The semi-finals of the ACC U19 are played in two venues, Kinrara Oval and Bayuemas Oval.

At Kinrara Oval, Malaysia plays Nepal, while Hong Kong plays Singapore in Bayuemas.

Nepal wins the toss and elects to field, sending in all rounder Kishor Mahato to bowl. He puts Malaysian duo Nalin-SAS Mubarak on the defensive, protecting their wickets and averaging one run per over in the first three. Nalin breaks this spell hitting a four in the 4th and 5th Overs. SAS Mubarak is then dismissed by Rohit Kumar and Virandeep replaces. Returning bowler Kishor Mahato successfully bowls a maiden in the 7th Over and Virandeep retaliates with a boundary 4 off Rohit Kumar and increases the score to 21 for 1. Over 9 sees more dot balls off Kishor Mahato but next bowler, all rounder Pawan Sarraf affords Virandeep two boundary 4s to round up the score to 30 for 1. Returning Rohit hands Nalin-Virandeep pair 8 runs between them while Shahab Alam’s ball is hit by Nalin for a boundary 6 in the 12th over.

Dot balls dominate the next 10 overs. Virandeep then hits a boundary 4 early in Over 23 and is immediately dismissed by all rounder Dipendra Singh with the score at 66 for 2. Saifullah Mailk replaces Virandeep to bat with Nalin De Silva who hits boundary 4 in the 25th over, amidst more dot balls, which continue to reign in the 26th Over when Nalin De Silva is dismissed off Shahab Alam for 75 points 3 wickets. Muhd Fadhly enters to bat and exits in the same over, dismissed by Dipendra Singh. Shahab Alam returns to bowl and hands over a boundary 4 and 6 to incoming Ammar Zuhdi, inching the score up to 90 for 4. Ammar’s reign is short-lived when he is dismissed off Dipendra Singh’s bowl.

Over 30 sees more dot balls dominating. Batsman Saifullah Malik is dismissed by Dipendra and replaced by Shahriel Aizat who hits a boundary 4 in the last ball of Over 31. Sandeep Lamichhane bowls a maiden in the next over, staying the score at 99 for 6. Dipendra Singh returns to bowl to Shahriel who manages 6 points including a boundary 4. Muhammad Amir also hits a 4 off Sandeep Lamichhane and another 4 off Shahab Alam in Over 35. More dot balls occur until Shahriel Aizat is dismissed off Pawan Sarraf for 115 for 7 in Over 37. Muhammad Hafiz Khair replaces to pair with remaining Muhammad Amir who is dismissed by Sandeep Lamichhane. The score creeps up slowly until Dipendra Singh dismisses Mohammad Arief in Over 41 for 120 for 9. Pawan Sarraf returns to bowl to Muhammad Hafiz Khair, the 10th batsman, who is dismissed in the 6th bowl of Over 42 for 121 for 10.

The 2nd innings starts with SAS Mubarak pitching to duo Mahamad Asif and Sandeep Sunar. Their target is 122 and they stay the course throughout. The fabulous pair hit almost every bowl for a 4 in the very first over finishing at 17/0. Muhammad Amir bowls a maiden in the next over to Mahamad Asif, and SAS Mubarak returns to bowl both for mostly dot balls. Sandeep Sunar hits a 4 off a wide for 5 points. Dot balls dominate the next 3 overs to inch the score up to 29 at Over 6.

Mahamad Asif hits two boundary 4s off Virandeep and Muhammad Amir amidst more dot balls in Overs 7, 8, a maiden 9, 10, 11 and 12. It’s Sandeep Sunar’s turn to hike up the score to 56, hitting a 4 off Virandeep and another off Muhammad Hafiz Khair. SAS Mubarak returns to bowl in Over 15 to Sandeep Sunar for zero runs and Mahamad Asif for 1 run. Mahamad Asif gets the score running up again in Over 16 to pass the half way mark at 63. The reigning pair score 12 points in Over 17 off SAS Mubarak’s bowls and this marks the sprint towards the target.

The run rate practically doubles when Sandeep Sunar hits two 4s consecutively off Muhammad Hafiz Khair and Mahamad Asif hits a boundary 6 off Mohamad Shahriel. Over 20 sees the pair passing the 100th point as they both hit a 4 and make 11 runs to finish at 104. With 18 points remaining, the fantastic pair rake up the points easily hitting 4 boundary 4s consecutively in Overs 21 and 22, resting for 0 in Over 23, and surpassing their target by 3 points when Mahamad Asif hits a boundary 4 off Haiqal Mohd Khair. Nepal wins by 10 wickets in 23.1 Overs, qualifying for finals.


SF1: Nepal v Malaysia at Kinrara
Nepal won the toss and elected to field
Malaysia: 121 all out off 42 overs (N.De Silva 39, V.Singh 25; D.Airee 5-29)
Nepal: 125 for 0 off 23.1 overs (A.Sheikh 50*, S.Sunar 51*)

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Photos by Peter Lim

Filed September 17th, 2017