It was a slow but steady start for Singapore. They were able to bring up their 50 within just 9 overs. Singapore avoided losing any early wickets, and it was only into the 14th over when Abdul Rahman Bhadelia got wicket out for 30 runs by Kiattiwut Suttisan’s swift catch. Rohan Rangarajan fightsback with a boundary four soon after, off Pnasak Daenmalidoi’s bowling.

It was a calm few overs afterwards, with Singapore steadily and safely increasing their runs without losing any more batsmen. But Thailand soon saw the risks and began to strengthen their fielding, the wickets were taken at a steady pace but it wasn’t fast enough to restrict Singapore from making a large total. At 23.5 overs, man of the match Rohan Rangarajan was dismissed - caught for 56 runs by Kiattiwut Suttisan off panasak Daenmalidoi. Two batsmen already lost but Singapore was already at a convincing 107 runs.

At 25.1 overs, Utkarsh Dubey left the field for just 1 run, after getting stumped by Suwat Rastanaumnuaykool off Panasak Daenmalidoi, before Hanshul Deep delivered a 4 for Singapore three balls later. Unfortunately, Hanshul got caught at 28.4 overs for just 5 runs by Sakchai Prakae off Agam Sanjay Shah.

Thailand took their 5th wicket at 30.2 overs, dismissing Pramesh Singavi for a duck; with a catch by Payuputh Sungnard off Agam Sanjay. Aryaman Sunil Uchil and Siddhant then delivered two boundaries, bringing the score up to 148 for 5.

The next wicket fell at 35.6 overs when a catch by Payuputh Sungnard dismissed Aryaman Sunil Uchil for 12 runs. As Singapore stood with a strong 156 for 6, Siddhant left after 44 runs – caught by Kiattiwut Suttisan off Sarawut Maliwan as they entered the 38th over. In that same over, two more wickets fell: Sakchai Prakae dismissed Avi Dixit for a duck and Ansh Bhargava for 2, both with a catch off Kamron Senamontree.

The final wicket dismissed Karthik Divesh Shah for a duck, caught and bowled by Payuputh Sungnard with 10 overs still remaining. They ended their innings leaving Thailand to chase just 160 to win.

At 1.6 overs, Suwat Rastanaumnuaykool got dismissed lbw for none. The second wicket fell at 8.1 overs, dismissing Kamron Senamontree for only 6 runs after a catch by Siddhant off Avi Dixit. At 11.5 overs, Agam Sanjay Shah was dismissed by star Rohan Rangajaran for 18 runs, caught by Hanshul Deep Singhania.

Payuputh Sungnard was able to deliver a 4 for Thailand but unfortunately dismissed bowled by Rohan shortly after. 4 wickets down, it was looking bad for Thailand and they desperately needed to pick up the pace. At 14.4 overs, Panasak Daenmalidoi swung a four and 6 overs later, a six. Singapore was not going to take any risks – Aryaman Sunil Uchil dismissed Panasak with a catch off Karthik Divesh.

Thailand was left with 5 wickets but only had 54 runs, still 106 runs away from winning. The last boundary for Thailand was delivered by Prakit Jantarachit at 20.6 overs but things just didn’t go well from there. 21.3 overs, Agam Sanjay Shah walked out the field for 18 runs after Hanshul Deep’s swift catch off Pramesh Singhavi bowl. Just 6 balls later, Sakchai Prakae leaves for 1 after a catch by Abdul Rahman Bhadelia. Two balls later, another wicket fell – dismissing Ruengsak Karakam with a run out for 3. At 23.6 overs, Axi Dixit took out Prakit Jantarachit for 5 with the help of Aryan Berry’s catch. Star Rohan takes the last wicket of the match, dismissing Sarawut Maliwan. Thailand lost all batsmen at 67 runs, in just 24.5 overs.


Singapore v Thailand at Club Aman
Thailand won the toss and elected to field
Singapore: 159 all out off 40 overs (R.Rangarajan 56, AR.Bhadelia 30, Siddhant 44; P.Daenmalidoi 3-42)
Thailand: 67 all out off 24.5 overs (R.Rangarajan 3-10)

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Photos by Vincent Phoon

Filed September 12th, 2017