• ACC Women's Twenty20, 3rd/4th Playoff
    Nepal v Thailand at KEC
    Thailand won the toss and chose to bat
  • Foggy, misty morning here in Kuwait, we've had three seasons in a week here during this ACC Women's tournament. Winter, spring and summer. Today it's winter. Very cold first thing in the morning, about 14 degrees now!
  • Just brightening up here in Kuwait, should be all fine before the China v Hong Kong Final starting at 1000hrs GMT
  • Thailand have kept the same team as the semi-final against China yesterday, Nepal have made one change since their loss to Hong Kong, Janaki Bhatta the scapegoat, Mamta Gautam coming in place of her
  • Thailand have opened with Pundarika Prathanmitr as usual, with captain Sornnarin Tippoch bringing herself up the order
  • Nepal's opening bowler the slippery RFM Rubina Chhetri
  • Thailand positive from the start, 11 for 0 after 3 overs
  • "Third is better than fourth by a long way," says Thailand's coach Edward Joyner, Thailand are up for this. Nepal seem pretty flat
  • Ever since the Thais found a megaphone, or rather were given a megaphone by the Thai Embassy yesterday, they've been in fine voice. Through the losing final overs against China yesterday, amidst all the sadness, they were singing and they're singing now
  • "Happy Birthday" every time something goes well for them so far, (Parn Poshyanonda being their coach in the formative years), so far in spite of losing Pundarika for 17 off 14 balls, Thailand are going well, 42 for 1 after 7 overs, Tippoch LHB 12*, Nattakan 10*
  • WICKETS Nepal strike twice quickly, Nattakan and then Sorrnarin fall to Rashmi Sharma and Thailand are 45 for 3 after 8 overs
  • Thailand 54 for 4 at the halfway stage, having lost Phira-on Kamla, bowled by Sarita Magar for 0

  • Thailand have lost some key wickets but Nattaya Boochatham's still in, and a total of 120 is possible. Nepal will be looking to keep them to below 100. Either way, Thailand's bowling against Nepal's batting will be a good contest

  • And Thailand are still singing, 66 for 4 after 14 overs
  • CHANCE Dropped. Nary Thapa commits a rare error in the field, slow to get down to a Tippakorn drive which went straight to her at mid-on
  • FOUR to Nattaya, driven through long-on, her first boundary, Thailand 71 for 4 in the 15th over
  • Sarita Magar completes her quota 4-0-23-0
  • WICKET Nattaya is bowled for 15 by Karuna Bhandari OB and Thailand are 71 for 5 in the 15th over, new batter is regular opener Narumon Srisuwan

  • WICKET Narumon falls first ball, caught and bowed by Karuna! Thailand 71 for 6

  • HAT-TRICK Nantanit bowled first ball by Karuna and Nepal have Thailand on the ropes, 71 for 7
  • That was the tournament's first hat-trick

  • WICKET Four in the over to Karuna! Thailand 73 for 8, Rashmi Sharma catching Tippakorn at mid-off and the game's swung round completely
  • Thailand aren't singing now
Thailand’s Sornnarin Tippoch and Nattaya Boochatham in some anguish as the wickets tumble

  • WICKET Supranan lbw to Rubina Chhetri for 0 and Thailand 75 for 9.
  • Chiang Mai/Kathmandu cold here in Kuwait this morning. Misty, foggy, breezy
  • WICKET Five for Karuna, Sirintra's bowled and Thailand finish on 76 all out after 17.5 overs, Karuna Bhandari 5-12
  • Thailand lost their last five wickets for just five runs, and from 44 for 1 in the eighth over, Nepal who were being hammered have come back strongly
  • Nepal's target is 77, they edged Thailand in a low-scoring match on the opening day of the competition. They're opening with Neera Rajopadhyay RHB and Sita Magar LHB
  • Young Nattakan Chantam to open the bowling for Thailand
  • FOUR to Neera, crisp on-drive, to get off the mark, Nepal 6 for 0 at the end of the first over
  • After 3 overs, Nepal are 15 for 0
  • WICKET Sita Magar holes out, Tippakorn taking the catch, Sita out for 2 off 7 balls and Nepal are 15 for 1 after 20 balls, target 77 with 100 balls to go
  • WICKET And Thailand are singing again, Neera (12 off 15 balls, two 4s) hits hard to mid-on, Sirintra catching comfortably and Nepal are 15 for 2 in the fourth

  • Nary Thapa LHB, Nepal's captain, who didn't get to bat in the semi-final loss to Hong Kong yesterday comes in. Opposition rule to Nary Thapa: don't bowl on leg, don't bowl on middle, don't bowl wide of off - the ball is likely to disappear
  • End of the 5th over, Nepal 22 for 2, Target 77
  • Nattakan 3-0-14-0, Phira-on 2-0-8-2
  • Four off the Kamla over, Nepal 26 for 2 after 6 overs, Target 77
  • Narumon RFM replaces Nattakan
  • Narumon running in hard
  • Good over from Narumon, just 2 off it, but good overs may not be enough, Nepal 28 for 2 after 7, Target 77
  • Nattaya Boochatham RFM, on in place of Phira-on Kamla, Thailand need a top performance from their ace
  • Her first two balls beat Nary Thapa outside off
  • The third's a yorker, no run
  • Fourth ball of the over, almost leads to a run-out, no run
  • Nary glances the fifth ball to backward point, no run
  • And that's a MAIDEN, Nepal 28 for 2 off 8 overs
  • Nepal need another 49 off 12 overs
  • Narumon's bowling well too, better than she was yesterday, no wides so far in this her second over
  • Nepal 34 for 2 after 9 overs, Target 77
  • Swing for Nattaya and is bowling well but the last ball of her second over is a full-toss and its swung to square leg for FOUR by Nary Thapa, Nepal 41 for 2 at the half-way stage, Target 77
  • WICKET Rashmi Sharma caught behind for 15 and Nepal are 44 for 3 in the 12th, fifth ball of Nantanit Khonchan OB's first over
  • And a run-out CHANCE is missed next ball, Nantanit unable to gather the Nattakan throw from midoff
  • Nepal need 33 more off the last eight overs
  • WICKET Phira-on strikes! Sarita bowled and Nepal are 46 for 4 in the 13th over
  • Karuna Bhandari RHB, heroine with 5-12 with her off-spin earlier is the new bat
  • WICKET Nary Thapa! Run-out by Narumon at the keeper's end for 9 off 21 balls and Nepal are 46 for 5 in the 13th
  • Thailand bowling and fielding very well! Nepal don't have much batting left, all the rest are defenders not aggressors
  • Phira-on Kamla finishes with 4-0-15-3, good performance from the young lady
  • WICKET Karuna falls, caught at mid-off off Nantanit for 0 and Nepal are 50 for 5 in the 13th over, Target 77
  • Thailand's coach Edward Joyner, "We're bowling and fielding really well, that's our strength, if we'd just had 20 more runs on the board...."
  • Nepal 52 for 6 after 13 overs. The game could go either way from now on.
  • Nattaya RFM back on, good move by the Thai captain.
  • Third man ten yards in from the boundary, everyone inside or just outside the circle. Thailand's captain reading the game well
  • WICKET Madhu Thapa run-out for 3, full-length dive can't beat Rattana's throw from mid-on, Nepal 53 for 7 after 14 overs, Target 77
  • WICKET Mamta Thapa caught and bowled by Nantanit one-handed, one knee on the ground, and Nepal are 53 for 8 in the 15th over, Target 77

  • The tail-enders are playing across the line
  • WICKET MAIDEN Nantanit 3-1-8-3 so far
  • Nattaya on for her last over, Nepal 53 for 8 after 15 overs
  • CHANCE dropped by Phira-on running in from long-off
  • Manita Gautam RHB and Manisha Rawal RHB the Nepali bats, Manita looks like she can play, tall girl, good technique But its defense from her at the moment
  • Nattaya 4-1-9-0, has done well and Nepal are 54 for 8 after 16 overs, Target 77
  • After this last Nantanit over, Thailand will have 2 overs from Narumon RFM left, one from Nattakan RFM
  • WICKET Manisha's stumped by Pundarika for 3 off 6 balls and last bat Rubina Chhetri is in, Nepal 56 for 9 in the 17th, four wickets to Nantanit
  • Nantanit's last ball is sliced just short of Nattaya, Nantanit 4-1-11-4
  • Nepal 57 for 9 off 17 overs, Target 77, twenty more runs off 18 more balls
  • Narumon RFM is back, 2-0-8-0 so far
  • Four off the over, Nepal 61 for 9 off 18 overs, need 16 more off 12 balls
  • Thailand want just one wicket
  • Not as many Nepali fans as the semi-final and other days here today, but they're vocal in their support of their team
  • WICKET and Thailand have won, Nattakan forces the sliced drive to Tippoch at point and THAILAND HAVE WON BY 13 RUNS

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ACC Women’s Twenty20 Championship 2011

3rd/4th Playoff: Nepal v Thailand at KEC
Thailand won the toss and chose to bat
Thailand: 76 all out off 17.5 overs (R.Chhetri 2-20, R.Sharma 2-7, K.Bhandari 5-12)
Nepal: 63 all out off 18.5 overs (P.Kamla 3-15, N.Khonchan 4-11)
Player of the Match: Nantanit Khonchan (Thailand)

Some pictures by Supranan Hengrathok

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Filed February 25th, 2011