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ACC Women’s Premier 2014

Venue : Chiang Mai Gymkhana, Royal Chiang Mai Golf Club, Prem Oval; Chiang Mai, Thailand
Dates : 11th - 18th February 2014
Teams : Thailand, China, Nepal, Hong Kong, Bhutan, Iran

40 overs a side

Thailand - Winners

Bowler of the Tournament THA Sornnarin Tippoch (Thailand)
Batter of the Tournament HK Yip Sze Wan (Hong Kong)
Player of the Tournament THA Chanida Sutthiruang (Thailand)
Spirit of Cricket Award Bhutan

All games start at 10AM (GMT+7)
Tue Feb 11 Iran v Nepal at Gymkhana
Bhutan v Hong Kong at Prem
Wed Feb 12 Thailand v Bhutan at Gymkhana
China v Hong Kong at RCGC
Thu Feb 13 Thailand v Nepal at RCGC
China v Iran at Prem
Fri Feb 14 Hong Kong v Iran at RCGC
Bhutan v Nepal at Gymkhana
Sat Feb 15 Thailand v Hong Kong at Gymkhana
Bhutan v China at Prem
Sun Feb 16 China v Nepal at Gymkhana
Thailand v Iran at Prem
Mon Feb 17 Bhutan v Iran at RCGC
Hong Kong v Nepal at Prem
Tue Feb 18 Thailand v China at RCGC

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