Asian Games 2010 - Report Day 10: MALDIVES v NEPAL

  • Asian Games: Maldives v Nepal from Guanngong Cricket Stadium
    Nepal won the toss and chose to bat
  • Hassan Ibrahim, tall and gangly, good pace RFM, to start off from the Press Box End.
  • Same openers as yesterday for Nepal, Anil Mandal and Binod Bhandari
  • Binod off the mark with a 4 cut to backward point. Good support for Nepal as ever
  • End of the first over, Nepal 5 for 0
  • Maldives a bit like Japan in the women's tournament, not much known about them in recent months
  • Some familiar names: captain Moosa Kaleem and the other veterans, some names from the youth teams. But no one knows how hard they've been training and how well they've been playing, apart from the Maldivians.
  • On past performance Nepal should beat them, but this tournament is not about the past. It's about right now
  • Neesham Nasir RFM attempting fast off-cutters from the Pavilion End
  • Binod Bhandari smacks a 4 to long-on, good shot, waited just a fraction for the ball to arrive and slammed it past the bowler and his partner.
  • Wide of off-stump, and tonked over the infield for Bin od's third 4. Nepal 15-0 after two overs
  • WICKET Anil Mandal late on Hassan Ibrahim in-seamer which kept low and he's lbw. 15 for 1 after 3.2 overs
  • Gyanendra Mall RHB the new bat
  • Nepal 16 for 1 after 3 overs. Maldives looking very good in the field. Must have been working hard under Sri Lankan coach Brendon Kuruppu
  • Abdulla Shahid replaces Neesham Nasir from the Pavilion End
  • Binod takes advantage of a loosener to run three down to backward point
  • is it just me or does he look a little like MS Dhoni?
  • Gyanendra plays a stroke of class - cutting off the front foot for his first runs, Nepal 23 for 1 in the fourth over
  • Shahid RFM yet to find his rhythm
  • It's a good wicket, plenty in it for bowlers and batsmen. We saw earlier how the Pakistani and Chinese fast bowlers found pace and the spinners turn.
  • Good over for Nepal. 11 off it. They're 26 for 1 after four overs
  • WICKET Rasheed Jilwaz RM striks with his first ball! Gyanendra playing a little early to one that bou nced off a length and popping a catch back to the bowler. Softest of dismissals and Nepal are 26 for 2 after 4.1 overs
  • Paras Khadka, Nepal's excellent captain, in
  • It may be Jilwaz's lack of pace that's surprising the Nepali batsmen. It's a 20-yard run-up which ends in a medium pace delivery. Paras early on a pull, but gets enough bat on it while rolling his wrists and gets a 4. Survives an appeal for a caught behind and after 5 overs Nepal are 32 for 2
  • 120+ has to be Nepal's target, the wicket is playing really well
  • Paras looking in good form, a couple of on-drives already showing a mark of extra class
  • Paras gets away with a miscued drive, Hassan Ahmed half a yard short at deep extra and then to show Maldives how much that miss could matter thumps a drive to the long-on boundary, he's on 16 off 9 balls, Binod B. 18 off 10. Nepal 44 for 2 after 6 overs
  • Ahmed Hassan gets hands on another one, this time from Binod, at long-on. Maldives will have wanted those. Paras finding the gaps on the leg-side well. After 7 overs, Nepal are 50 for 2.
  • 150 looking on for Nepal. Maldives need wickets
  • Partnership of 24 off 18 balls so far between Binod Bhandari and Paras Khadka for the third wicket.
  • Neesham Nasir RFM back on from the Pavilion End
  • Nepal not just going for big shots but looking for singles too
  • Nepal 55 for 2 after 8, partnership of 29 off 24 balls so far between Binod Bhandari and Paras Khadka for the third wicket.
  • Paras isn't much older than the Maldives bowlers but he looks like a man playing against boys
  • WICKET Third time lucky for Hassan Ahmed who takes a pearler head-high in the deep as Paras sends a ball soaring to long-on. He's out for 25 off 19 and Nepal are 57 for 3 in the ninth over
  • Top catch
  • Binod Bhandari's who's been quiet of late (only 6 in that partnership of 31 with Paras) slams Jilwaz through cover for 4. Nepal are 61 for 3 after 9 overs, Binod 26* off 18
  • WICKET Binod Bhandari finding the Maldives bowling to his liking, takes 10 off the over, UNTIL he's bowled trying to work Neesham Nasir to leg. he goes for 32 off 22 (5 fours) and Nepal are 71 for 4 at the half-way stage. Mahesh Chhetri the new batsman, joining Sharad V. 3* at the crease
  • Maldives captain Moosa Kaleem OB on from the Press Box End
  • Crowd at the stadium 800 or so, 70% Nepal fans, a little quiet. Maldives getting back into the game with Nepal at 76 for 4 after 11. 150 still on though.
  • Mihusan Hamid OB to come on from the Pavilion End. Moosa misfields!
  • Bowling with loop, inviting the drive. Mihusan looks a good bowler. Still, six off the over and Nepal are 82 for 4 after 12. Sharad V. 9*, Mahesh C. 5*
  • 13 overs gone, Nepal 88 for 4
  • Sharad V. 13* off 13, Mahesh C. 7* off 8
  • Spinners Mihusan Hamid and Moosa Kaleem not really being played with too much authority, nevertheless Nepal are picking up a run a ball
  • Boundaries have dried up since Paras's departure
  • WICKETS Mihusan forcesSharad into a miscue, big heave to leg goes high off the bat and 'keeper Shafraaz Jaleel collects. Sharad V. out for 14, Nepal 92 for 5 after 13.5
  • And then Mahesh Chettri stumped next ball for 10 off 12, two in two for Mihusan. Nepal 92 for 6 after 14.
  • 150 which looked on, has now become a matter ofbeing happy with 130. Maldivews fighting back well
  • Basant Regmi LHB and young Prithu Baskota RHB the two batsman at the crease both yet to score
  • Nepal 92 for 6 after 14 still as the sightscreens are adjusted for the LHB Basant for Ahmed Hassan LB around the wicket
  • Five overs to go and Nepal are 98 for 6. 130's chasable on this wicket
  • First boundary in a long time for Nepal as Basant swivels on one knee and pulls Mihusan to square.
  • Nepal 105 for 6 after 16 overs. On course for 132 at this rate
  • Good hustle by Prithu B. and Basant Regmi, going better than a run a ball for the seventh wicket. Nepal 113 for 6 after 17 overs
  • These last three overs will be critical in generating the mindset for the second innings of the game
  • Even stevens so far, Nepal maybe just 52/48 in front
  • Nepal's Prithu Baskota looks a good player
  • Hassan Ibrahim aiming for the blockhole as he comes back on
  • Good over by Hassan Ibrahim, just 4 off it. Nepal 117 for 6 with two overs to go
  • WICKET Shafraz Jaleel makes his second stumping of the match, Prithu Baskota dsimissed by Moosa Kaleem, he's out for 9 offf 10. Nepal 118 for 7 with 10 balls to go
  • Mahaboob Alam - THE hitter - in. Off the mark with 4
  • One over to go and Nepal are 124 for 7
  • CORRECTION: 123 for 7
  • Hassan Ibrahim starts the last over with a wide but a good RUN-OUT next ball by Jilwaz Rasheed who sends the perfect one-bounce throw oover the stumps from point on the boundary and Basant Regmi goes for 15 off 19, Nepal 126 for 8 with four balls to go
  • Binod Das is in
  • Mahaboob on strike
  • Takes 1 to long on
  • WICKET Binod Das's bowled by Hassan Ibrahim going for a big one, Nepal 128 for 9 with two balls to go
  • Single off the last ball and Nepal finish on 129 for 9. Good work by Maldives in the last 10 overs, pulled back Nepal after they were on 71 from the first 10. 130's the target and it's gettable on a good track
  • BUT
  • Nepal, for all Maldives's improvement with the ball, are perhaps just the better bowling side. And Maldives's batting is largely dependent on just one man, their captain Moosa Kaleem. Biggest match yet of the young Maldivians' lives, nerves are bound to play a part. Still, all things considered,it's absolutely 50/50
  • WICKET MAIDEN for Mahaboob Alam, struck with his first delivery, bowling Abdulla Shahid. Maldives 0 for 1 after 1
  • Shafraaz Jaleel and Ahmed Hassan at the wicket for Maldives. Concentration etched on their faces
  • After 3 overs, Maldives are 9 for 1
  • Binod Das, after an erratic first over, is allowed to settle into an off-stump line for 5 of his 6 deliveries and claims a catch off the last ball, verdict not out and Maldives are 12 for 1 after 4 overs
  • Mahaboob Alam generating some pace and whip from the Press Box End. Maldives are having to scramble for survival. 16 for 1 after 5. Need another 114 off 15 at 7.60 an over
  • Paras Khadka brings himself on.
  • Run-outs looking on all the time!
  • Stumps are being regularly knocked down, but the batsmen are just getting home. Maldives 18 for 1 after 6 overs
  • Basant Regmi SLA repalces Mahaboob Alam from the Press Box End
  • WICKET Maldives lose their second - to a run-out, Ahmed Hassan goes and Maldives are 23 for 2 after 7.
  • Moosa Kaleem RHB in
  • Shafraz Jaleel's on 10* off 20, Moosa Kaleem yet to score as Paras Khadka reels off a MAIDEN. Maldives 23 for 2 after 8 overs.
  • Maidens worth as much as wickets in Twenty20 cricket
  • 107 wanted off 12, at just under 9 an over
  • We can expect Moosa Kaleem to bide his time; he knows he has the strokes, Nepal knows he has the strokes. But the explosions will have to come eventually....
  • Four off the Rahul Vishvakarma over, Maldives 27 for 2 off 9, scoring at 3 an over. Need 103 off the last 11, at around three runs every two balls
  • Paras finding some movement off the seam, the spinners getting some bite off the wiclet
  • Half-way stage reached and Maldives are 29-2, Nepal were 71 for 4 at this point in their innings
  • WICKET And Moosa is out. Slams a Rahul V. full-toss to Anil Mandal at square leg who takes a good catch and Maldives in trouble at 29 for 3
  • Nine overs to go and Maldives are 31 for 3. 99 wanted at 11 an over
  • !2 overs gone and Maldives haven't advanced the score
  • And then Shafraz Jaleel (13 off 31) falls, caught by Malla, and Maldives are 31 for 4
  • WICKET Mihusan falls to a very good Rahul Vishvakarma caught and bowled. Seven overs to go, and Maldives need 98 at 14 an over.
  • WICKET Prithu Baskota strikes, Hassan Rasheed out for 2 off 13, and it's all going Nepal's way. Maldives 32 for 6 after 13.1 overs
  • WICKET Jilwad Rasheed gives catching practise to Paras Khadka, not that he needs it. Maldives 33 for 7 in the 14th over
  • Five overs to go, Maldives 35 for 7 needing 95 and/or something close to a cricketing miracle
  • If Maldives beat Hong Kong tomorrow, and all teams in Group D end on one win each, then run-rate could be a factor
  • The winner of Group D plays Afghanistan on Wednesday morning, the runner-up of Group D plays Sri Lanka.
  • For a match they're going to win, strokeless as the Maldives batsmen are, the Nepali crows are quite quiet
  • Four overs to go, Maldives 40-7, 90 wanted
  • WICKET Sharad Vesawkar gets in on the action and Mohamed Akram falls for 8 off 9. Maldives 45 for 8 in the 17th over
  • Hassan Ibrahim wearing tinted spectacles (and a helmet etc etc) comes in
  • Maldives 51 for 8 in the 19th over
  • A game that promised so much in the first half fizzled out as a spectacle quite early in the Maldives innings. Nepal performed to their potential and Maldives - as much as they have improved in the field and with the ball - have still a long way to go with the bat.
  • Nevertheless, for much of the match, Nepal were forced to be at something close to their bnst and Maldives can take heart from that. Other countries are catching Nepal even though the gap between them and all but Afghanistan, Hong Kong and UAE - with Malaysia improving rapidly too - is still considerable.
  • Nepal win by 75 runs, their 129 for 9 being too much for Madives 54 for 8
  • Nepal players wave to their fans in the stands and head back to the dressing-room
    Prithu Baskota

Maldives captain Moosa Kaleem on bridging old and new
Prithu Baskota on Nepal coming good at the Asian Games

Asian Games 2010

Group D: Maldives v Nepal
Nepal won the toss and chose to bat
Nepal: 129 for 9 off 20 overs (B.Bhandari 32*, H.Ibrahim 2-16, J.Rasheed 2-18, M.Hamid 2-18)
Maldives: 54 for 8 off 20 overs (R.Vishvakarma 3-9, P.Baskota 2-7)

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Filed November 22nd, 2010