ACC U-19 Women’s Championship 2012 - FINAL: NEPAL v THAILAND - NEPAL THREEPEAT

  • ACC U-19 Women's Championship, Final: Nepal v Thailand at KOC Hubara - TOSS - Nepal won the toss and have elected to field
  • Terrific atmosphere at Kuwait's premier ground, about 300 Nepali supporters here already, and all the teams in tournament barring Hong Kong and UAE who have already departed Kuwait, at the ground. The teams seem to be supporting Thailand, balancing the support that Nepal have. GAME ON!
  • Thailand's openers, their quirky but ever so talented captain Nattakan Chantam RHB and Sainammin Saenya RHB in the middle, feisty Sonu Khadka LFM takes the new ball from the City End
  • Already looks like Thailand are going to be testing the fielders with singles at every opportunity, and at the end of the first over, Thailand are 2 for 0
  • WICKET - Rubina Chhetri RFM strikes with her first ball, Saenya’s bowled attempting a drive, head up, stumps knocked down and Thailand are 2 for 1 at the start of the second
  • The tall Sirintra Saengsakaorat RHB the new bat
  • End of a good over, Rubina Chhetri moves like a panther, Thailand 4 for 1 after two overs
  • Left-armer Sonu Khadka to continue, small lady, skiddy, bowls at pace
  • The biggest crowds we've had at ACC events in Kuwait are for the Afghanistan matches, but there are about 300 Nepali fans here to match the thousands of Afghans in volume at least, plus the 100 or so young cricketing ladies who have already proven their vocal ability
  • Thailand 10 for 1 after three overs
  • Never run on a misfield and never ever run when the ball's in the fielder's hand and you haven't even started your second. Nattakan Chantam calls Sirintra through for a suicide second and Sirintra sacrifices herself, Thailand 11 for 2 in the fourth over
  • Rubina Chhetri has raised her game for this Final, bowling well, Chanida Suthiruang RHB, Thailand's best bat being tested from the moment she takes guard
  • Thailand after being put in, 11 for 2 after four overs
  • Santoshi Kumari RFM comes on at the City End in place of Sonu Khadka 2-0-8-0
  • After two balls, Rubina Chhetri in consultation with the umpires, it seems Santoshi's received an unofficial word about her action. Must be a throwing doubt.
  • After five balls, the official warning does come, it's a no ball. Santoshi had been called up during the semi-final v Bhutan too
  • Thailand 15 for 2 after 5 overs
  • Rubina Chhetri really bending her back today, bowling faster than before - Chanida beaten thrice in a row outside off, flashing
  • Just the one run off Rubina's third over, Thailand 16 for 2 after six
  • Santoshi's been taken off by her captain, Kavita Gautam RFM on at the City End now
  • Indu Varma, the ice maiden, DROPs a sitter at backward point, Nattakan survives, Thailand 17 fo2 2 after seven overs
  • The game now a real arm-wrestle. Nattakan trying to walk down the wicket to new bowler Saraswati Kumari RFM, who's on in place of Rubina 3-0-3-1
  • Saraswati fires in an attempted yorker, Nattakan digs it out, good cricket this
  • MAIDEN by the pony-tailed Saraswati, Thailand 17 for 2 after eight overs
  • Big appeal by wicket-keeper Pratiksha Basyal for a caught behind as Chanida flashes, bowler not interested but Pratiksha goes on and on, MAIDEN - Thailand 17 for 2 after nine overs
  • Nattakan looks like a cat on a hot tin roof, run outs a constant possibility but she strokes the third and fourth and balls of the Saraswati over for FOURS, to long-off and third man, and she is, for all her brain-freezes, a very talented bat, Thailand 29 for 2 after ten overs
  • Nattakan still a run-out waiting to happen, barely makes it home after chancing a run off a bye at the start of the 11th over
  • Nattakan's batting-partner Chanida's screams of 'No' to suicide runs can even be heard above the crowd noise
  • The Nepal Ambassador to Kuwait is in the house, as are the Bangladesh Ambassador and the Malaysian and Thailand First Secretaries. Crowd swelling to about 800
  • Thailand 33 for 2 after 11 overs
  • Sangeeta Gauchan OB on in place of Saraswati 2-1-12-0 at the Ahmadi End
  • Sangeeta's singing now! WICKET Nattakan's bowled trying to play a shot on the back foot - she goes for 22, big wicket, and Thailand are 35 for 3 in the twelfth
  • Phira-on Kamla - a hitter through and through is in. Tricky situation
  • Phira-on DROPPED first ball she faces at cover, juggled and popped out, overhead chance, Thailand 36 for 3 after 12 overs. Tension Tension Tension
  • Thailand need someone to play with trademark joy, Phira-on might be that person. Nepal aren't a bag of smiles either at the moment, it's super-competitive cricket
  • Thailand 38 for 3 after 13 overs, DRINKS, Chanida 4* off 29 balls, has been playing and missing repeatedly
  • About 500 Nepali fans in the ground now, the 150 neutrals seem to be pro-Thailand just to balance things out
  • Thailand 42 for 3 after 14 overs
  • Another run-out chance, the dive saves Phira-on Kamla at the start of the 15th over
  • We're joined by Bhutan's coach Damber Singh Gurung whose team lost that intense tussle with Nepal in the semi-final....
  • As Phira-on slams a FOUR, one bounce over the long-off fielder in the end, and Thailand are 50 for 3 after 15 overs
  • Damber "Thailand should maintain the run-rate with singles, six an over, keep a good batsman in hand for the last five overs, 110-120 will be good enough looking at the Thailland bowling attack and fielders."
  • Damber: "From the Nepal point of view, Nepal are bowling well, if the bowlers can take one or two wickets in the next few overs, Thailand are going to be in trouble, Nepal have had chances but they're still very much in it, Thailand are pushing the fielders hard. It's going to be a close game if Thailand get to 120. Nepal have good straight-hitting batters."
  • Our thanks to Damber, he thinks its going to be close. A lot on these next few overs - Sonu Khadka LMF comes back at the City End, Kavita 5-0-13-0 and Thailand are 54 for 3 after 16 overs
  • WICKET Thailand's second confirmed suicide, Chanida run-out going for a second to square leg, she's out for 10, Thailand 58 for 4 after 16.3 overs
  • Crazier and crazier! Phira-on Kamla run out for 12 by Sonu Khadka (who else?) backing up too far next delivery! Thailand 58 for 5 (it's still 16.3 overs as the ball wasn't released)
  • Wongpaka Liengprasaert is joined by tiny (even tinier than Sonu Khadka) Suleeporn Laomi all of 13-years old.
  • Suleeporn's quite a leg-spinning prodigy, 13 wickets so far this tournament, she now has to bat like a grown-up
  • Especially now that there’s another WICKET Wongpaka's bowled by Sangeeta, there's spin in this track, the bowler's second, Thailand 61 for 6 in the 18th over
  • Thailand 61 for 6 after 18 overs, Areeya P. joins Sureeporn in the middle
  • Thailand 64 for 6 after 19 overs, Nepal on top, but Thailand still trying their best to play out the full 25 and score as many as possible. Suleeporn batting well too. Sangeeta OB bowling well, Thailand 68 for 6 after 20 overs
  • No big shots being attempted, nudge and deflect mode for these Thai batsmen
  • Sangeeta 5-0-16-2 is replaced by her captain Rubina Chhetri at the Ahmadi End, Thailand 69 for 6 after 21 overs
  • Rubina fires in a full-pitched delivery, knocks back Suleeporn's off-stump WICKET, she's out for 7, Thailand 69 for 7 in the 22nd over
  • Thailand 71 for 7 after 22 overs, Suthida Chaichana joins Areeya P. in the middle, Sonu Khadka back on at the City End 3-0-14-0 so far
  • WICKET Mamta takes the skew moving to her right, head high at cover, Suthida's out, Thailand 72 for 8 in the 23rd
  • The crowd now circling 3/4 of this KOC Hubara ground
  • Thailand 72 for 8 after 23 overs
  • Suicide Number 3 - Areeya runs herself out attempting a bye, Pratiksha Basyal the Nepali 'keeper throws down the stumps with a direct hit from 15 feet, Thailand 74 for 9 in the 24th over
  • Rubina picks up her third, Mamta C. takes her second catch and Thailand lose their tenth WICKET - Thailand all out for 74 after 23.4 overs
  • As fast as they can run, Thailand nevertheless shot themselves in the foot in that innings, three run-outs sapped all their momentum, and they lost wickets at critical times. Nepal did what they're renowned for - bowl straight, field close to perfectly and when on top went for the jugular. Nepali game sense v Thai naivete? We'll ask a Test cricketer sitting beside me in just a moment...INNINGS BREAK
  • Monjurul Islam, Bangladesh Test and ODI cricketer 1997-2006, currently China's youth teams coach: "Until 15 overs, Thailand were going well, two run-outs and that one backing -up went against them.The backing-up one isn't in the spirit of the game I think, if Thailand are to win they need three or four wickets in the first ten overs. We've played against both teams, as a team based on their game sense and experience I've got to go for Nepal to win." Comfortable win? "A final is always a final and everything in a low-scoring match depends on the first 10 overs. Thailand's spinners are the key for them, especially the young leg-spinner. And their fielding - quick to the ball - is important. Nepal's batting is good, especially in a chase."
  • Our thanks to Monjurul Islam for his expert analysis, the teams take the field, Anuradha Chaudhary RHB and Dropati Kunwar RHB the Nepal openers, the fearsome Nattakan Chantam (at least her batting partners fear her) Thailand's captain, takes the new ball
  • Anuradha's been in no sort of form this tournament and is lbw for 0 fifth ball, Thailand have the early WICKET, Nepal 0 for 1
  • Phira-on Kamla, a fine bowler, bowls a heavy ball wicket to wicket on at the City End
  • The helmetless Dropati Kunwar tries to avoid a length balll aimed at leg-stump and hears the stumps fall, Phira-on strikes WICKET Nepal 0 for 2 in the second over
  • The second WICKET MAIDEN in a row, Nepal 0 for 2 after two overs, their supporters in the crowd trying to rouse them, the Thai fans respond. Terrific atmosphere!
  • Indu Varma and Kavita Gautam the Nepal bats
  • Nattakan really running in hard, smooth, fast. She is some talent
  • FOUR WIDES Nattakan pushes one down leg - fast, Nepal 5 for 2 in the third
  • Nepal 9 for 2 after three overs
  • The Thai 'keeper can't quite collect a bullet throw and release from tiny Suleeporn and Kavita survives a run-out CHANCE
  • Phira-on difficult to handle at the moment, ball hitting bat rather than the other way around, Nepal 13 for 2 after four overs (Target 75, 25 overs)
  • Nepal 16 for 2 after 5 overs (Target 75, 25 overs)
  • MAIDEN - Phira-on Kamla testing and besting but not quite finding the edge of Kavita's bat, Nepal 17 for 2 after six overs
  • Jenjira Mayoe RMF on at the Ahmadi End in place of Nattakan 3-0-12-1
  • WICKET - dollied up to short extra by Kavita off the front foot, Sirintra takes the offering, Nepal 19 for 3 in the seventh
  • Rubina Chhetri walks into bat - captain of Nepal, senior team player, quality through and through, hasn't made or had to make too many runs so far this competition, will have to today. Still plenty of time left
  • Nepal 19 for 3 after seven overs (Target 75, 25 overs)
  • WICKET - Phira-on has Indu Varma caught behind first ball of the eighth over, pitched on a length, shaded away, Nepal 19 for 4 now
  • Mamta Chaudhary RHB in, a good utility player
  • Phira-on 4-2-9-2, Nepal 24 for 4 after eight overs
  • Nepal need another 51 in 17 overs to win
  • FOUR - Rubina Chhetri just places one square, half-cut, half-drive, Jenjira bowling short on a regular basis, Nepal 29 for 4 after nine overs (Target 75, 25 overs)
  • Suleeporn Laomi 13 wickets for 36 runs on at the City End in place of Phira-on Kamla
  • Suleeporn a skiddy spinner, just gets enough bite to move the ball, pitching it on a length
  • FOUR - Mamta cuts, beats cover, top shot, Nepal 37 for 4 after 10 overs (Target 75, 25 overs)
  • Ground perimeter lights have been switched on by the organisers, its gettng dark here
  • Mamta and Rubina playing well, not attempting anything over-ambitious, playing each ball on its merits, Nepal 40 for 4 after 11 overs (Target 75, 25 overs)
  • Thailand just didn't put enough runs on the board, same as the group game between the two three days ago, but low-scoring games in Finals are always games of nerve as much as skill. Nepal have a habit of winning tight ones and Thailand don't
  • Suleeporn's second over ends, three off it, Nepal 43 for 4 after 12 overs (Target 75, 25 overs)
  • Nepal 48 for 4 after 13 overs (Target 75, 25 overs) DRINKS Rubina 9*, Mamta 12*
  • Nepal 53 for 4 after 14 overs (Target 75, 25 overs)
  • Nattakan Chantam RFM brings herself back on, wants wickets, Nepal can amble this home they way they're going
  • Rubina's just going to see Nattakan off, defending stoutly, Nepal 55 for 4 after 15 overs (Target 75, 25 overs)
  • Mamta Chaudhary's played really well, 18*, Rubina 12*, Nepal 60 for 4 after 16 overs (Target 75, 25 overs)
  • Nepal 62 for 4 after 17 overs (Target 75, 25 overs)
  • Suleeporn not really settled or been allowed to settle into a rhythm today and Nepal's batters considerably better than the others in the competition, bowled reasonably well, but not well enough or had enough runs to play with, 5-0-25-0, Nepal 68 for 4 after 18 overs FIFTY PARTNERSHIP between Mamta and Rubina (Target 75, 25 overs)
  • Nepal 68 for 4 after 19 overs (Target 75, 25 overs)
  • Phira-on on for one last effort
  • Just one run off the over, but that doesn't matter as much as the fact there were no wickets, Phira-on finishes with 5-2-10-2, Nepal 69 for 4 after 20 overs (Target 75, 25 overs)
  • Rubina pulls a FOUR off Areeya P. EMPHATIC, Nepal two runs away now, 21st over
  • Two to Rubina through cover and NEPAL WIN BY SIX WICKETS with four overs to spare chasing 75
  • Rubina Chhetri finishes on 24*, Mamta on 21*, Partnership of 56* in 89 balls to win the match, great effort by them. Thailand disappointed with the bat but they have huge potential and will continue to have great matches with Nepal in the future. The Asian Cricket Council's congratulations go to Nepal, winners of the ACC U-19 Championship for the third consecutive time

ACC U-19 Women's Championship 2012

Nepal v Thailand at KOC Hubara
Nepal won the toss and elected to field
Thailand: 74 all out off 22.4 overs (R.Chhetri 3-7)
Nepal: 75 for 4 off 21 overs
Player of the Match: Rubina Chhetri (Nepal)

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Filed February 10th, 2012