Thailand saw an early wicket – at only 0.4 overs, Ruengsak Karakam got dismissed by Nima Weyzer’s catch off a bowl by Gakul Kumar Ghalley for 0 runs. Entering the 6th over, Thailand lost another wicket - Kiattiwut Suttisan dismissed caught by Tsheing Norbu off Dorji Thinley for only 2 runs. Just one over later, Dorji Thinley takes his 2nd wicket – 3rd for Thailand –dismissing Rastanaumnuaykool for 6. It looked like bad news for Thailand, but they were able to make a steady increase, reaching 37 runs in 13 overs. Bhutan took their next wicket, dismissing Kamron Senamontree for 17 right after he delivers a boundary 4. He left for an lbw off Tshering Penjor.

Into the 21st over, Thailand brought up their team 70 with a four by Agam Sanjay Shah. Unfortunately, he ended his batting soon after a wicket by Ngawang Thinley’s catch off Yowon Pradhan.

Thailand had 9 overs remaining with 5 batsmen still standing, Thailand had already made 71 runs. Bhutan ended their wicket spree during the next 6 overs, and that gave Thailand a chance to continue their steady increase with 4s by Payuputh Sungnard and Panasak Daenmalidoi.

Bhutan saw the risks of the partnership so they immediately acted – Gakul Kumar Ghalley dismisses Payuputh Sungnard for 27 runs, with the help of Tashi Phuntsho’s catch. Panasak Denmalidoi returned the ‘favor’ with a few more 4s. Him and his new partner Sakchai Prakae brought Thailand up from 98 to 137, just 8 overs later.

Again, Bhutan took control of their innings with another wicket – at 36.2 overs, Panasak Daenmalidoi was dismissed w a bowl by Tshering Penjor for 31. With only 3 batsmen still standing, Prakit Jantarachit and Sakchai Prakae took matters in their hands – they both delivered boundaries and runs and penetrated Bhutan’s weak fielding with swift balls. Their short but impactful performance brought the score up from 137 to an astounding 186 run – and still had 6 overs remaining.

Thailand ended Prakit Jantarachit for 24 runs soon after; with a catch by Tashi Phuntsho off Nima Weyzer – which meant they only had two batsmen remaining. Saran Maliwan takes Prakit’s place and leaves shortly after by Yowon Pradhan’s bowl to the stumps. Thailand’s huge total was already hard to beat, so losing another batsman didn’t matter that much. At the final ball of the 47th over, Sarawut Maliwan left the field for by another bowl by Yowon Pradhan, leaving Bhutan chasing 204 to win.

Bhutan’s first batsman to exit the field was Jeewan Ghalley at 3.3 overs – dismissed by a stump by Suwat Rastanaumnuaykool for 2 runs. They were able to dodge the wickets but their slow increase made it impossible to make their chase. At the first 10 overs, they had only made 12 runs. Nothing much happened the next few overs – Bhutan was able to make single runs and just one boundary from Ugyen Dorji.

12 long overs later, at 22 overs, Thailand stood with only 46 runs. Almost halfway into the game and they still needed 182 runs to win. It didn’t go any better from there, as Panasak Daenmalidoi takes two consecutive wickets at 22.4 overs dismissing Ugyen Dorji for 23 and Dorji Thinley for 1.

At 24.1, Panasak took the fourth wicket, removing Pem Chedup 3 with the help of a stump by Suwat Rastanaumnuaykool. Just 6 bowls alter, Ngawang Thinley ended his batting at 25.1 overs by an lbw off Sarawut Maliwan for 15 runs.

21 overs remained and Bhutan still needed 144 runs to win. Things got worse as they lose their 6th wicket – Panasak Daenmalidoi removed another batsman, Gakul Jumar Ghalley for 4. 15 runs and 7 overs later, Tashi Phuntsho walked out for 17 after getting caught by Saran Maliwan off Sarawut Maliwan. The massive total proved to be beyond Bhutan’s capabilities – they didn’t lose any early wickets but was just unable to get their run rate up.

44.1 overs, Kiattiwut Suttisan dismissed Tshering Norbu for 8 with an lbw, before Pakit Jantarachit takes another one that dismissed Nima Weyzer for 1, assisted by Payuputh Sungnard’s catch. Bhutan was bowled out at 45.2 overs, with 97 runs collected.


Bhutan v Thailand at Bayuemas
Thailand won the toss and chose to bat
Thailand: 203 all out off 47 overs (P.Daenmalidoi 31, S.Prakae 45*; Y.Pradan 3-29)
Bhutan: 97 all out off 45.2 overs (U.Dorji 23; P.Daenmalidoi 3-18)

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Photos by Vincent Phoon

Filed September 15th, 2017