The final match within groups in Club Aman saw Singapore go against Nepal. Singapore had won the toss and chose to bat first. They were able to hold their own and defended their wickets well, considering how well they held up compared to the other teams that went against Nepal.

Singapore was not off to a good start when they lost an early wicket at 2.2 overs that dismissed Abdul Rahman Bhadelia for none – caught by Mahamad Asif Sheikh off Kishor Mahato. Rohan Rangajaran and Siddhant gave Singapore a boost when they each swung a four in two consecutive overs.

Less than 3 overs later, Rohan Rangajaran was dismissed caught by Anil Kumar Sah off Kishor Mahato for 11. Singapore stood with 25 runs, and 8 batsmen remaining. At 9.1, Siddhant delivered another boundary, this time bringing up the team 30 with a six. He was unfortunately bowled out by Pawan Sarraf for 20 at 11.1 overs.

A few bowls past, Pawan took the fourth wicket for Singapore, forcing Utkarsh Dubey to drop his bat at 13.5 overs for only 1. Singapore was able to hold back the wickets for almost 4 overs before Pramesh Singhavi was dismissed by Pawan Sarraf, caught and bowled for a duck.

As Singapore stood with only 45 runs and 5 wickets down, Aryaman Sunil Uchil brings hope for Singapore as he swung a beautiful boundary-6. But things just took a turn for the worse from here. At 19.1, Hanshul Deep Singhania was removed by Pawan Sarraf for 6 runs, caught by Sundeep Jora.

Singapore was able establish a better score than the other teams thanks to Aryaman’s batting at 24.2 overs. He made three runs, a boundary six and another run that brought up the team 60. Singapore 65-6. With a worrying 25 overs remaining still.

Singapore’s innings ended quite shortly after that - Avi Dixit left the field for 1, caught by Kishor Mahato off Dipendra Singh. The next over saw two dismissals by Pawan Sarraf’s killer bowls to the stumps – Ansh Bhargava and Aryan berry for a duck.

One batsman left standing and Singapore only had 67 runs. At 28.3 overs, the last man standing leaves – Aryaman Sunil Uchil stumped by Mahamad Asid off Sandeeo Lamichhane for 20.

68 runs to win, and Nepal begun their innings with great openers – Sandeep Sunar and Mahamad Asif Sheikh made 19 in just 3 overs, with the help of Sandeep’s boundary in the first over. At 3.1 Singapore takes their first wicket rather early into the innings: Mahamad Asif Sheikh dismissed caught by Hanshul Deep off Avi Dixit for 6 runs. The next bowl saw Kumar Sah deliver a four, making it harder for Singapore. Later on, Anil Kumar Sah brings the team 40 with double fours in the 7th over before being dismissed at 7.6 overs for 18 runs by Avi Dixit, with the help of Rohan Rangaharan’s swift catch.

Sandeep Sunar gifted Nepal with another boundary 4, before he was dismissed at 10.1 by a catch by Utkarsh Dubey for 20 runs. It wasn’t a concern for Nepal as they only had 17 runs left to win, and Sumit Maharjan made the chase easier with a boundary at 11.1 overs that brought the score up to 59.

Nepal ended their innings with two final runs by Sandeep at 13.4 overs – taking them to the semis to go against the 2nd best team from group B.


Nepal v Singapore at Club Aman
Singapore won the toss and chose to bat
Singapore: 67 all out off 28.3 overs (P.Sarraf 6-12)
Nepal: 68 for 3 off 13.4 overs

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Photos by Peter Lim

Filed September 14th, 2017