The ACC Eastern Region’s second day at Kinrara Oval hosts the match between Bhutan and Singapore, starting on time in cool morning weather.

Singapore wins the toss and elects to field. An expected decision from a strong team such as Singapore, whose likely strategy is to knock out wicket by wicket in a short amount of time.

Singapore puts forward two of its good bowlers in the first several overs – Aryaman Sunil and Ansh Bhargava who do a good job of preventing runs. The pairing of Jeewan and Ugwen, however, surprises Singapore who are unable to take them down. The pair persevere till the 7th Over with bowler Rohan Rangarajan taking out Ugyen Dorji for 16.

The runs are easy over the next 7 overs, with Bhutan climbing 52 to 1. Aryan Berry decides to put a stop to the easy pace by taking out both Ugyen and incoming Tshering Norbu at the 23rd Over. At this point it is 53 for 3.

Over 26 sees Singapore’s Siddhant taking out another 2 wickets, Tshering Penjor and then Tashi Phuntsho.

Aryan, Siddhant and Rohan succeed in curbing the run rate in the next 5 overs which sees Bhutan’s score painfully rising only 15 points at 76 for 5. over 34 sees another wicket biting the dust - Ngawang Thinley out by Aryaman Sunil. Bhutan is resiliently going for the whole 50 and plays cautiously, inching up 5 points in 4 overs, before losing Gakul Kumar Ghalley bowled out by Siddhant.

At 88 for 7 in the 38th over, Pramesh maintains Bhutans low run rate that sees Dorji Thinley and Leki Wangdup gaining 3 at 39, 6 at 40 and another 3 at Over 41, rounding up the score to 100 for 7. Karthik Divesh returns to take another wicket down – Leki Wangdup leaves Dorji Thinley, who is then bowled out by Aryan Berry in Over 43.

Fiery Yowon Pradhan replaces and scores two 4s in Over 44, sharply raising the score to 111 for 9 before Aryan finally succeeds to best the Bhutan team by bowling out the 10th batsman Nima Weyzer in 44.3 Overs with a score of 112 for 10.

With a target of 113, Singapore enters Abdul Rahman Bhadelia - Rohan Rangarajan pair to bat. The partnership is short-lived when Rohan is bowled out in the first over by Yowong Pradhan.

Incoming Siddhant proves to be more compatible with Abdul Rahman and the pair stay for a long and illustrious term, hitting fabulous 4s and 6s throughout. Overs 8 and 10 see the pair protecting the wicket and taking no risks, while Overs 2 and 14 sees double digit scores hitting a high of 16 at Over 14.

Dorji Thinley bowls his last in the 15th Over to a 6 by Abdul Rahman Bhadelia which takes the score 1 point above target, and right into a 9 wicket victory for Singapore.


Bhutan v Singapore at Kinrara
Singapore won the toss and elected to field
Bhutan: 112 all out off 44.3 overs (U.Dorji 22, N.Thinley 20; Siddanth 3-26, A.Berry 4-13)
Singapore: 114 for 1 off 14.3 overs AR.Bhadelia 51*, Siddhant 58*)

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Photos by Peter Lim

Filed September 11th, 2017