After a long 5-hour delay due to downpour, the field was finally ready for the game, with the overs reduced to 20 only.

Hong Kong won the toss and had sent China to bat first. It was a rough start for China, as the first ball of the match took their opening batsman, Zhuang Zhelin – bowled by Waqas Khan. Hong Kong restricted China from making any runs, as 5 overs later china only stood with 2 runs. At 5.4 overs, two consecutive wickets were taken by man of the match: Harpreet Singh, dismissing Huang Jun Jie and Yan Huawen for none with a bowl. China 2-3 in 5.5 overs.

China fought back with Han Jun Hui’s swings – he delivered two fours off Jhathavedh Sanrkithi’s bowling in the 6th over. Jhathavedh returned in the 8th over to bowl, and took Jun Hui out with a bowl for 13 runs. Another wicket fell as Feng Yu leaves the field for a duck, after an lbw off Jhathavedh. China at a staggering 15-5 with only 10 overs remaining.

11 overs in, Harpreet took two wickets - Ke Tian Sheng caught and bowled for 1 and Zhai Dianda bowled for 1. China was down to their tail-enders and had only made 17 runs.

Jhathavedh returns to bowl and takes out another batsman at 12.6 overs – he bowled Song Yu Lin for none. And just two overs later, Raag Kappur forces Yang Hong Jiang to drop his bat for only 4 runs, walking out as China stood at only 23-9, at 14.4 overs. Raag took the final wicket at his next bowl, dismissing Shi Yu Feng for a duck, leaving Hong Kong with only 24 runs to win the match.

It didn’t take much for Hong Kong to make their win – in the first over they took 8 runs, with a boundary to Sher Yar Saeed. China was able to hold them off with strong, diligent fielding but with only 16 left to chase, the easy target was already within reach. A few balls later, Sher Yar Saeed swung another boundary at 2.5 overs, bringing the score up to 19/1. The next bowl dismissed him, caught and bowled by Feng Yu for 15.

Hong Kong took a few more runs, and it was a soaring hit from Sarfaraz Khan that won Hong Kong the match, at only 4.2 overs, for only 1 wicket-fall.


China v Hong Kong at Club Aman
Hong Kong won the toss and elected to field
China: 23 all out off 14.5 overs (H.Singh 4-5, J.Subramanyan 3-12)
Hong Kong: 24 for 1 off 5 overs

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Photos by Peter Lim

Filed September 10th, 2017