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ACC Women’s Twenty20 Championship 2011

Venue : Kuwait
Dates : 18th – 25th February 2011

Hong Kong Thailand
China Nepal
Singapore Malaysia
Bhutan UAE
Oman Kuwait

Hong Kong – Winners

Matches start at 0600hrs (0530hrs on Fridays) and 1000hrs GMT
Feb 18
Kuwait v Malaysia at Hubara
China v Hong Kong at Hubara
Bhutan v Singapore at KEC
Nepal v Thailand at KEC
Feb 19
Hong Kong v Oman at Hubara
Malaysia v Thailand at Hubara
Bhutan v China at KEC
Nepal v UAE at KEC
Sun, Feb 20 Oman v Singapore at Hubara
Bhutan v Hong Kong at Hubara
Kuwait v Nepal at KEC
Thailand v UAE at KEC
Mon, Feb 21 Malaysia v Nepal at Hubara
Hong Kong v Singapore at Hubara
Kuwait v UAE at KEC
China v Oman at KEC
Weds, Feb 23 Bhutan v Oman at Hubara
China v Singapore at Hubara
Malaysia v UAE at KEC
Kuwait v Thailand at KEC
Thu, Feb 24 SF1: China v Thailand at Hubara
SF2: Nepal v Hong Kong at Hubara
7th/8th Playoff: Kuwait v Bhutan at KEC
9th/10th Playoff: Oman v UAE at KEC
Feb 25
5th/6th Playoff: Malaysia v Singapore at Hubara
3rd/4th Playoff: Nepal v Thailand at KEC
FINAL: China v Hong Kong at KEC

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