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ACC U19 Premier 2015: SCORECARDS

Venues : Bayuemas Oval, Kelab Aman and Kinrara Academy Oval, Kuala Lumpur
Dates : 28th August– 3rd September 2015
Teams : Afghanistan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Nepal, Saudi Arabia and UAE

Thu, 3rd September 2015

Malaysia v Afghanistan at Kinrara
Kuwait v UAE at Bayuemas
Nepal v Saudi Arabia at Kelab Aman

Tue, 1st September 2015

Afghanistan v Saudi Arabia at Bayuemas
Malaysia v UAE at Kelab Aman
Kuwait v Nepal at Kinrara

Mon, 31st August 2015

Afghanistan v UAE at Kinrara
Kuwait v Saudi Arabia at Kelab Aman
Malaysia v Nepal at Bayuemas

Sat, 29th August 2015

Afghanistan v Nepal at Kinrara
Malaysia v Kuwait at Bayuemas
Saudi Arabia v UAE at Kelab Aman

Fri, 28th August 2015

Afghanistan v Kuwait at Kelab Aman
Malaysia v Saudi Arabia at Kinrara
Nepal v UAE at Bayuemas

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