Asian Games 2010 - Report Day 11: QF2: BANGLADESH v MALAYSIA

  • Asian Games: Bangladesh v Malaysia, Bangladesh's Mohamad Ashraful has won the toss and will bat
  • Mohammad Ashraful just does the most enthusiastic salute to the crowd yet seen at the Asian Games, as he is publicly introduced along with the players and officials
  • Three spinners in the Bangladesh side and the pace of Shahadat Hossain and Nazmul Hossain to lead the attack. Naeem Islam the hard-hitting ODI player is opening the batting for them.
  • Suresh Navaratnam and Manrick Singh could definitely make some early inroads with the new ball for Malaysia, who have an unchanged side from their win against China two days ago. The wicket's unlikely to turn as much as yesterday, but will have plenty of bounce.
  • Crowd filtering in, some have been here for an hour already, all sides of the ground occupied, around 1200 of the 5000 capacity in
  • Suresh Navaratnam RFM to Mohammad Mithun RHB to start
  • 4 first ball, and then third. Easy timing, the first a sweet square cut that comes to rest a couple of feet from me, the second a turn to leg that was pure class.
  • Suresh comes back well with his fourth ball and fifth, well pitched-up, on off and coming in a touch. Inside-edges save Mithun both times.
  • Bangladesh 8 for 0 after 1 over
  • Good over by 22-year old Manrick Singh RFM, had Mohammad Mithun beaten past the outside edge and had him playing two false shots. Nevertheless, Bangladesh 14 for 0 after 2 overs
  • Another good shout for lbw by Suresh, first ball of his second over. Appeal declined
  • Suresh and Manrick hurrying the batsmen. Malaysia looking good
  • Suresh Navaratnam keeps getting that inwards movement and Mithun skies a drive on the leg-side drive and Manrick Singh running back to deep square leg, can't hold on. Tough chance. Bangladesh 19 for 0 after 3 overs
  • Mithun gets it right next ball though, off Manrick and flicks an audacious 6 over square leg. And then cuts 4 more
  • Mithun makes a hash of the next flick though and it foes high in the air to mid-on. Nik Arifin makes a hash of the catch.
  • Mithun looks like an out or a boundary every ball! Looking to slam everything into Shanghai
  • End of the 4th over, Bangladesh 33 for 0, Mithun 25* off 16
  • Malaysia not done at all badly, apart from the two dropped catches.
  • But they tale a catch off the first ball Nik Arifin's first over and Naeem Islam holes out to Manrick Singh ant long-on, for 20 off 14 (3 fours) and Bangladesh are 53 for 1 after 6 overs
  • Spin from both ends now, Shahrulnizam Yusof SLA on from the Pavilion End
  • Yusof's a terrific prospect, puts the ball on the spot with loop and dip every time
  • WICKET And takes aone-handed return catch high to his left to get rid of of Shuvs Chowdhury (5 off 3). Bangladesh 57 for 2 in the 7th over.
  • Mohammad Ashraful in and in trouble straight away with his running! Having to scramble back to save himself first ball
  • Good two overs for Malaysia. Early spin has worked for Suhan Kumar and his men. Bangladesh 59 for 2 after 7 overs
  • Bangladesh 64 for 2 after 8 overs ,Mithun on 32*, Ashraful on 3*.
  • The Asian Games apart from being a quest for Bangladesh's first ever gold at this level, is also a search for a regular first-team place for many in the team and for Mohammad Ashraful, for so long Bangladesh's batting star, a quest for redemption after two years of poor form.
  • Bangladesh ticking along, 70 for 2 after 9 overs
  • If Ashraful can bring back gold for his country, everyone (including him) thinks he'll have brought himself back into Bangladesh's 2011 World Cup side
  • Malaysia not doing at all badly but runs coming nevertheless. They find the gaps with their strokes, singles almost at will.
  • 10 overs gone and Bangladesh are 79 for 2, Mithun 39*, Ashraful 11*
  • WICKET Mithun's stumped, Shahrulnizam held it back a touch and floated it wider and Mithun goes wafting. Good work by Malaysia, Mithun's out for 39 off 35. Bangladesh 80 for 3 in the 11th
  • WICKET New batsman's Naeem Islam RHB and he's out for 1 off 2! Shahrulnizam has him driving off the outsider half of the bat, goes high to point where Rakesh Madhavan pouches and Bangladesh are 82 for 4.
  • WICKET!!!! 3-0-15-4 so far for Shahrulnizam snares F0ysal Decans first ball with a caught and bowled!
  • Bangladesh 82 for 5 after 11 overs
  • Three wickets in the last two overs for Malaysia
  • New batsman's Shabbir Rahaman RHB, lot on Ashraful now. A failure will really dent him personally at a time when he has to show the maximum leadership on the field
  • But young Arifin (19 years) and Shahrulnizam Yusof (20) are really bowling T20i standard-well
  • Bangladesh 85 for 5 after 12.
  • Eszrafiq Azis's also bowling well for Malaysia, lots of slow-bowling guile
  • Bangladesh now much more conservative in their running too, as the strokes are kept carpeted
  • Nevertheless, the score is mounting. Bangladesh 93 for 5 after 13
  • 150 looks on
  • Ashraful's spent his time away from the first team in the gym. It's time in the middle he and his country need most of all from now on
  • 98 for 5 after 14 overs, Ashraful 22* off 23
  • Shahrulnizam Yusof to bowl his last, 3-0-15-4 so far
  • Ashraful playing the angles, Yusof finishes with 4 for 21. Great performance by him, Bangladesh 104 for 5 with 5 overs to go, Ashraful 26*
  • WICKET Ashraful's run out by Shahrulnizam Yusof at square leg, he goes for 29 off 30 and Bangladesh are 117 for 6 in the 17th.
  • Nik Azril hurts Manrick Singh's figures yet again by droping a dolly at cover. Manrick bowling well but has nothing to show for it!
  • Plenty of talent shown by the Malaysian bowlers. Twenty years ago games between these two sides would often end up with Malaysia on top
  • WICKET Aminuddin Ramly ends Shabbir Rahaman's good hand (24 off 21) with a super catch running in from wide long-off and and Manrick Singh gets a deserved wicket and Bangladesh are 129 for 7 off 18 overs
  • Suresh gets hit for 6 over the head of the diminutive Nik Arifin at long-off, Bangladesh's tail wagging stongly. Bangladesh 143 for 7 with one over to go
  • The way Manrick Singh and Shahrulnizam Yusof have bowled, one can see them being offered contracts in Bangladesh domesticv cricket
  • Bangladesh finish on 150 for 7, good hands from Mithun (39 off 29) and Ashraful (29 off 30) but what really caught the eye was the bowling of slow left-armer Shahrulnizam Yusof (4-21). Malaysia emerging with quite some credit, let's see what they can do when they bat
  • Steady start by Malaysia, 4 for 0 after 1. But they're going to have to be more than steady for more than an hour if they're to get close to Bangladesh's 150
  • Suresh Navaratnam goes up the order, to open for Malaysia
  • The classy Rakesh Madhavan LHB with him. Bangladesh's opening bowlers Nazmul Hossain and Hussain Nasir
  • Apologies, Rakesh's partner in the middle is Shafiq Sharif, not Suresh Navaratnam
  • Rakesh starting to look for runs, Malaysia 9 for 0 after 3.
  • Malaysia get their first boundary, in the fifth over, a top-edge down to third man by Rakesh and Malaysia are 23 for 0 after 5, chasing 150
  • Have just spent some time in the crowd - about 800 now - Gunagzhou University students in the main, at cricket for their first or second time, and some Bangladeshis who live here and are proudly hanging the country's flag from the stands
  • Botn Malaysian openers playing with confidence, which won't make Bangladesh's management feel too good bearing in mind tougher challenges should lie ahead. Malaysia 26 for 0 after 6 overs
  • And Shafiq Sharif slog sweeps SLA Suhrawadi Shuvo's first ball for 6.
  • Seven overs gone, Malaysia 33 for 0. Need another 118 to win at just over 9 an over. Not impossible but increasingly difficult.
  • What Malaysia have shown is courage, aptitude and skill. One often wonders how good they could be if they grew up in a Test-playing country
  • For a developing nation, they're not doing at all badly. It's just that the difference was most clear when Ashraful was batting, he had a stroke to every ball, and never found a fielder
  • WICKET Shafiq Sharif finds a fielder - Mithun runs 40 yards from behind the stumps to take the top-edged pull at square leg, full-stretch. That's another difference between the top sides and those below them. Shafiq goes for a good 21, and Malaysia are 37 for 1 in the 8th
  • WICKET Ahmed Faiz top-edges a sweep of Shuvo and he goes for 1 off 2 to bring in captain Suhan Kumar. He's a fine bat and would be good for the crowd to see him make runs
  • Shuvo finding some zip off the wicket, almost claims Rakesh lbw
  • After 9 overs, Malaysia are 38 for 2, chasing 150.
  • Rakesh 15* off 26, Suhan 1* off 2
  • WICKET Rakesh goes for 16 off 29, whipping an attempted pull off Naeem Islam hard but straight to Ashraful at mid-on inside the circle and Malaysia are 41 for 3 after 10 overs.
  • Malaysia 44 for 3 after 11 overs. Bangladesh turning the screws
  • Suhan Kumar has to be one of the fastest between the wickets at any level in the world
  • As they used to say of Javed Miandad, who's watching the match from the Pavilion, 'you've got to get up early to run him out'.
  • 12 overs gone, Malaysia 49 for 3. Need another 102 more to win at 12.75 an over
  • 60 for 3 after 14 overs, Malaysia. Ball not leaving the inner circle
  • WICKET Shuvo takes his second, Suhan Kumar stumped, heaving, for 14 off 18 and Malaysia are 61 for 4 in the 15th over. Manrick Singh in. Ball could start flying
  • WICKET It could but it won't. Bowled by Shuvo second ball by a beauty which pitched on leg and took the top of middle, Malaysia 61 for 5 now
  • SIX by Aminuddin Ramly, sweep shot soars over midwicket, Malaysia 69 for 6 after 15.
  • WICKETS Ashraful comes on and takes two in his first over, bowling Anwar Arudin and then having Aminuddin caught in the deep. Malaysia 71 for 7 after 17
  • WICKET Nik Arifin goes for 2 off 3 and Malaysia are 75 for 8 in the 18th
  • WICKET Eszrafiq caught and bowled first ball by the irrepressible Ashraful and Malaysia are 76 for 9
  • Nasir takes the final catch at long-on and BANGLADESH HAVE BEATEN MALAYSIA BY 70 RUNS

Asian Games 2010

QF2: Bangladesh v Malaysia
Bangladesh won the toss and chose to bat
Bangladesh: 150 for 7 off 20 overs (M.Ali 39; S.Yusof 4-21)
Malaysia: 80 off 19.4 overs (S.Shuvo 3-15, M.Ashraful 3-5)

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Filed November 23rd, 2010