  • Amrit Bhattarai LFM a little too much on the pads but slippery enough to cause problems for the left-handed Weeratne, end of the first over and Sri Lanka are 3 for 0
  • Binod Das RFM to share the new ball
  • Binod looking for the off-cutter to the left-hander judging by his grip on the ball
  • Weeratne doesn't look in the greatest of touch! Hope for Nepal
  • ‎2 overs gone Sri Lanka 7 for 0
  • WICKET Weeratne holes out to mid-on Rahul V off Amrit B and Nepal are all smiles out in the middle, 7 for 1 off 2.1
  • New batsman is LHB Kaushal Perera, Sri Lanka 9 for 1 after 3 overs
  • Kulatunga who has only faced one ball so far, drives his second and third for FOURS, class shots off Binod Das
  • Solid defence next up as Binod drops on a length, Sri Lanka 17 for 1 in the 4th over
  • Well-spread field, long-on and fine-leg on the boundary
  • But they have nothing to do as the fifth ball of the over is pulled for SIX
  • Sri Lanka 24 for 1 after 4 overs
  • Jeevantha Kulatunga 14* off 7
  • Moral victory for Amrit B as he zips one past the attempted cut shot of Kulatunga
  • Amrit Bhattarai's gotten into a good rhythm and finding some movement both ways off the pitch, 5 overs gone Sri Lanka 26 for 1 nevertheless
  • Paras Khadka RFM on from the Press Box End in place of Binod Das, round the wicket to LHB Kushal Perera
  • Kulatunga looks like the kind of batsman who can win a match on his own, given the occasional bit of good fortune, as he gets there when a short-arm drive falls short of the boundary but over mid-on, Sri Lanka 29 for 1 after six overs
  • Paras does a smart thing and keeps Amrit on from the Pavilion End
  • WICKET Amrit strikes, Perera caught cutting, Basant does the business head-high at point. Batsman goes for 4 off 11 and seasoned Indika de Saram is the new man. Sri Lanka 31 for 2 in the seventh
  • Sri Lanka need another 41 off 13 overs, Nepal need wickets
  • WICKET Basant pounces at backward point and throws down the stumps as Indika de Saram walked down the wicket, he goes for 1 off 4 and Sri Lanka are 32 for 2 in the 8th
  • Jehan Mubarak LHB gets some words of wisdom from Kulatunga as he walks in, but smiles and shrugs them off, he knows he must not get out now
  • Paras bowling well, round the wicket to Mubarak
  • Gets one to bounce and rap Mubarak on the knuckles, ball rolls to slip
  • 8 overs gone, Sri Lanka 32 for 3 MAIDEN
  • Sri Lanka still need to score at 3.50 an over, good work by Nepal to keep them in check
  • Basant Regmi SLA on, a catch and a run-out so far, can he get another kind of wicket?
  • Nepal fielding well
  • WICKET Yes, he can! Mahesh Chhetri stumps danger man Kulatunga, his back foot still on the line and Nepal have Sri Lanka at 32 for 4!
  • Top order gone. Now it's just the middle and tail left.
  • Chinthaka Jayasinghe RHB the new man in, Jehan Mubarak LHB Sri Lanka's captain with him
  • Just two from the over, and a big wicket, Sri Lanka 34 for 4 after nine overs, needing 39 off 11. They are in a fight!
  • Bit of a delay as Jehan Mubarak gets some attention
  • OK - 11 overs to go, Nepal need 39, Sri Lanka want six wickets
  • WICKET - Mubarak plays a lazy cut and is snaffled at third man by Amrit Bhattarai and the Sri Lankans are five down GAME IS ON. UPSET IS ON!
  • WICKET. Sri Lanka now 41 for 6, just four wickets wanted and the Sri Lankan fans at the ground are stil quiet.
  • They are pretty quiet and quite pretty (the Sri Lankan fans that is). But it's Basant who's bowling beautifully to have Sri Lanka on 42 for 6 after 11 overs
  • So, the equation now. Sri Lanka need 31 off 9 overs, Nepal need four wickets and to field and bowl as they've been doing to create one of the biggest upsets in cricketing history
  • Paras keeps beating that outside edge!
  • WICKET Malinga Bandara is caught at slip! Great bowling, great captaincy, great cricket! Sri Lanka 42 for 7 in the 12th!
  • Lokuhettige in. 31 still wanted and the Nepal fans are very pretty too in their delight. WICKET MAIDEN by Paras, what a performance by him and Nepal
  • RRR almost 4 an over, three wickets between Nepal and an epic victory
  • But Lokuhettige fights back with a SIX over long on
  • Sri Lanka 51 for 7 after 13 overs, Binod Das to come on 2-0-19-0 so far without bowling badly, needs to either break through or keep things tight
  • Nepal are fighting hard, Sri Lanka having to rely on everything they've got
  • Sri Lankan fans at the ground have found their voices again
  • Mahaboob Alam yet to bowl - could leak runs, or could do damage - it's a decision Paras has to make soon. He could bring on Gyanendra Malla too but he's not a strike bowler
  • Six overs to go, Sri Lanka need 18 runs, Nepal want three wickets
  • Sri Lanka 55 for 7 off 14. It's Rahul Vishvakarma to bowl from the Pavilion End
  • WICKET Mahesh's third stumping! Lokuhettige goes, his foot still on the line which belongs to the umpire and Nepal need just two more for an epic victory
  • Lokuhettige out for 10 off 13 (1 six) and Sri Lanka are just dumbstruck in the dugout, 33 balls to go, 17 runs wanted. Nepal just need two of those balls to produce a wicket
  • Sri Lanka 57 for 8 off 15 overs, chasing 73
  • Binod Das to bowl his last over
  • Just four off his last one
  • Tailenders running together - tight situation - run-outs quite likely don't you think?
  • Binod bowling very well at the death, tight and on the stumps
  • Just three off the over, Sri Lanka still need 13 off the next four, 60 for 8
  • Five off Rahul V.'s second over, Sri Lanka 65 for 8, need another 8 off the last three. Nepal want two wickets. It'll just take two balls of the next 18
  • Sharad V. to bowl his off-spin, steady head is what Paras has gone for. Batsmen have every chance of self-destructing against steady spin
  • Sajeewa Weerakoon and Kaushal Lokurachchi the not out batsmen on *7 and 8*
  • They've done a lot for Sri Lanka this ninth-wicket pair but they haven't yet done enough
  • Every run is having to be fought so hard for
  • Sri Lanka need 5 runs off the last two overs
  • Gyanendra Malla, a good 30 earlier, comes on with his off-spin and he too finds turn straight away, Paras adjusting his field, brings a man in from mid-on only to have the ball driven past him by Weerakon and the scores are tied
  • Irony
  • And some skill by Weerakoon. Anything's still possible. This is the fighting Nepal
  • And Sri Lanka have done it, they win by two wickets with seven balls to spare, chasing 73. Relief for them, how well Nepal fought!

Nepal: So close to beating Sri Lanka

Asian Games 2010

QF4: Nepal v Sri Lanka
Nepal won the toss and chose to bat
Nepal: 72 off 19.4 overs (G.Malla 30; D.Lokuhettige 2-19, J.Mubarak 3-6)
Sri Lanka: 73 for 8 off 18.5 overs (A.Bhattarai 2-10, P.Khadka 2-7, B.Regmi 2-13)

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Filed November 24th, 2010