Here at Kinrara Oval, the 10th match of the ACC U19 Eastern Region Qualifiers Tournament 2017 is between Malaysia & Hong Kong. The match starts with Malaysia winning the toss and electing to bat.

SAS Mubarak – Nalin De Silva pair is the first to bat against Waqas Khan. 8 points are made through SAS Mubarak’s double fours at the start and end of the over. Dot balls reign in between. More bonus points are gained through Karandeep Singh’s 3 wides and one NB with two actual runs. Waqas is back and his bowls are hit for a four and a three by SAS Mubarak to bring the total score to 22 at the 3rd over. The points creep slowly from here to the 15th Over which sees the Malaysian team average 2.25 runs per over. Jhathavedh S S takes Muhd Fadhli’s wicket just after Fadhli hits a four. At this point, SAS Mubarak, Nalin De Silva, Mohammad Solihin and Muhammad Amir have left the field. Virandeep and Ammar Zuhdi are now the pair to watch.

In the 17th over, Haroon Arshad bowls a couple of wide balls with Ammar Zuhdi scoring a 4, but in the 18th Over consecutive dot balls by Ammar Zuhdi is quickly dealt with. Ammar Zuhdi is taken out by Haroon Arshad in the 19th over. Islah replaces and can’t catch a break at the hands of Jhathavedh. Only Virandeep has remained the longest at this point, making several one-runs throughout. Virandeep gains momentum when he hits a double 4 and a 2 in 21st over, with a total score of 76 for 6. Another double 4s in Over 23 bring cheers from the waning crowd, and this seems to spur Mohammed Islah to do better, gaining 3 runs in the next over, but that is short-lived down to almost zero runs in Over 25. To add insult to injury, Virandeep is dismissed by Sikandar Zafar in the 26th over, for 92/7. And it just can’t get any more dismal after this. Mohammed Islah sails through the 27th over with zero scores, but replacement Mohamad Shahriel does a little better hitting a 4, inching the score up to 97 for 7 in the 28th Over.

Shahriel is going all out in the 29th over, taking in 6 runs. However, bowler Jhathavedh dismisses Mohammed Islah, who is replaced by Hafiz Khair. The pair don’t do much better, averaging 1.75 runs in the next 4 overs, leading to 116/8 at over 35, and staying at that point for the next over. Finally, Wajid Shah dismisses Mohamad Shahriel. Incoming Haiqal Khair makes a couple of runs but it’s too little too late, Harpreet Singh bowls out Hafiz Khair, the 10th batsman, with a dismal standing of 122/10.

The 2nd innings sees bowler Mohamad Shahriel Aizat face the Harpreet-Raag duo. The target of 123 is the objective and immediately the pair make 3 runs in the first over and 5 in the 2nd . Raag is dismissed by SAS Mubarak early in Over 3, and Hamedkhan replaces to score 7 runs. The score climbs up pretty fast this innings, and sees Harpreet-Hameedkhan partnership gain 28 points in 6 overs, until Virandeep dismisses Hamedkhan just before the 10th over. Waqas Khan replaces Hamedkhan and begins to trot up the runs off SAS Mubarak’s bowls. Muhammad Amir and Haiqal Khair’s bowls are good for preventing runs until Over 14, when Waqas hits a 4 that tallies the total to 55 with 2 wickets down. Reaching 62 points at the 16th Over, the numbers are looking pretty good for Hong Kong, surpassing the half mark of the target 124, with 8 wickets left to bat and 34 Overs to go.

Harpreet is dismissed by Muhammad Amir in 16th Over, and Jhathavedh is out by Virandeep in the next.

Waqas and incoming Kabir Sodhi bat and manage a mere 6 runs by the 20th Over. At the pace of 2 runs per over, the Kabir-Waqas pair manage to slowly increase their points to 84 for 4 at the 26th over when Kabir hits a four. The pace quickens and the average increases to 4.25 per over until Over 29 totalling 101/4. The next 22 points are hard won by Hong Kong within 5 overs, with final pair Kabir Sodhi and Waqas Khan bringing home the prize. Hong Kong wins by 6 wickets.


Malaysia v Hong Kong at Kinrara
Malaysia won the toss and chose to bat
Malaysia: 122 all out off 37.3 overs (V.Singh 30, MSA.Mohd 22)
Hong Kong: 123 for 4 off 34.5 overs (H.Singh 25, W.Khan 34*)

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Photos by Stanley Chou

Filed September 14th, 2017