• ACC Women's T20
  • Thailand v UAE at KEC, Kuwait
  • UAE won the toss and chose to bat
  • UAE: Shruti Pandey, Charvi Bhatt, Chaitrali Deepak, Dipanki Borcar, Bhairavi Prakash, Petule Nadar, Manvi Dhodhi, Monique D'Souza, Aysha Naushadkhan, Kyna Vedasinghe, Samiya Saleem (12th Rashida Shabbir)
  • Thailand: Sornnarin Tippoch, Pundarika Prathanmitr, Nantanit Khonchan, Thippakorn Gatekam, Natakan Chantam, Nattaya Boochatham, Rattana Sangsoma, Phira-on Kamla, Narumon Srisuwan, Sirintra Saengsakaorat, Ratanporn Padunglerd (12th Kaewkan Mongkonsamai)
  • UAE have lost their first wicket, at the end of the second over, Bhairavi Prakash bowled by Nattakan Chantam and UAE are 5 for 1
  • The Thai girls are livewires in the field and are bowling well too, the ball being kept right up to the bat so far, on the stumps. UAE's batters are looking to assert themselves
  • Shruti Pandey and Monique D'Souza are the two UAE bats, Narumon Srisuwan RMF and Nattakan Chantam RFM the opening bowlers for Thailand
  • All but fine leg in the circle for Nattakan and the appeals are certainly flying in, as the yorker-length deliveries are being attempted
  • First FOUR to UAE, Shruti Pandey swings a full-toss to square leg and UAE are 10 for 1 in the fourth over
  • Nattakan Chantam, sprightly action with an Imran Khan-esque leap into the crease is bowling well, took 2-18 against Malaysia yesterday
  • If ball is laid on bat, a run-out seems a possibility every time!
  • Another FOUR to Shuti Pandey, from another full-toss and UAE are 15 for 1 at the start of the fifth over
  • Shruti Pandey made a very good 38* yesterday against Nepal and looks to be carrying that form into this match, she's on 10* so far
  • UAE 17 for 1 after 5 overs
  • Good contest between the tall Shruti Pandey and the Thai bowlers
  • UAE 23 for 1 after 6 overs, Monique 4*, Shruti 13*
  • The breeze which was gusting and bringing plenty of sand across the ground in the morning, has eased somewhat, it really made conditions difficult in the morning at times
  • Regular chances of a run-out but UAE ticking along nicely at the moment
  • Narumon finishes her bowling for the day, 4-0-14-0
  • Shruti Pandey is really good off her legs, and clips two to midwicket off Narumon to move on to 17*, UAE 28 for 1 in the seventh over
  • Twice Thai fielders have dived over the ball and twice Shruti Pandey has found the boundary consequently, she moves to 22* and UAE are 35 for 1 in the 8th over
  • Nattaya Boochatham RM was the new Thai bowler that over
  • Nantanit Khonchan OB has her second ball, a full-toss, hammered to midwicket by Shruti for FOUR and UAE are 41 for 1 in the ninth over, Shruti Pandey 27* off 23 balls
  • Nantanit comes back well with the next four deliveries, six off the over in total and UAE are 43 for 1 after 9 overs, on course to pass 100
  • Monique does well first ball of the next Nattaya over, takes a quick single to bring Shruti Pandey on strike. Nattaya looks a good bowler, good rhythmical action
  • A full-toss costs her though, Shruti gets another FOUR to square leg and UAE are 49 for 1 in the 10th over
  • Nattaya strikes, WICKET, Monique playing a tired drive outside off and Pundarika pouches behind the stumps, Monique D'Souza out for 9 off 27 and UAE are 51 for 2 after 10, Shruti Pandey 37*
  • Charvi Bhatt RHB is the new UAE bat
  • These two the engine-room of the UAE batting line-up
  • Nanatanit OB to continue
  • UAE starting to impose themselves in this match and are on course for a highly challenging total, 58 for 2 after 11 overs
  • UAE: 63 for 2 after 12 overs, Shruti 37* off 33 balls, Charvi 4*
  • Rattana Sangsoma OB is the new Thai bowler
  • Shruti Pandey dives full-length into the crease - and it's quite a length - to save herself from being run-out and UAE are 66 for 2 after 13 overs
  • The game settling down here, no big shots being played, the bowling not loose
  • Shruti plays an uncharacteristically appalling shot to be BOWLED, playing across a Rattana off-break and she goes for 42 off 40 balls, UAE 74 for 3 after 13.5 overs
Shruti Pandey departs, another good innings

  • The Thai girls will be happy with that, Shruti Pandey staying in could have seen the UAE score soar past 100. Dipanki Borcar U-19 captain is the new bat
  • The Thais win the SK Award for most creative hairstyles in the tournament, more spikes than a nuclear power-station in evidence, more colour too
  • UAE: 74 for 3 after 14 overs
  • THAILAND v UAE: WICKET Charvi Bhatt is caught by Sirintra at cover, moving to her left for the waist-high chance and she goes for 8 off 16 and UAE are 76 for 4 in the 16th over
  • Samiya Saleem LHB is the new UAE bat
  • And is run-out by the length of the pitch after Nattaya fields a pull at mid-wicket and throws to the bowler, Samiya having gone back for the second and Dipanki not moving, UAE 78 for 5 after 16 overs
  • Manvi Dhodhi is the new UAE bat
  • And is run-out first ball, having pushed to point and not beating the throw to the bowler's end, UAE 79 for 6 in the 17th over
Manvi Dhodhi is run out

  • Chaitrali Deepak RHB is the new UAE bat
  • Rattanaporn Padunglerd was the fielder who did the damage and almost does it again next ball!
  • The game now swinging back towards Thailand
  • Another WICKET for Thailand, Sornnarin catches Chaitrali close in for 0 and UAE are 81 for 7 in the 18th over
  • Quite a few Nepal fans from the morning match have stayed on to watch this game at Kuwait Entertainment City and are cheering for Thailand
  • Kyna Vedasinghe RHB is the new UAE bat
  • Rattana Sangsoma OB finishes her quota and has figures of 4-0-17-3, has done much to bring the game towards Thailand, with the big wicket of Shruti Pandey and the run-outs at her end too
  • WICKET right after a dropped catch, Nattay strikes to have Kyna out lbw for 1, UAE 85 for 8 in the 19th over
  • WICKET Nattakan takes a good return catch to her left and UAE are 86 for 9, little Aysha Naushadkhan RHB is the new bat
  • Gutsy little cricketer is Aysha and could score a few in the last over
  • UAE finish on 89 for 9 off 20, Shruti Pandey the batting star with 42 off 40 but once she was out, bowled by the Thai off-spinner Rattana, the wheels fell off the UAE charge and Thailand got back into the match. Thailand chased down 93 inside 13 overs against Malaysia yesterday, they will fancy their chances today. We'll be back in 10 minutes at the start of the Thai innings
  • Back with THAILAND v UAE of the ACC Women's T20 from Kuwait
  • Bit of a wrinkle in the works potentially, it's clouded over significantly and there's just a hint of rain in the air. The local cricketers when asked if it will rain heavily, are saying "No, maybe".
  • Thailand go out to bat with the target on 90, Petule Nadar RFM is the UAE bowler playing her first match of the competition
  • WICKET First ball! Narumon is run-out backing up, Petule deflectng the Pundarika straight drive on to the stumps and Thailand are 0 for 1 after 0.1. Cricket!
  • Thailand's captain Sornnarin Tippoch LHB is the new bat, helmetless
  • One of those uber-tense games in prospect if Thailand lose Pundarika or Sornnarin early
  • End of the first over, Thailand 7 for 1
  • Really quite grey and cool here now in Kuwait, could be swing for the bowlers
  • Samiya Saleem LFM is the other UAE new-ball bowler
  • Has pace but can be erratic
  • Samiya has bowled three wides so far in this over, the straight one could surprise Pundarika though. Eventually
  • FOUR to Pundarika, driven sweetly off her legs to midwcket, Thailand 18 for 1 in the 2nd over
  • Pundarika who I thought was just a biffer, is playing very straight and keeping the ball on the ground, she's on 12* and Thailand are 21 for 2 after 2 overs
  • BIG APPEAL for lbw by Petule Nadar against Sornnarin but Umpire Dalwai, who's having a good game, says "not out"
  • Three off the Petule over, and Thailand are 24 for 1 after 3 overs
  • Aysha Naushadkhan RM is the new UAE bowler, replacing Samiya Saleem, whose first over went for 14
  • Brightening up now
  • A good hand by Pundarika Prathanmitr until she was run-out
    WICKET Aysha deflects a Tippoch drive on to the stumps and Pundarika. backing-up is run-out for 13. Both Thai openers going in the same way. UAE will take the wickets any way it can get them and UAE are 27 for 2 in the fourth over
  • New Thai bat is Nattaya Boochatham RHB
  • FOUR Sornnarin Tippoch swings one down to backward square
  • Lots of encouragement for the diminutive Aysha from her team-mates, a real trier
  • WICKET Tippoch is bowled by Aysha, playing down the wrong line! Thailand's captain goes for 7 and they're 31 for 3 after 3.3 overs, chasing 90
  • New Thai bat is Tippakorn Gatekam RHB
  • FOUR to Nattaya LHB cut through point, Thailand 36 for 3 after 4 overs
  • And the rain is back, spotting
  • Raining heavier now
  • Nothing severe, more like a light sprinkle
  • It's stopped now and Thailand are 39 for 3 after 5 overs, chasing 90
  • FOUR to Tippakorn swivelled to mid-on with a flattish bat off Aysha and Thailand are 45 for 3 in the sixth over
  • Good fielding by Monique D'Souza at midwicket saves a boundary but it is a no-ball and next ball is a FREE HIT
  • Nattaya gets just one from the FREE HIT but it's Thailand's 50, off 34 balls, chasing 90
  • FOUR to Tippakorn, powered to the long-off boundary and UAE's bowling is suffering here, UAE 54 for 3 after 6 overs, chasing 90
  • Shruti Pandey taking care with her field-setting, at the end of the Powerplay
  • Petule Nadar RFM to continue from the Camp End
  • Figures of 3-0-13-0 so far
  • Tippakorn 15*, Nattaya 10*, Thailand 59 for 3 in the 7th over, Target 90
  • Quite a bit of noise being generated by the Nepali Thai supporters at the ground today
  • 7 off the over and Petule Nadar finishes with 4-0-20-0, good effort by the young lady
  • Thailand need 29 more runs to win, 13 overs remaining
  • Monique D'Souza RM replaces Aysha Naushadkhan
  • And strikes! WICKET, Tippakorn adjudged lbw for 17 off 17 balls and Thailand are 64 for 4 in the eighth over, Target 90
  • New Thai bat is Nattakan Chantam RHB
  • End of over 8, Thailand 65 for 4, Target 90
  • Charvi Bhatt RM the new UAE bowler in place of Petule Nadar
  • Her first ball is greeted by Nattakan with a FOUR to cover, just 21 more wanted by Thailand
The fearless 14-year old Nattakan Chantham

  • CHANCE dropped! Catchable at mid-on by Monique and that could be the match
  • Nattakan compounds the error with another FOUR through mid-off next ball and Thailand are 73 for 4 after 11 overs, needing 17 more to win
  • Kyna Vedasinghe RFM is given the ball, perhaps the reward for some good fielding in the over before. Had taken the new ball against Nepal yesterday
  • Some good strokes being played by the two Thai Nats at the moment, they're running well too, FOUR lofted straight by Nattakan ends the 10th over, and Thailand need just 4 more to win now
  • The last two overs have brought 21 runs for Thailand
A classy performance from Nattaya Boochatham with bat and ball today

  • Nattaya 16*, Nattakan 16*
  • Scores are level
  • BIG APPEAL for lbw by Charvi Bhatt against Nattakan
  • But the next ball is driven through mid-wicket and THAILAND HAVE WON BY SIX WICKETS. UAE 89 for 9 off 20 overs, Thailand 90 for 4 off 11 overs
  • A good win for Thailand who look a formidably competitive team - they weathered a good fight-back and two freak dismissals to win at a canter. UAE are improving but its Thailand who are surging forward in ACC women's cricket at the moment
  • Player of the Match goes to both Nattakan Chantam and Nattaya Boochatham according to Match Referee Iqbal Sikander

ACC Women’s Twenty20 Championship 2011

Group B: Thailand v UAE at KEC
UAE won the toss and chose to bat
UAE: 89 for 9 off 20 overs (S.Pandey 42; N.Chantam 2-17, N.Boochatham 2-20, R.Sangsoma 3-17)
Thailand: 90 for 4 off 11 overs
Players of the Match: Nattaya Boochatham (Thailand), Nattakan Chantam (Thailand)

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Filed February 20th, 2011