• ACC Women's Twenty20, Kuwait
    FINAL: China v Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong won the toss and elected to field
  • China: Wang Meng (capt.), Sun Huan, Dai Shengnan, Zhou Haijie, Sun Mengyao, Yu Miao, Mei Chun Hua, Wu Juan, Zhang Mei, Huang Zhou, Zhang Jing Jing, 12th Zou Miou

  • Hong Kong: Neisha Pratt (capt.), Connie Wong, Keenu Gill, Chan Sau Ha, Betty Chan, Mariko Hill, Janet Cheung, Kristine Wong, Annie Ho, Yip Sze Wan, Dominique McCusker, 12th Alvina Tam
  • Cold afternoon here in Kuwait! Teams have warmed up well, both look really professional in their prep-work, Connie Wong RFM to open the bowling for Hong Kong. Zhang Mei RHB, Sun Huan RHB the China openers
  • Connie Wong keeping the ball right up to the bat, three off the first over - touch of rain in the air
  • Mariko Hill RFM from the South End, fine leg and third man on the boundary
  • Zhang Mei drives well but Connie Wong saves well, to her left at cover
  • This was the result on the opening day of the competition
    Group A: Hong Kong v China at KOC Hubara
    China won the toss and chose to bat
    China: 129 for 4 off 20 overs (Z.Mei 55, S.Huan 26; M.Hill 2-23)
    Hong Kong: 116 for 7 off 20 overs (K.Gill 26, N.Pratt 45; Z.Haijie 2-27)
    Player of the Match: Zhang Mei (China)
  • Everything's set for it to be another close one - difference today is that Zhang Mei hasn't rocked her first balls to the boundary, its a different ground, different conditions and it's the FINAL
Zhang Mei
  • Big China v Little China the Kuwaitis are calling it (Little China being Hong Kong, Connie Wong notwithstanding)
Connie Wong winds up
  • Two off Mariko Hill's first over, China 5 for 0 after 2 overs
  • Zhang Mei unleashes her cover-drive off Connie Wong, good work on the boundary by Betty Chan and Dom McCusker saves the boundary, China 8 for 0 in the third
  • Sun Huan hits in the air, an arm's length over mid-on reaching back and China are 12 for 0 after 3 overs
  • Zhang Mei looks to have plenty of time to play both Wong and Hill
  • Mariko Hill fast today, beats Sun Huan outside off
  • Varying her pace too, is the young lady. Sun Huan not looking comfortable, snicks one wide of the 'keeper down to third man
  • Mariko Hill strikes - last ball of the over, Zhang Mei caught behind, attempting a drive, she's out for 6 off 14, China 17 for 1 after 4 overs
  • New China bat is Sun Mengyao RHB
  • Chan Sau Ha SLA on early, in place of Connie Wong 2-0-10-0
  • Raining heavier now
  • FOUR second consecutive CS Ha long hop pulled by Sun Mengyao, found the fielder with the first one, connected better this time
  • Nepal and Thailand have stayed behind to watch the Final, cheering on each good shot and ball
  • WICKET Sun Mengyao caught head high at mid on by Connie Wong, flicking off her legs, China 28 for 2 after 5 overs
  • Raining for the past 5 minutes now, not heavily but if it continues the umpires are likely to halt play
  • Keenu Gill RFM from the South End in place of Mariko Hill 2-0-6-1
  • Potential rainbow on the horizon - literally - it's sunnier now while the rain falls
  • Huang Zhou RHB is the new China bat, 27 and 39 in her last two games
  • China 34 for 2 after 6 overs
  • And the umpires are suspending play - with the rain not having eased
  • Hong Kong are in a huddle on the field, China's openers back in the dry in their tent
  • The rain's been steady for the past 15 minutes, looks like it'll ease soon, as mentioned earlier, the sun's glowing behind the clouds
  • And a rare sight in Kuwait - the covers, huge blue plastic sheets are on
  • Global warming - you have a lot to answer for!
  • China 34 for 2 after 6 overs - will let you know of developments as and when they happen
  • And the covers are off - good work by the groundstaff
  • FOUR to China first ball back, Chan Sau Ha dropping short and Sun Huan pulling to midwicket, China 38 for 2 in the 7th
  • FOUR Keenu Gill gets flat-batted to the long-off boundary by Sun Huan, China 45 for 2 after 8 overs
  • Skiddy bowlers will be effective now, the ball should just hold up a bit because of the bit of rain that got on the wicket and timing will be difficult, mid-off, mid-on and the bowlers could be busy with potential catches
  • Betty Chan OB replaces Chan Sau Ha SLA 2-0-16-1 at the North End
  • China building a sound platform here, they have hitters to come and bat deep
  • The UAE team who took part in the competition have also come to watch, they join the Kuwait, Nepal and Thai teams on the boundary edge
  • China 47 for 2 after 9 overs, Mariko Hill coming back on at the South End for her third over, 2-0-6-1 so far
  • Some hard-core Nepali fans have stayed behind too
  • China's 50 comes up after 9.5 overs, for the loss of 2 wickets
  • Huang Zhou opening up here, a 2 lofted to log-on and then FOUR powered through midwicket, off Betty Chan, China 60 for 1 after 11 overs
  • Keenu Gill to bowl her third over, 2-0-12-0 so far
  • Chan Sau Ha 4-0-24-2 finishes bowling for the day
  • Huang Zhou Connie Wong-ing it here, solid drive through mid-off, FOUR the moment it left the bat, she's on 16* off 18 balls, China 65 for 2 in the 12th over
  • Connie Wong RFM back on at the North End in place of Betty Chan 2-0-11-0
  • WICKET Sun Huan caught by Connie Wong at mid-off from Chan Sau Ha's bowling, she's out for 24 off 39 balls, 1 four, China 71 for 3 after 13.3 overs
  • Mei Chun Hua RHB, the new bat, a hitter
  • After 14 overs, China are 73 for 3, and 36 balls remaining
  • Mei Chun Hua lbw to Betty Chan for 1, and China are 73 for 4 at the start of the 15th over
  • Yu Miao RHB the new bat, China's national coach Rashid Khan calls her the 'Javed Miandad of China' for her ability to make runs when they matter most
  • FOUR to Huang Zhou who hasn't had much of the strike in the past three overs, drive off Chan Sau Ha powered through mid-on, 25* off 37 balls, China 82 for 4 in the 16th over
  • Huang Zhou in good nick here, FOUR, driven over midwicket off Betty Chan, China 88 for 4 in the 17th over

  • CHANCE dropped, Huang Zhou hits to long-on, Kristine Wong can't hold on
  • Betty Chan finishes with 4-0-24-1, China 93 for 4 after 17 overs
  • China have 18 balls left to reach their target of 120
  • Mariko Hill RFM back on at the South End for her fourth over
  • Malaysia have joined the teams who are watching the Final, from the boundary's edge.
  • Good atmosphere building here for Hong Kong's expected run-chase
  • Two off the over, Mariko Hill finishes with 4-0-12-1, China 95 for 4 after 18 overs
  • 120 looks out of reach but China'll still want to get as close to it as possible
  • Connie Wong to bowl her last
  • China's 100, 1 over to go. Connie Wong 4-0-16-0
  • Keenu Gill RFM to bowl the last
  • FOUR to Yu Miao, mowed to cow corner
  • China finish on 107 for 4, steady work by them, as it was by Hong Kong. No team able to really take control of the innings, but China were positive throughout, opener Sun Hua made a good 24, and Huang Zhou made 40*
  • Hong Kong's bowlers stuck to their task well, fielders supporting them and they'll be happy on balance with restricting China to 107, we're back in 10 minutes for what will be a gripping run-chase, thanks for logging on, see you then
  • Keenu Gill RHB and Neisha Pratt RHB the Hong Kong openers, China's Wang Meng, bowler of the tournament to start from the South End here at KEC, Hong Kong's target to win 108
  • Hong Kong are wearing black bands on their left sleeves as a mark of remembrance for the victims of the Christchurch earthquake
  • Hong Kong off the mark with a cut for 2 by Keenu Gill
  • Apparent that Hong Kong are going to try and do it in singles
  • Hong Kong didn't lift the ball in the air once in chasing down Nepal in yesterday's semi-final. End of the first over, Hong Kong 5 for 0
  • Mei Chun Hua RFM from the North End
  • Wides have been her weakness this tournament
  • Nevertheless she is a fine strike bowler
  • Colder again here at KEC in Kuwait, about 15 degrees
  • FOUR to Keenu Gill just slaps a shin-high full-toss from Mei to square leg
  • Three wides in the over so far and Hong Kong 12 for 0 after two overs
  • WICKET Wang Meng strikes, Keenu Gill's middle pegged back, on the back foot and surprised by the pace perhaps, Keenu goes for 8, Hong Kong 13 for 1 in the third over
  • Connie Wong RHB the new Hong Kong bat, 60* and 34* in her last two innings
  • Connie off the mark with a single squeezed to point, Neisha calling her through, Hong Kong 16 for 1 after 3 overs
  • Zhou Haijie OB on in place of Mei from the North End
  • Little Zhou causing Connie Wong some problems initially but Connie Wong hits the fifth ball for FOUR, five off the over, Hong Kong 21 for 1 after 4 overs
  • Wang Meng 2-0-9-1 takes herself off, brings Yu Miao RFM on
  • Hong Kong's target is 108, 87 more wanted, 16 overs left
  • CHANCE dropped by Yu Miao in her follow-through, front foot Connie Wong drive hit hard and low back to her
  • Two off the over, Hong Kong 23 for 1 after 5 overs, Target 108
  • Zhou Haijie OB to continue
  • Neisha Pratt dicing with death by run-out first ball but a head-long dive, bat outstretched like Superwoman (if she carried a bat) saves her
  • Fielder in the deep, right behind the bowler's arm, set specially for Connie Wong
  • Mid-wicket on the boundary too for the off-spinner
  • Four off the over, Hong Kong 27 for 1 after 6 overs, Target 108
  • Yu Miao RFM to continue
  • Neisha plays positively, cuts for 3, very good work by Zhang Jingjing and Mei Chun Hua to save the boundary, Hong Kong 30 for 1 in the seventh
  • End of the over, three off it, Hong Kong 30 for 1 after 7 overs, Target 108
  • RRR is exactly a run a ball from now on
  • Wu Juan OB the new bowler from the North End, replacing Zhou Haijie 2-0-9-0
  • Connie Wong slams a four, slog-swept to long-on, both fielders on the boundary no chance, Hong Kong 37 for 1 in the eighth over
  • FOUR to Neisha Pratt (that) sweep shot, Hong Kong 41 for 1 after 8 overs, Target 108
  • Wang Meng back on for her third over, wants to break this partnership of 28* for the second wicket
  • Three off the over, Wang Meng 3-0-12-1, Hong Kong 44 for 1 after 9 overs, Target 108
  • Zhou Haijie OB back on, the one bowler to have troubled Connie Wong
  • Three dot balls and a single to Connie Wong precede a Neisha Pratt slap to midwicket for FOUR, Hong Kong 49 for 1 at the half-way stage
  • Hong Kong just edging in front...
  • Zhang Jingjing OB on from the South End
  • WICKET And strikes with her first ball! Connie Wong caught behind for 18 and China are ecstatic! Connie Wong struggling against the spinners all day
  • Hong Kong 49 for 2 in the 11th over
  • Zhang Jingjing's leg-breaks turning
  • Mariko Hill's the new Hong Kong bat, RHB
  • WICKET Mariko Hill out second ball, floated up and pushed and Wang Meng takes the catch at short-extra and the game's turned! Hong Kong 49 for 3 in the 11th

  • Two off the Zhang Jingjing over and Hong Kong are 51 for 3, that over has really changed things and now the new bat is Betty Chan RHB
  • Neisha Pratt needs to find a partner to stay with her if Hong Kong are to win this
  • Mei Chun Hua brought back on - Wang Meng gambling, looking to unleash her strike bowler at the vulnerable Betty Chan
  • FOUR Neisha Pratt flicks a half-volley to square leg, top shot. Hong Kong 58 for 3 in the 12th over
  • Betty Chan survives three from Mei Chun Hua, Hong Kong 59 for 3 after 12 overs, target 108
  • RRR a fraction over a run a ball
  • Zhang Jingjing LB to continue
  • Tossing the ball up, big APPEAL for lbw as Neisha Pratt attempts a sweep, not out
  • Cover, square-leg midwicket and long-on the boundary fielders
  • End of the 13th over, Hong Kong are 64 for 3, Target 108
  • Zhou Haijie OB back on from the North End
  • Neisha P takes a single first ball, exposing Betty Chan....
  • Possible stumping CHANCE missed, nevertheless Betty Chan survives and takes two off the last and Hong Kong are 67 for 3 after 14 overs, Target 108
  • Yu Miao RFM back on for China - has a knack of taking critical wickets
  • Three runs off the first ball, Betty Chan again on strike....
  • Betty Chan RHB showing guts
  • Game's hotting up as the air cools around us
Yip Sze Wan (foreground) checks the scoreboard
  • FOUR "what a pull shot" says Shahzad the scorer next to me, Neisha Pratt hammers Yu Miao to square leg and that's 11 off the over and Hong Kong 78 for 4 after 15 overs, Target 108
  • Zhang Jingjing changes ends
  • WICKET And strikes second ball into the over, Betty Chan stumped well and Hong Kong are 78 for 4 for real now
  • Zhang Jingjing bowling beautifully
  • Chan Sau Ha RHB the new Hong Kong bat
  • Two off the over, Hong Kong 80 for 4 after 16 overs, Target 108
  • Wang Meng RFM to bowl her last over
  • Former British PM Sir John Major comes again to watch the cricket here, spent a lot of time chatting to the semi-final teams yesterday, he’s come from a reception at the British Embassy for the Kuwait National Day celebrations – has left there – and Tony and Cherie Blair – early to come to the cricket especially apparently
  • WICKET Suicide run as Chan Sau Ha drives to cover and she's two yards short at the bowler's end as the Zhou Haijie throw comes in to Wang Meng, Hong Kong 86 for 5 in the 17th
  • FOUR to Neisha Pratt next ball, pulling a beamer and it's a no-ball too, Hong Kong 91 for 5 after 17 overs
  • FOUR again off the first ball off the Zhang Jingjing over and that's 50 to Neisha Pratt
  • Top innings, Hong Kong 96 for 5 in the 18th over
  • WICKET Run out by Zhang Mei at square leg as she came back for the second, by inches! Great throw. Neisha out for 51, Hong Kong 98 for 6 in the 18th, Target 108
  • Just when one thought Hong Kong had it, they've been knocked back
  • Two overs to go, 10 wanted. Hong Kong's batters are Dom McCusker and Yip Sze Wan
  • Wu Juan strikes WICKET Dom McCusker bowled for 1, Hong Kong 99 for 7, ten balls to go, nine wanted
  • Neisha Pratt's 51 was off 35 balls, 6 fours
  • Hong Kong on 100 with eight balls to go, 8 wanted
  • SIX by Yip Sze Wan and Wu Juan can't believe it! High over long on, Hong Kong need 2
  • What a shot!
  • 1 over to go, Hong Kong 106 for 7, need 2 to win. Mei Chun Hua to bowl and it's raining hard now
  • Janet Cheung on strike
  • A bye ties the scores, three balls to go, Yip Sze Wan on strike

  • And a wide, the fastest ball of the day, WINS it for Hong Kong and HONG KONG WIN BY THREE WICKETS with three balls to spare
  • What a match!
  • Hong Kong retain the ACC Women's Twenty20 Championship, well done to them, great effort by both teams in a great match which swung from one side to the other throughout. In a tournament of many great memories Yip Sze Wan's SIX in the 19th over will linger long

  • Neisha Pratt gets Player of the Final as well as the Winner's Trophy and graciously praises the China team for "doing so much to make it a great Final, you could have won it too"
  • Sir John Major tells both teams, "you will remember this match for a long time in your lives, it was a great game and you'll look back on it with great fondness, I was gripped by it."
  • Lal Jayasinghe tells me, with a wink, of THAT 6, "Natural (Yip Sze Wan) practises them all the time in the nets." Maybe she does, maybe she doesn't, playing them in a game with the result on the line, is something else and something quite remarkable. As when Federer plays Nadal it's a shame someone has to lose, and it was Hong Kong that won today.

ACC Women’s Twenty20 Championship 2011

FINAL: China v Hong Kong at KEC
Hong Kong won the toss and elected to field
China: 107 for 4 off 20 overs (S.Huan 24, H. Zhuo 40*; C.S.Ha 2-27)
Hong Kong: 108 for 7 off 19.3 overs (N.Pratt 51; Z.Jingjing 3-16)
Player of the Match: Neisha Pratt (Hong Kong)

Pictures by Tariq Rasool Shah

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Filed February 25th, 2011