It’s the third day of the tournament, and here at Bayuemas Oval, Malaysia plays China starting right on time with China winning the toss and choosing to field. This puts Malaysia into batting, featuring Nalin De Silva-SAS Mubarak pair against China’s Song Yulin.

SAS Mubarak does start well and lands two 4s in the 1st and the pair rake up consecutive double 4s in the next 2 overs, swiftly raising the score to 30/0. SAS Mubarak defends his wickets managing to hit a four once in Over 4, with Nalin doing the same in Over 5. A couple of wide bowls by Yan Huawen helps both batsmen gain ground with 4 runs in the 6th Over, and 8 runs in Over 7 due to a no ball that is hit for a 4 by SAS Mubarak. Fengyu comes in to bowl and stops SAS Mubarak for dot balls throughout the 8th over, affording Nalin one LB point. SAS Mubarak struggles against Song Yulin’s lightning balls and hits a 4 and then a 6 in Over 9, escalating the score to 62/0. The pace quietens in Over 10 with more dot balls than runs and a wide thrown in.

In the 11th over, bowler Ke TianSheng finally manages to dismiss Nalin de Silva with the 6th bowl. Virandeep moves in and a new bowler Han Junhui dismisses SAS Mubarak in 5 bowls. Virandeep now pairs with incoming Solihin and the pair manage to inch 2 runs by the 12th over and 3 in Over 13. More dot balls in Over 15 with one point given for a wide, which puts the score at 77 for 2. The runs inch up pretty slowly for the Malaysian pair, finishing at 80 in 16th, 81 in 17th and 86 in 18th. Incoming bowler Song Yulin’s fast bowls keep Malaysian pair protecting the wicket and unable to run in Over 21, and Zai Dianda’s bowls do just the same. Malaysia creeps up to 94 in 21st and 97 in 22nd. Ke Tiansheng bowls for Over 23 and the batsmen are able to score 101.

Returning bowler Zhai Dianda curbs the runs again. Virandeep hits a 4 in 25th off Ke Tiansheng, while Solihin does the same in 27th. This puts the total score at 122, with 2 wickets down. Han JuiHui puts a stop to Solihin at Over 28 who leaves at 125/3. Fadhli Harris replaces. The next over sees 4 one-runs and Zhai Dianda replaces bowler Ke Tiansheng and favours another 5 runs to Malaysia team. Over 31 sees Han Junhui bowling, Virandeep scoring a 3 and Fadhli zero in 5 bats bringing the total to 138/3. Zhai Dianda comes back and Malaysia pair finally get his style to score 8 points, but it’s back to dot balls and a meagre 3 runs in Over 33 at the hands of Ke Tiansheng. Virandeep sets a trend of hitting 4s in the next two overs off Feng Yu and Song Yulin while Fadhli is intent on keeping the single runs going, both raising the score sharply to 161/3 in 36th. Virandeep scores a 4 off Song Yulin’s mean bowl early in the over, and inches the total to 171/3.

Fadhli and Virandeep make 2 runs each off Zhai Dianda at 38th, the match quickens with Virandeep scoring 6 runs including a 4, but is caught for a wicket in the very next bowl off Han Junhui. Ammar Zuhdi replaces Virandeep and joins Fadhli, and both finish the over with 2 more runs. The next over, Fadhli hits a nice 6 and both collect 9 points to total 192/4. The energetic pair of Ammar-Fadhli moves the needle to score an even 200 at 41st, hitting a 4 at 42nd to reach 207 points, gaining 9 runs to reach 216 at 43rd. The moderate pace doesn’t let up, escalating the runs to 225 at 45th, 230 at 46th, 238 at 47th and 240 at 48th against bowlers Han Junhui, Zhai Dianda, Feng Yu and Yan Huawen. The Ammar Zuhdi – Muhd Fadhli partnership is strong and 17 runs are scored in Over 49 shooting the total up to 257, with another 5 runs made in the last over, ending the easy-paced first innings at 263/4.

With a target of 264, China marches in duo Han Junhui-Ke Tiansheng to bat. Malaysia bowls and do they bowl! Zhuang Zelin was dismissed in the first strike by SAS Mubarak in the first over. Bowler Hafiz Khair then shows his real mettle, taking down Huang Junjie, Yan Huawen and Feng Yu consecutively in Over 2. SAS Mubarak prevents further runs in all but the last strike when JunHui hits a 4 in Over 3. Over 4 sees a jump of 7 runs, bringing the score to 18/4. Han JunHui, dismissed by M. Amir Azim is replaced by Zhai Dianda. Ke TianSheng scores a 4 in Over 6, raising the total to 27/5 before dismissed by M. Amir Azim in 7th. Bowler Hafiz Khair prevents further runs in Over 8. Zhai Dianda – Song Yulin pair manage 5 runs in Over 9, inching the score up to 34/6, but Zhai Dianda is dismissed in the next bowl. Incoming Shen Ruixiang, the 8th batsman, is immediately bowled out after a bonus wide ball. Shi Yufeng replaces to pair with Song Yulin. Muhammad Amir dismisses Song Yulin at 38 for 9, sealing Malaysia’s swift victory by 226 runs in over an hour.


Malaysia v China at Bayuemas
China won the toss and elected to field
Malaysia: 263 for 4 off 50 overs (SA.Mubarak 48, V.Singh 69, MFH.Rahman 71*; J.Han 3-50)
China: 38 all out off 10.3 overs (H.Khair 5-18)

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Photos by Peter Lim

Filed September 12th, 2017