It was a short and sweet set of innings for China and Myanmar. Myanmar managed to restrict China to a low 32 with speedy bowlers that got all batsmen out within just 11 overs.

In the two previous matches, China lost their batsman at the first legitimate bowl, and this makes the third. The first-bowl dismissed Huang JunJie with a catch by Swann Htet Ko off Nay Lin Tun. It didn’t get any better from there as Nay Lin took out another batsman three balls later. Zhaung Zelin gets caught and bowled for a duck.

Than Ko was up next to bowl. He delivered a number of wides before Yan Hong Jiang was dismissed stumped at his final ball for zero runs. Nay Lin returned to the pitch and bowled out Jun Hui at 2.3 overs for only 1 run, caught by Phyo Zin Oo.

Paing Danu took the next over at his first bowl of the match, and dismissed Feng Yu for 1 run with a bowl. China was down to their final 5 batsmen and they had only collected a low total of 11 runs. At the next over, Nay Lin and took the 6th wicket, dismissing Tiang Sheng for none with a catch by Myo Htet Htun. Yan Huawen swung the one and only boundary of the match that brought the score up to 19-6.

Paing Danu made another appearance and took two wickets in three bowls: at 5.2 overs he dismissed bowled Yan Hua Wen for 5 runs and two bowls forward he removed Song Yu Lin for none for an lbw. It was the 6th over and China only had two wickets eft standing with only 23 runs.

Myanmar slowed down for two overs but immediately took another batsman out at 8.1 overs, removing Zhai Dianda for 2, caught by Than Ko. The next three overs were calm, allowing China to get their score up from 27 to 32, before Paing Danu took his fourth and final wicket that bowled Shi Yu Feng out the field for 1 – ending China’s innings in only 11.1 overs.

Myanmar only needed 33 runs to win - and they took their time. The first two overs saw no runs, and Myanmar managed to make only 7 runs within the first 6 overs. They started taking more runs at the next over, makin 7 more runs in just six balls, thanks to Paing Danu boundary at 6.5 overs.

Into the 10th over, Swann Htet Ko Ko delivered another boundary that brought up the team 20. At the end of that over, Myanmar only needed 8 runs to win. Within the next two overs, Myanmar chased down their target and wins the match in 12 overs, with 10 wickets still standing.


China v Myanmar at Bayuemas
China won the toss and chose to bat
China: 32 all out off 11.1 overs (NL.Tun 4-18, P.Danu 4-7)
Myanmar: 33 for 0 off 12 overs

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Photos by Peter Lim

Filed September 13th, 2017