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ACC Women’s Premier 2014: NEPAL

Venue : Chiang Mai Gymkhana, Royal Chiang Mai Golf Club, Prem Oval; Chiang Mai, Thailand
Dates : 11th - 18th February 2014

NEP Rubina Chhetry (Captain) RHB/RFM
NEP Mamta Thapa RHB/WK
NEP Rekha Rawal RHB/LFM
NEP Sobha Aale RHB
NEP Saraswati Kumari RHB
NEP Neera Rajopadhyay RHB/OB
NEP Sarita Magar RHB/OB
NEP Sita Magar LHB
NEP Karuna Bhandari RHB/OB
NEP Trishna Singh RHB
NEP Mamta Chaudhary RHB
NEP Kabita Gautam RHB
Kajal Shrestha
NEP Manager – Amrita Paudel
Assistant Manager – Jeena Shrestha
Coach – Umesh Upadhayay
Physio – Nabina Tamrakar

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