Mariko Hill, Connie Wong, Chan Sau Ha: Familial Achievement

  • ACC Women's Twenty20, Day 4
  • Hong Kong v Singapore at Hubara, Kuwait
  • Singapore won the toss and elected to field
  • Hong Kong: Neisha Pratt (capt.), Connie Wong, Keenu Gill, Chan Sau Ha, Betty Chan, Mariko Hill, Kristine Wong, Annie Ho, Yip Sze Wan, Alvina Tam, Dominique McCusker
  • Singapore: GK Diviya (capt.), Vigineswary Pasupathy, Samantha Singham, Nureen Hassan, Tanya Sen, Angela Moghe, Chamithri Vidyaratne, Annapurna Mukherjee, Vritti Sethi, Priyanjali Jain
  • Welcome to the big Group match between Hong Kong and SIngapore which will go a long way in determining which of the two get to the semi-final on Thursday
  • Conditions are great here, not too warm and just a light breeze so no sand flurries. Keenu Gill and Neisha Pratt are the Hong Kong openers, Chamitri V RFM is taking the new ball for Singapore
  • FOUR, first boundary of the innings as Keenu Gill glances off her legs and the ball races away over the lightning-fast outfield
  • End of the first over, Hong Kong 10 for 0
  • SIngapore come into this match with 2 wins out of 2 but they have been against weak opposition, this is their first real test today, as their captain GK Diviya admitted this morning
  • Hong Kong, after losing to China on the opening day, have won their two matches against the same opponents as Singapore have done
  • End of over 2, Hong Kong just tapping the ball into the gaps and they're 18 for 0
  • Diviya OB comes on at the Park End
  • WICKET And strikes second ball, having Neisha Pratt caught off a full toss (!), half-cocked shot, Vritti Sethi at square leg bags the offering, Neisha P. out for 5, Hong Kong, 18 for 1 in the third over
  • New HK bat is Connie Wong RHB

  • Richie Benaud once said "captaincy's 95% skill and 5% luck, but don't try it without the 5%". Diviya got that 5% that over., Hong Kong 19 for 1 after 3 overs
  • Connie Wong looks in good form, a couple of crashing FOURS so far,one a punch through cover already a contender for shot of the day, she's on 14* and Hong Kong are 32 for 1 after 5 overs
  • Diviya OB takes herself off after 2-0-13-1 and Chamiti V. RM comes back on
  • Chamitri strikes! Bowls Keenu Gill, attempting a force, ball not coming on to the bat and she goes for 12 off 22 balls and Hong Kong are 44 for 2 after 6 overs
  • Mariko Hill RHB the new HK bat
  • Vritti Sethi RM is bowling well to the two big HK ladies
  • And DROPS Connie Wong it looks like, hard chance low to her left in her follow-through
  • Hong Kong 46 for 2 after 8 overs
  • Singapore bowling well now, Chamitri and Vritti
  • Mariko Hill playing and missing outside off three in a row
  • Hill off the mark with a not-timed drive to mid-off and scurries through for a single, Hong Kong 47 for 2 in the ninth
  • FOUR to Connie Wong, pulled down to backward square and Hong Kong are on 51 for 2 after nine overs
  • Mariko Hill gets away with a mistimed chip to mid-on off Vritti Sethi, gets 2
  • And then drives the attempted yorker, at pace, through mid-on, pure timing and a straight bat. Hong Kong have a good platform here, and Vritti Sethi 4-0-21-0, HK 62 for 2 after 10 overs
  • 130's on, more if these two stay in for another 50 balls
  • Tanya Sen RFM is on, small and whippety
  • with a fetching headband
  • Mariko Hill a little stiff-legged today, just standing at the crease and swinging. Two in the deep for her and Connie Wong, square leg and backward square
  • Hong Kong 68 for 2 after 11 overs, Connie Wong 25*, Mariko Hill 13*
  • V.Pasupathy OB replaces Vritti Sethi
  • Connie Wong and Mariko Hill not able to play big shots, in spite of Pasupathy floating the ball up. Canny bowling
  • Hong Kong 76 for 2 after 12 overs
  • Diviya OB back on for her third over in place of Tanya Sen
  • FOUR off a Diviya no-ball for Mariko Hill, hammering a full-toss to long-off, she's on 19* off 22 balls
  • Hong Kong 82 for 2 in the 13th over
  • Diviya varying her pace in the over, 7 off it, and Hong Kong are 83 for 2 after 13 overs
  • Connie Wong 31* off 32, Mariko Hill 20* off 23
  • Partnership of 39* so far for the HK third wicket
  • Two consecutive FOURS by Connie Wong off Pasupathy, drives either side of the wicket, timing as much as power, and Hong Kong are 93 for 2 after 14 overs
  • Connie Wong 40*, Mariko Hill 21*
  • Fifty partnership for HK for the third wicket off 44 balls
  • Five overs to go, Hong Kong are 98 for 2
  • Diviya switches ends for her fourth over
  • And is greeted with a FOUR, first ball, by Connie Wong, drive to long-off and that's Hong Kong's 100
  • Connie Wong gets to 50* with a push to mid-off, 43 balls, 9 fours, very good innings, Hong Kong 106 for 2 in the 16th
  • Hong Kong 109 for 2 after 16 overs
  • Connie Wong just eating the ground up, running between wickets, Hong Kong 114 for 2 after 17 overs
  • SIX to Mariko Hill, over midwicket from Pasupathy
  • Hong Kong 123 for 2 in the 18th over
  • That was the first six of the tournament!
The first 6 of the tournament, by Mariko Hill

  • And is almost repeated off the last ball of the over, a straight drive falling three feet short of the rope, Hong Kong 128 for 2 after 18 overs, Wong 54*, Hill 40*
  • Mariko Hill the aggressor in these final overs
  • Hong Kong 134 for 2 with one over to go, partnership of 90* off 72 balls by Wong and Hill
  • Mariko Hill is stumped for 49 with one ball to go, Hong Kong finish on 145 for 3, Connie Wong's 61*. Singapore are going to have to go some against a decent attack
  • Singapore's openers are Priyanjali Jain RHB and Vritti Sethi RHB, Connie Wong to take the new ball at the Park End
  • WICKET MAIDEN Priyanjali Jain bowled by a slower ball, last delivery of the over!
  • Mariko Hill RFM from the other end
  • Another WICKET Vritti Sethi run-out at the non-striker's end by Connie Wong combining with Mariko, had come a long way down the wicket in response to the Annapurna Mukherjee push and Singapore 0 for 2 after eight balls, Target 146
  • Connie Wong can do some wrong - drops a c+b CHANCE from Annapurna in her follow-through, low to her right and Singapore are 4 for 2 in the third over
  • Diviya and Annapurna the two not out Singapore bats, Hill to continue, Singapore 4 for 2 after 3 overs
  • Singapore need another 142 off 17 overs at 8.4ish an over
  • Singapore 5 for 2 after 4 overs, in uber-defensive mode against some pacy wicket-to-wicket bowling
  • MAIDEN by Connie Wong, Singapore 5 for 2 after 5 overs.
  • Racing back to tell you of another Singapore WICKET, Diviya skews a cut to point where her opposite number Neisha Pratt buckets the offering and Singapore in a deep pit here, 7 for 3 in the 6th over. Keenu Gill the wicket-taker
  • Annapurna falls to Chan Sau Ha SLA in her first over, slicing a swipe and being caught behind and Singapore are 8 for 4 in the seventh over
Chan Sau Ha

  • Pasupathy RHB joins Chamithri at the crease - capable of big shots and sixes
  • But she falls, RUN OUT going for the second, mix-up with Chamithri, the throw coming in from fine leg and Singapore are 9 for 5 in the eight over
  • New bat for Singapore is Samantha Singham RHB and Keenu Gill RFM's bowling
  • Chamithri's out lbw for 1 to Chan Sau Ha, the ball fired into the blockhole, Singapore 10 for 6 in the ninth over
  • Hong Kong's fielders swarming the bat now, no one outside the circle, WICKET MAIDEN to Chan Sau Ha, 10 for 6 after nine overs
  • Mariko Hill back on for the kill
  • Singapore's bats are Tanya Sen and Samantha Singham, young and talented but they need to score more runs than they've ever done before at this level if Sinagpore are to get to 146 after another MAIDEN by Mariko Hill, Singapore need another 136 off the last 10, four wickets in hand
  • WICKET Tanya Sen falls, bowled by Chan Sau Ha, 10 for 7 now in the 11th
  • WICKET Samantha S run-out and Singapore are 12 for 8 in the 12th over
  • WICKET Singapore lose another to Chan Sau Ha who eats tailenders for tea, and Singapore are 16 for 9 at the start of the 13th over
  • Nureen Hassan RHB the last Singapore bat goes in
  • Nureen is lbw to Betty Chan at the start of the 16th and HONG KONG WIN BY 128 RUNS
  • "We're clinical now," says Hong Kong coach Lal Jayasinghe, "watch out for us, we're going to do well." On the evidence of today, they certainly are, and definitely will
  • Bit of a debate about Player of the Match, my vote's for Connie Wong's 60* but Chan Sua Ha with 4-3 has claims
  • And Player of the Match is indeed Connie Wong, solid performance from the modest lady
At the end, all Singapore could do was applaud

ACC Women's Twenty20 Championship 2011

Group A: Hong Kong v Singapore at KOC Hubara
Singapore won the toss and elected to field
Hong Kong: 145 for 3 off 20 overs (C.Wong 60*, M.Hill 49)
Singapore: 17 all out off 15.1 overs (C.S.Ha 4-3)
Player of the Match: Connie Wong (Hong Kong)

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Filed February 21st, 2011