Pakistan went up against Sri Lanka today, winning the match by 23 runs. Sri Lanka won the toss and elected to field. The first dismissal came in the 6th over. Muneeba Ali was dismissed caught by Shashikala off Sugandika for 5 at 5.1 overs. Bismah Maroof took her place and swung a boundary at 5.6. In the 7th over, Bibi Nahida delivered two fours and another in the 8th over. By the 10th over, Pakistan had made 49 runs for only 1 wicket-fall.

Sri Lanka quickly dismissed Bibi Nahida after she delivered a six and a four in the 12th over. Bibi was dismissed lbw for 38 by Nilakshika Silva. A boundary to Bismah Maroof at 14.6 overs brought up the team 90. The next over saw Bismah’s astounding batting performance - she delivered 3 consecutive fours off Shashikala, bringing the team’s 100th run.

At 16.3 overs, Javeria Wadood was dismissed bowled for 13 by Inoka Ranaweera; leaving Pakistan with 115 for 2. Later, another wicket fell - this time dismissing Nida Rashid at 18.1 for 3. Syeda Nain replaces and ended Pakistan’s innings with 136 for four.

Yashodha Mendis and Nipuni Manage opened for Sri Lanka, and Nipuni started the innings with a boundary-four at the third bowl. In the second over, Yashodha delivered another boundary to Sri Lanka, bringing the team up to 11 runs.

The partners’ batting was spectacular as they attempted to quicken the chase. Yashodha delivered fours at 3.5, 4.5 and 5.3, followed by a boundary to Nipuni at 5.6 overs. 6 overs completed and Sri Lanka was at 35 for 0.

Player of the Match: Nida Rashid (Pakistan)

In the 8th over, Yashodha delivered another four before she was dismissed for 25 by Nida Rashid, leaving Sri Lanka with 48 runs. Nipuni was next to go, as Nida Rashid took her second wicket and dismissed Nipuni for 24 at 9.2 overs. At the end of the 10th over, Sri Lanka was just 79 runs away from winning.

It seemed like Sri Lanka would take the match home but Pakistan’s fielders restricted their attempts. At 11.6 overs, Nida Rashid dismissed Anushka Meegama for 11. At 12.3, Hasini Withanage walked out for 8 after a run out by Nashra Sundhu. In the 16th over, Sri Lanka lost two more batsmen: Oshadhi Ranasinghe dismissed stumped for 10 and Nilakshika Silva dismissed caught for 4.  Shashikala Siriwardana delivered a four at the end of the over, bringing the team up to 91 for 6.

As Sri Lanka made riskier attempts, Nida Rashid’s excellent bowling dismissed two other batsmen in the 18th over – Shashikala for 13, caught by Muneeba Ali and Nilakshika for 4, caught by Sana Mir. Eight batsmen down and two overs left; Sri Lanka needed 34 more runs to win.  

Sugandika Kaluwa and Udeshika Kaluwa brought the score up to 110 in the 19th over – leaving them with just 6 bowls and 27 runs to win. Udeshika Kaluwa was dismissed bowled at 19.4 overs by Nashra Sundhu for 1. A dot ball to Inoka Ranaweera ended Sri Lanka’s innings, falling short of just 24 runs from winning the match.

ACC WOMEN'S ASIA CUP T20 2018: Wed 6 June

Pakistan vs Sri Lanka at Kinrara
Sri Lanka won the toss and elected to field
Pakistan: 136 for 4 off 20 overs (B.Nahida 38, B,Maroof 60*)
Sri Lanka: 113 for 9 off 20 overs (N.Rashid 5-21)
Player of the Match: Nida Rashid (Pakistan)

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Photos by Peter Lim
Filed June 6th, 2018