The finals saw a tough, neck-to-neck match between Nepal and Hong Kong. Nepal won by 5 wickets but Hong Kong did not go down easily.

Nepal elected to field against Singapore and took an early wicket at 0.5 overs that dismissed Raag Kapur for none. Jhathavedh S S swung two 4s at 3.5 and 7.3 overs, before Harpreet Singh contributed another four at 8.6 overs. 10 overs finished and Singapore made 35 runs – not much, but it was a good start.

Nepal went through Hong Kong’s batsmen with ease: At 12.3 overs, Jhathavedh dropped his bat for 16 after a dismissal via run out by Sumit Marharjan. One over later, Harpreet Singh out for 20. At 15.2 overs, Kabir Sodhi was next to leave after a catch by Sandeep Sunar for only 3. And soon after at 15.4 overs, the fifth batsman walked out – Wajid Shah Mohammad dismissed lbw by Shahab Alam for a duck. Hong Kong only stood with 49 runs.

Waqas swings a boost for Hong Kong with a boundary four, and maintained his stance with Hamedkhan up to the 22nd over, with a total of 63. Unfortunately, they both left the field soon after, with Hamedkhan leaving for 5 and Waqas leaving for 15, both dismissed by Sandeep Lamichhane.

Sandeep seemed to be Hong Kong’s worst nightmare as he took another batsman at 28.6 overs, forcing Sher Yar Saeed out for only 1. Hong Kong was down to their last 2 batsmen and only had 73 runs. Haroon Mohammad Arshad left at the 30th over by a bowl from Dipendra and it wasn’t long until Sandeep returned to bowl and removed the last batsman; Karandeep Singh, thanks to Dipendra’s catch. Nepal’s spectacular bowling effort ended Hong Kong’s innings with a low total of 76, an easy chase for Nepal.

Within the first two overs, Nepal already collected two boundaries from Sandeep. Hong Kong quickly penetrated the partnership at 2.1 overs and dismissed Mahamad Asif Sheikh for 1. Sandeep continued his batting spree where he left off with two more fours.

In the fifth over, Anil Kumar Sah brings up the team 30 with two fours and just like that – Nepal was just 47 runs way from winning. Anil swung another four soon after but dodges a wicket at 6.1 overs that dismissed Sandeep Sunar instead, for 19 runs. But Hong Kong was able to dismiss Anil for 16 just 5 bowls later, restricting him from doing more damage.

Dipendra went on a roll soon after, delivering boundaries in four consecutive overs that brought the chase to just 15 runs away from winning. Hong Kong was able to remove Dipendra for 22 at 13.1 overs, all thanks to a catch by Hamedkhan. Jhathavedh took out the next batsman with an lbw 4 bowls later, forcing Sumit Maharjan to drop his bat for 0.

With just 14 runs left to win, it didn’t take much for Nepal to end their chase. Into the 15th over, Pranit Thapa Magar walked in; swung one 4 and two 6’s, and won Nepal the match! Nepal will join the ACC U-19 Youth Asia Cup later this year.

Congratulations, Nepal!


FINAL: Nepal v Hong Kong at Kinrara
Nepal won the toss and elected to field
Hong Kong: 76 all out off 32.1 overs (H.Singh 20; S.Alam 3-15, S.Lamichhane 3-8)
Nepal: 79 for 5 off 14.4 overs (D.Airee 22; K.Singh 3-35)

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Photos by Peter Lim

Filed September 17th, 2017