Asian Games 2010 - Report Day 11: HONG KONG v MALDIVES

  • Hong Kong v Maldives to decide the quarter-final line up in the Asian Games: Maldives won the toss and will bat
  • Hong Kong bowled superbly on Sunday afternoon against Nepal, Maldives will have to counter the new ball and then the spinners in putting up 120, which has to be their target
  • Good opening over from Irfan Ahmed, Abdulla Shahid and Shafraz Jaleel the openers for the Maldives
  • Abdulla Shahid's on fire! Two fours off Aizaz Khan's first over and Maldives are on 12 for 0 after 10 balls
  • Aizaz Khan the fastest of Hong Kong's bowlers and that's with Irfan Ahmed in the attack.
  • Maldives hustling singles too - looks like they have a gameplan today
  • Abdulla Shahid ends the over with his third 4 and Maldives are 17 for 0 after 2 overs
  • Hotter than it's been for the past few days in Guangzhou. And we see HKCA coaches Sher Lama and Jawaid Iqbal in the stands again
  • WICKET Irfan strikes, regulation edge by Shafraz jaleel through to Waqas Barkat and Maldives are 19 for 1, Shafraz made 4 off 10
  • Nadeem Ahmed SLA comes on super-early from the Pavilion End, looking to tie down the Maldivians ASAP. Ahmed Hassan is the new batsman
  • WICKET Nadeem with his third ball and Najeeb snaffles the danger man Abdulla Shhaid (15 off 10) at mid-off
  • Moosa Kaleem, battling age, battling injury, battling Hong Kong
  • Maldives 19 for 2 after 4 overs
  • Irfan Ahmed in good rhythm here, batting's not easy
  • WICKET And Irfan does for Moosa off the inside edge of that heavy Gray-Nicholls bat, he's out for 0 off 7 and Maldives are 21 for 3 in the fifth over. Haziq Hassan's the new batsman
  • Six overs gone and Maldives are 25 for 3. Not only have to rebuild but score quickly enough too, 100 would be a good score now.
  • Asif Khan RM on from the Press Box End Haziq and Ahmed Hassan the not out batsmen
  • Running well between the wickets, Maldives can get to 100 in singles at this rate
  • Or not. WICKET, Asif catches a top-edged Haziq pull himself. Haziq out for 6 off 5 balls and Maldives 30-4 in the seventh
  • Mihusan Hamid RHB in. Good all-rounder, could make a name for himself here
  • If names were made by being bowled second ball. Asif RMF not RM on the evidence of each ball getting quicker than the last, is through Mihusan's defences and Maldives are in disarray at 30-5.
  • Someone needs to take the fight to Hong Kong, who are having it all their own way at the moment.
  • MAldives 30-5 after 7 overs
  • Niaz Ali LFM on from the Pavilion End
  • Niaz not trying to bowl too fast, just landing on a length and looking for movement
  • Maldives 33 for 5 after 8 overs, Neesham Nasir and Ahmed Hassan the not out batsmen
  • If Maldives can get to a score which gives their bowlers something, anything to work'll certainly liven up this politely smiling crowd.
  • MAIDEN ninth over, by Asif Khan
  • Li Kaiming RM comes on for his first bowl of the Asian Games
  • Some cramp or a sprain for Neesham Nasir as he dived into the crease for a run, as soon as he sees the stretcher he's up and about though. A runner's being called for and Shafraz Jaleel does the honours
  • Neesham's back on his feet.
  • Decent off-spin byLi Kaiming, plenty of flight which is good to see, Maldives 39 for 5 after 10 overs. It's been Hong Kong's first half
  • Maldives 44 for 5 after 11 overs, on for 80 at this rate.
  • Hong Kong letting the game drift a bit, Maldives unable to push things along
  • Li Kaiming just a little short in length and Maldives are able to hit their first boundary since the last ball of the second over, 56 balls earlier, and Maldives are 51 for 5
  • Another 4 off the last ball, pulled to midwicket and Neesham on one leg does the deed again, Maldives 56 for 5 after 12, a recovery mounting
  • Let's put the Maldives flag up again, just because
  • Hong Kong captain Najeeb Amar SLA getting good turn in his first over, Maldives 57 for 5 after 13, Ahmed Hassan 17* Neesham 6*
  • Nadeem Ahmed's over goes for just 1, Maldives 58 for 5 after 14. Ahmed hasan 17* off 34, Neesham Nasir 6* off 18
  • Everyone in the ground - especially the Chinese fans - wondering when the acceleration's going to come
  • Five off Najeeb Amar's second over and Maldives are 63 for 5 after 15 overs
  • Slow turn for Nadeem even as he rips it as much as he can
  • Four overs to go, Maldives 65 for 5
  • WICKET Ahmed Hassan stumoed off Najeeb, he goes for a hard-fought 20 off 41 (1 four) and Maldives are 68 for 6 in the 17th over
  • Najeeb starting to get sharp turn
  • Maldives 68 for 6 after 17, on course for 80
  • Two wickets each so far for Irfan Ahmed and Asif Khan, one for Najeeb Amar and Nadeem Ahmed, Maldives top-scorer Ahmed Hassan with 20
  • Maldives showing some grit and determination
  • Maldives 75 for 6 after 18, Neesham Nasir 20*
  • WICKET Rasheed Jilwaz hits out, head up, and Waqas runs round from behind the stumpos to catch, Maldives 78 for 7 in the 19th over.
  • Najeeb Amar, two wickets so far
  • WICKET Neesham Nasir's runner Shafraz Jaleel is run out by a direct hit from Jamie Atkinson at point, and he goes for a brave 21 off 37. Neesham's unlikely to be able to bowl, which further upsets Maldives's plans
  • One over to go, Maldives 79 for 8, Irfan to bowl the last over, 3-0-6-2 so far
  • Five off the last, and Maldives finish on 84 for 8, good recovery after being 30 for 5 in the eighth over. Hong Kong will fancy themselves to knock the runs off, but Maldives have a potent new ball attack and a couple of spinners who yesterday showed they can get get plenty of turn on this Guanggong wicket
  • Hassan Ibrahim RFM opens with a MAIDEN to Najeeb Amar
  • Hong Kong player and supporter and photographer Domiinique McCusker in the audience with the Lama, Lamsam and Iqbal families
  • Rasheed Jilwaz, who was very effective with 2-18 against Nepal yesterday opens from the Pavilion End
  • Good over from Rasheed and Hong Kong are 2 for 0 after 2
  • FOUR Najeeb, the old fox. Hits young Hassan Ibrahim over the top one ball after being given the slow handclap by the bowler who'd beaten him.
  • Hassan comes back with one that whistles past the outside edge
  • And again
  • End of the third over, Hong Kong 7 for 0
  • Hong Kong probably chasing 20 runs more than they needed to, not having gone for the kill when they had Maldives five down in the eight over
  • Maldives bowlers really fighting hard, backed up by their fielders
  • But a full-toss is a full-tss and Najeeb hits his second FOUR, off Jilwaz this time. Hong Kong 11 for 1 in the fourth over
  • Four overs gone, Hong Kong 13 for 0. Need 72 off 16 at 4.50 an over
  • This really is a nice stadium, spent some time among the fans just now and it's super spectatator-friendly
  • WICKET Roy lamsam run out by inches at the bowler's end from the direct hit by square leg, he made 1 off 3 and Hong Kong are still 13 for 1 in the fifth
  • JAmie Atkinson RHB the new man in
  • Roy Lamsam top-scored for Hong Kong in the big match against Nepal two days ago, and his dismissal adding to the tension in the Hong Kong camp. Maldives bowling and fielding well
  • FOUR Jamie Atkinson uppercuts and he's on 5* off 2, Najeeb 14* off 26, Hong Kong 22 for 1 after 5. Big boundary
  • But not as big as Najeeb Amar's monster SIX over midwicket from a Jilwaz full toss. He moves on to 20* off 27
  • Jilwaz RFM going round the wicket to the left-handed Najeeb, who's tucking into anything full. Jamie Atkinson swats a FOUR too, two balls later. Hong Kong 34 for 1 after 6
  • Moosa Kaleem OB on, captain to captain
  • And gets the WICKET he wants, Najeeb out, swing a long hop down to Hassan Ibrahim at square leg. Najeeb out for 23 off 34 with two fours. Hong Kong 36 for 2 in the seventh
  • Hong Kong 36 for 2 after 7 overs, needing 49 off the next 13 at 3.75ish an over
  • Mihusan Hamid OB on from the Pavilion End. Big turn for him yesterday off the adjoining strip
  • Irfan Ahmed's the new batsman
  • Hong Kong don't need to win this with big hits, 1s and 2s will do. 45 wanted off the next 12 overs, 40 for 2 after 8
  • FOUR off the last ball of Moosa Kaleem's next over, and Maldivian semi-control temporarily held is lost. Jamie Atkinson moves onto 16* off 13, Hong Kong 46 for 2 after 9 overs
  • Crowd cheering on their home side. Hong Kong 50 for 2 after 10 overs, cruising
  • WICKET Irfan Ahmed out for 4 to Ahmed Hassan and Hong KOng are 52 for 3 after 11
  • SIX Jamie Atkinson gets the crows rocking with a monster over midwicket off Mihusan and Hong Kong are 59 for 3 in the 12th
  • Runs to all sectors of the ground for Atkinson and Waqas Barkat as Hong Kong are lterally walking this, SIX to Atkinson as he comes down the track to end the 13th over, he's on 358off 26, Waqas 8* off 6. Hong Kong 74 for 3 off 13, needing 11 more to win
  • FOUR, one-bounce over extra cover by Jamie Atkinson walking down the wicket to Hassan Ibrahim (!) and with one ball to go in the 14th over, the scores are level
  • Atkinson finishes with a FOUR to long-on, struck towards a couple of feet to my left and HONG KONG WIN BY SEVEN WICKETS

    Maldives's 84 was never going to be enough, though they mounted a good recovery after being 30 for 5, Atkinson 44* finishing off what his bowlers had started

Asian Games 2010

Group D Hong Kong v Maldives
Maldives won the toss and chose to bat
Maldives: 84 for 9 off 20 overs (I.Ahmed 2-11, Asif K. 2-12,N.Amar 2-10)
Hong Kong: 88 for 3 off 14.1 overs (J.Atkinson 44*)

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Filed November 23rd, 2010