• ACC Women's Twenty20 SF1: China v Thailand
  • Thailand have won the toss and they've elected to field
  • Bold move by the Thais, going against expectations because in a pressure match, chasing any total's difficult but Thailand are looking to play up to their bowling strengths and pin China down early
  • It's a cool morning here in Kuwait, relatively that is, 18 degrees centigrade and there's a fresh breeze
  • Thailand: Sorrnarin Tippoch (capt.), Pundarika Prathanmitr, Nantanit Khonchan, Supranan Hengrathok, Thippakorn Gatekam, Nattkan CHantam, Nattaya Boochatham, Rattana Sangsoma, Phira-on Kamla, Narumon Srisuwan, Sirintra Saensakaorat, (12th Ratanaporn Padunglerd)
  • China: Wang Meng (capt.), Sun Huan, Dai Shengnan, Zhou Haijie, Sun Mengyao, Yu Miao, Mei Chunhua, Wu Juan, Zhang Mei, Huang Zhou, Zhang Jingjng, (12th Zou Miao)
  • China particularly relaxed as they sit to my left, (literally), a number are squatting on the ground and smiles all round (not just for me)
  • Thailand are a little more tense-looking than other days, they are looking to repeat their performance in the 2009 tournament when they reached the Final, (beating China on the way)
  • Sun Huan and Zhang Mei opening for China, Narumon Srisuwan takes the new ball from the North End
  • Zhang Mei's been in some very good form this tournament, a 50 on the opening day against Hong Kong one of the innings of the competition so far
  • Zhang Mei in a white cap, off the mark and China are 1 for 0 after 4 balls
China's Zhang Mei

  • End of the first over, 2 off it, Narumon good line outside off apart from one which slipped down leg
  • 14-year old Nattakan Chantam from Chiang Mai to share the new ball, quite a prodigy
  • "Wicket, wicket" is the cry from the Thais
  • 2 off the second over, bat being put to ball, but the Thai inner circle holding firm, China 4 for 0
  • WICKET Sun Huan run out by Nattakan Chantam who's at square leg for 0, both bats stranded at at the bowler's end and China are 6 for 1 in the third over
  • FOUR to Zhang Mei, flat-batted over Nantanit at mid-off, a foot above her outstretched hands and China are 12 for 1 in the fourth over
  • FOUR more to Zhang Mei, top shot, driven through cover off as Nattakan gives her a wide half-volleym China 16 for 1 after 4 overs
  • Sun Mengyao RHB is the other Chinese batter, hasn't been in quite the form of old (in 2009 she was ACC Women's Batter of the Tournament). Maybe losing 3 kilos has been the reason and let that be a lesson to us all
  • Awesome shot for two by Zhang Mei, driven on the up through mid-off, finds the gap and then a ball later cuts Narumon through point for FOUR, China 23 for 0 afterr 5 overs, Zhang 17* off 22 balls
  • Phira-on Kamla RM on from the South End, useful bowler and makes things happen
  • WICKET Phira-on's second ball, after she takes off her sungalasses is a full-toss which Sun Mengyao drives to mid-on, sets off but can't beat the direct hit from Sornnarin Tippoch and China are 23 for 2 in the sixth over
  • Huang Zhou RHB is the new bat
China's Huang Zhou

  • 2 off the Kamla over and China are 25 for 2 after 6 overs
  • FOUR byes, China 30 for 2
  • Narumon bowling at pace now, but slipping a couple down leg too
  • Narumon slips in a slower ball in the middle of the over, then a faster one, and China are having to scramble for runs, 36 for 2 in the seventh over
  • Long-off the only outfielder for Phira-on Kamla as she rumdles in, fast arm action
  • 1 off the Kamla over, China 38 for 2 after 8
  • Nattya Boochatham RFM on at the North End replacing Narumon 4-0-20-0 (8 wides)
  • These overs from Boochatham will go a long way in shaping the match, Zhang Mei 19*, Sun Huan 3* at the moment
  • FOUR by Zhang Mei through mid-off, not timed but enough on it, and Zhang v Boochatham is going to be a great contest, China 43 for 2 after nine overs
  • WICKET Zhang Mei trapped in front by Phira-on Kamla, big wicket, she goes for 23 off 34 balls and China are 45 for 3 in the 10th over
  • Mei Chun Hua RHB is the new bat, a hitter
  • At the half-way stage China are 46 for 3, the game evenly poised, Thailand just a little ahead at this stage but China have plenty of batting to come
  • Some good running by Hunag Zhou and Mei Chun Hua keeping the scoreboard ticking over, Boochatham not giving much away, China 48 for 3 after 11
  • Good over by Phira-on Kama, she finishes with 4-0-11-1 and China are 53 for 3 after 12 overs
  • Nantanit Khonchan OB comes on in place of Nattaya Boochatham 2-0-7-0 at the North End
  • Sun Huan CHANCE dropped by Sangsoma at mid-off, eminently catchable, Sun Huan moves on to 8*, China 54 for 3 in the 13th
  • Six off the Nantanit over, China 59 for 3 after 13 overs
  • Nattakan Chantam comes back for her third over, China have been running well and with Thailand's fielders diving on all sides its a really busy match
  • Both teams jabbing away at each other
  • Five off the Nattakan over and China are 64 for 3 after 14 overs on course for 90+ at this rate
  • WICKET Mei Chun Hua is out, caught off a Nantanit top-edge by Sirintra and she goes for 11, China are 69 for 4 in the 15th over
  • FOUR by Huang Zhou through square leg off Nattakan and China are 73 for 4 in the 16th over
  • WICKET And an important one, Yu Miao "The Javed Miandad of China" according to their national coach Rashid Khan because of her ability to make vital runs is bowled second ball by Nattakan, attempting a flick off her legs and China are 74 for 4 after 16 overs
  • Yu Miao's was the 5th wcket, rather, lost by China and after 17 overs they're 81 for 5
  • Huang Zhou's still there for China, she's on 27*, China's captain Wang Meng is the other bat
  • Nattaya Boochatham to bowl her third over, she replaces Nattakan Chantam 4-0-21-2 at the South End
  • Seven off that Boochatham over as China force the pace and they're 88 for 5 after 18 overs, 100 will be a 'psychologically significant' score (I don't know how to say that in Mandarin but it's nevertheless the Chinese camp's thought)
  • Thailand go for off-spin for the 19th over, Nantanit to continue. Runs could flow
  • Twelve off that 19th over and China are 100 for 5 with the last over coming up
  • Huang Zhou 38* for China, has been a good innings by the unsung No.4
  • Huang Zhou's run out off the last ball of the China innings, she made 39 and China 109 for 6. Thailand will need to score 110 at exactly 5.5 an over
  • Either side's match! And one wonders whether it will indeed be as close as the last one between the two
  • Thailand's RHB openers Pundarika Prathanmitr and Narumon Srisuwan go out to meet the bowling of China's captain Wang Meng
Wang Meng, wickets at significant times

  • Thailand's target 110. A lot rests on Pundarika - she's been in some good form this tournament but you know, she is a hitter and they have their good days and their bad days
  • WICKET Today is not a Pundarika day, she's bowled third ball, playing across the line to a ball pitched well up and Thailand are 0 for 1
  • Thailand's captain survives a miscue to mid-on second ball but is off the mark along with her side and at the end of the first over, Thailand are 1 for 1 chasing 110
  • Two slips for Mei Chun Hua RFM as she comes in from the North End, hasn't been quite the threat she was in the Asian Games and has bowled a bundle of wides, neertheless capable of taking wickets
  • After 2 overs, Thailand are 5 for 1, chasing 110 inside the next 18
  • Nudges and glances by Tippoch, straight bat from Narumon, Thailand 7 for 1 after 3 overs, Target 110
  • Mei Chun Hua is spraying it down leg for both right- and left-handers, the straight one may yet surprise them
  • Thailand 10 for 1 after 4 overs, Target 110 and they need to score at better than a run a ball from now on
  • China scored 64 off their last 10 overs to set the target of 109
  • Just dinks and nips and tucks here by the Thai bats Tippoch and Narumon, China's bowlers settling into a rhythm
  • FOUR Tippoch pulls Wu Juan OB to midwicket and that's Thailand's first boundary, they move on to 18 for 1 in the fifth over
  • Spin from both ends as Zhou Hiajie LB is on, little lady, gets revs on the ball and lands it on a testing length
  • Tippoch hustling here, turning ones into twos and nones into ones
  • Twice this over the stumps have been knocked down by the Chinese fielders, twice Thailand have been home, just. Eight off the over, Thailand 27 for 1 after seven overs, Target 110
  • Yu Miao RFM on at the North End after one over of Wu Juan off-breaks - has a knack of taking wickets and has twice been Player of the Match in the Group stage
  • The Thai Ambassador invited the Thai team to dinner last night at his residence and he's arrived to watch proceedings
  • Temperature's rising in Kuwait, no breeze anymore and after 8 overs, Thailand are 33 for 1, Target 110, they need 77 off 72 balls
  • Wang Meng RFM back on to turn the screws, 2-0-2-1 so far
  • WICKET Narumon coming down the wicket is caught and bowled for 7 off 21 balls, Wang Meng does the job for her team and Thailand are 33 for 2 in the ninth over
  • WICKET Nattakan bowled first ball! And Wang Meng on a hat-trick
  • Nattaya Boochatham LHB the new Thai bat
  • Hat-trick bal is wide of the stumps and that's a DOUBLE WICKET MAIDEN by China's captain Wang Meng, quite a player
  • Thailand's two left-handers Tippoch and Boochatham have a lot to do, Thailand 33 for 3 after 9 overs, target 110
  • Boochatham's BOWLED by Yu Miao, the ball scooting through her defensive stroke, Thailand 36 for 4 in the 10th over
Nattaya Boochatham departs

  • Thippakorn Gatekam RHB is the new Thai bat
  • At the half-way stage Thailand are 36 for 4, Tippoch 16*, Target 110
  • Zhang Jingjing LB on in place of Yu Miao 2-0-9-1 at the North End
  • Crazy run becomes one and then two as the 'keeper misses the stumps!
  • WICKET But Tippoch's charmed life ends as she mishits a slog-sweep to mid-on, she 43 for 5 in the 12th over, she's out for 16 and Thailand may well be out of the Final too, 67 more wanted at more than 8 an over
Thailand's captain miscues

  • Phira-on Kamla RHB the new Thai bat
  • Chance for the young Kamla to make a huge name for herself in the annals of Thai cricket
  • Kamka survives a stumping chance, Thailand 45 for 5 after 12 overs
  • WICKET Tippakorn caught behind off Zhou Haijie LB and Thailand 45 for 6 at the start of the 13th over
  • Nantanit Khonchan LHB the new Thai bat - a relative veteran of the side at 24, she's going to need to play the innings of her life now
  • Thailand 47 for 6 after 13 overs, 63 more wanted at exactly nine an over from now on
  • Mei Chun Hua RFM 2-0-7-0 back on at the North End
  • WICKET Nantanit run-out for 1, Thailand 47 for 7 in the 15th over
  • WICKET Supranon bowled by Yu Miao, first ball, and Thailand are 48 for 7 in the 15th
  • Phira-on Kamla's still in for Thailand, Rattana Sangsoma is the other batter
  • The game being watched by the Hong Kong and Nepal teams - their semi-final starts at 1000hrs GMt, 75 minutes from now
  • WICKET Rattana bowled by Zhang Jingjing and Thailand are 49 for 9 after 16 overs and there's only one way this game's going
  • Yu Miao 4-0-11-2 finishes her quota, has played her part today with the ball, and Thailand after 17 overs are 50 for 9, Target 110
  • Thailand never really recovered from the loss of Pundarika Prathanmitr in the first over, she being the Sehwag of the Thai side but China have bowled and fielded well throughout and now only the plaintive chants of the Thai team in their tent is any sign of life, runs aren't coming on the pitch
  • The Thais have found a megaphone and there's a vocal boombox going - you've got to admire their spirit. They've come a long way in this tournament, someone had to lose the semi-final, and it was them and not China, last over to come, Thailand 55 for 9
  • China's Player of the Match and happy captain
    Thailand finish on 56 for 9 and CHINA HAVE WON THE SEMI-FINAL BY 53 RUNS

ACC Women’s Twenty20 Championship 2011

Semi-Final 1: China v Thailand at Hubara
Thailand won the toss and elected to field
China: 109 for 6 off 20 overs (H.Zhou 39; N.Chantham 2-21)
Thailand: 56 for 9 off 20 overs (W.Meng 3-2, Y.Miao 2-11, Z.Jingjing 2-8)
Player of the Match: Wang Meng (China)

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Filed February 24th, 2011