Singapore missed their chance to qualify for the finals today, after losing to Hong Kong by 7 wickets. They won the toss and chose to begin the match with their innings. Their defense proved to be strong, Hong Kong was unable to bowl them out – allowing them to collect a total of 157 runs after losing 8 batsmen.

At 4.3 overs Singapore lost their first batsman – Abdul Rahman Bhadelia has seen a number of early dismissals throughout the tournament, and this was not an exception. At 4.3 overs he was caught for 2 after a strong batting effort with his partner Rohan Rangajaran that brought the score up to 20 runs.

Siddhant took Abdul Rahman’s place and delivered a four. He and Rohan batted strongly and was able to hold their own till 10th over; where Rohan got dismissed for 15 at the last bowl by Karandeep singh. Siddhant maintained his spectacular performance and shot two more fours in the 13th over, bringing up the team 60.

Siddhant survived another wicket but instead saw the dismissal of Arnav Wadhwa for just 6 runs at 17.3 overs. The innings remained calm for a while, until Hanshul Deep Singhania made a four at the start of the 24th over that brought up the team 80. Siddhant made to more fours at 24.4 and 27.1 overs.

Hanshul Deep Singania swung another boundary for Singapore before being dismissed by Hamedkhan at 29.2 overs for 25 runs. Siddhant was still putting up a fight and made another boundary 4. Siddhant’s strike ended at 36.5 by Jhatavedh just as he reached his half-century mark, leaving the field with 51 runs.

At 39.3 overs, Hamedkhan took another wicket – he dismissed Aryaman Sunil Uchil for 9, while Singapore at 129-6. 43.3, Avi dixit was next to leave, dropping his bat at 43.3 overs for 4. In the 49th over, Pramesh Singhavi dismissed caught for 5 by a catch from Kabir Sodhi off Karandeep Singh. Ansh Bhargava bowled his way to the very last ball, summing up Singapore’s runs at 157 with 8 batsmen down.

Hong Kong began their innings and loses an early wicket, just four balls into the match – Raag Kapur dismissed by a catch from Hanshul Deep for a duck. Into the third over, Harpreet Singh boosts Hong Kong up with a four. The early wicket proved to be non-damaging for Hong Kong, standing with 13 runs in just 3 overs.

The next overs were quiet but Hong Kong built up their score very well. They were already halfway to 100 at just 13 overs. At 13.1 overs, Rohan dismissed the second batsman, Harpreet Singh with a run out, for 24 runs. Hong Kong continued their chase with single runs a few boundaries by Waqas Khan and Jhathavedh before Waqas was dismissed at 32.4 by Aryan berry for 41 runs. Hong Kong at 119-3 with 17 overs remaining.

Kabir Sodhi’s boundary at 36.6 ended the 37th over with a score of 136 runs and still 7 batsmen in line. Hong Kong ended their 22-run chase at 40.2 overs, and won the match by 7 wickets – qualifying them for the finals against Nepal tomorrow.


SF2: Hong Kong v Singapore at Bayuemas
Singapore won the toss and chose to bat
Singapore: 157 for 8 off 50 overs (Siddhant 51, H.Singhania 25; Hamedkhan 3-19)
Hong Kong: 158 for 3 off 40.2 overs (H.Singh 24, SS.Jhathavedh 58*, W.Khan 41)

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Photos by Vincent Phoon

Filed September 16th, 2017