ACC U-19 Women’s Championship 2012 - DAY 5: THAILAND v UAE

  • ACC U-19 Women's Championship, Day 4, Group A: Thailand v UAE at KOC Hubara, Kuwait - TOSS - UAE won the toss and chose to bat. Both teams field unchanged XIs from their matches yesterday. Play gets under way in just over five minutes.
  • UAE will be hoping for a raised batting performance, they've been averaging 90 in their three matches so far and it hasn't been enough. Thailand are sharp in the field and probably a better bowling side overalll. Thailand must win to ensure their semi-final place.
  • Kyna Vedhasinghe RHB and Petule Nadar RHB the UAE openers, Nattakan Chantam RFM the Thai captain takes the new ball from the Ahmadi End. About 12 degrees this morning here in Kuwait, overnight dews just burning off the outfield as the sun starts its morning climb
  • One wide in the opening over, UAE 1 for 0
  • Steady stuff from Phira-on Kamla RFM from the City End, UAE 3 for 0 after two overs
  • MAIDEN - by Nattakan Chantam to Kyna Vedasinghe, beat the bat once, the rest firm defensive pushes, UAE 3 for 0 after three
  • MAIDEN - by Phira-on to Petule, beat the bat once, the rest driven to fielders, UAE 3 for 0 after four overs
  • UAE showing the merits of playing straight but a little more timing and conviction would stretch the fielders
  • Kyna V. gets a single off the last ball of Chantam's over and UAE are 5 for 0 after five overs
  • WICKET - Petule Nadar run-out, sets off for a single but can't beat mid-off's throw and UAE are 6 for 1 in the sixth over
  • WICKET - Shambhavi Gupta out first ball, just spoons one up to Wongpaka at cover, Phira-on strikes, UAE 6 for 2 in the sixth over
  • Bonifilia Perera LHB survives the hat-trick ball and a big appeal for lbw last ball of the over, UAE 8 for 2 after six overs
  • Jenjira Mayoe RFM, impressive yesterday against Nepal, five very tight overs, on at the Ahmadi End in place of her captain Nattakan Chantam 3-1-3-0
  • WICKET - Jenjira slices through Bonifilia's push forward to knock down off and middle and UAE are 8 for 3 in the seventh
  • UAE captain Humair Tasneem again walks in to a crisis situation for her team, a stroke player who keeps finding herself having to rebuild
  • UAE 10 for 3 after seven overs
  • Sureeporn Laomi LB on at the City End, tiny girl, really fizzes them through and a genuine threat. Phira-on Kamla 3-1-5-1
  • UAE 14 for 3 after nine overs
  • WICKET - Humaira Tasneem run-out trying to push things along, Thailand confirm they're still the best fielding side in the competition, Tasneem 4, UAE 16 for 4 in the 10th
  • Spoorthy Prakash LHB the new UAE bat, UAE 16 for 4 after 10 overs
  • Kyna Vedhasinghe, in from the start, doubles her score, FOUR through mid-off, driving the little Thai leg-spinner powerfully struck, UAE 21 for 4 in the twelfth
  • WICKET - trying to repeat the stroke three balls later, holes out to mid-off, Nattakan pouching, Laomi's first wicket, UAE 21 for 5 after 12 overs
  • WICKET - Spoorthy Prakash gets what looks like a slow and high full-toss from Jenjira, swings hard, baseball style, misses and the ball lands at the base of middle, UAE 24 for 6 in the thirteenth over
  • Esha James LHB, joins Aysha Naushadkhan RHB in the middle, tiny tykes, full of heart, skill and talent, 'boys on the burning deck' as it were, UAE 24 for 6 after 13 overs DRINKS
  • Sureeporn Laomi at four foot finally has players she can see eye to eye with, though truth be told, Esha and Aysha are even taller than the little leg-spinner
  • UAE 25 for 6 after 14 overs
  • WICKET UAE 29 for 7 in the 17th over, Esha James of the booming off-side strokes, deceived by Areeya P. RFM, bowled round her legs
  • WICKET UAE 29 for 8 after 17 overs, Aysha N. caught by Nattakan at mid-off, Areeya's second wicket in her first over
  • Nashra Siddiqui RHB and Samiya Saleem LHB the UAE bats
  • Phira-on Kamla RFM takes over from Sureeporn Laomi 5-0-12-1 at the City End
  • Nattakan Chantam RFM wants some wickets, takes off Areeya who had taken two in her first over, and brings herself on at the Ahmadi End
  • Nattakan Chantam (bowling in her bikers' sunglasses) trying too hard, no rhythm, UAE 34 for 8 after 19 overs
  • Phira-on Kamla unleashes a fast one WICKET bowls the swinging Samiya, out for 5, and UAE are 36 for after 20 overs
  • Nattakan finishes it - WICKET - Thailand's bowlers haven't really needed the umpires's decisions this tournament, Nashra last out for 0, UAE finish on 37 off 20.3 overs
  • Four round the bat as Nattakan Chantam RHB, Thailand's captain take strike against Shamnbhavi Gupta OB at the start of the Thai innings
  • FOUR - second ball, Nattakan off the mark with a pwerful pull through square leg (Target 38, 25 overs)
  • Thailand 9 for 0 at the end of the first (Target 38, 25 overs)
  • FOUR - Chanida Sutthiruang RHB has a Sehwagian attitude, if the ball's there to be hit she'll hit it, no matter where, no matter when, FOUR, driven through long-off, top shot Thailand 9 for 0 in the second over (Target 38, 25 overs)
  • FOUR - Nattakan Chantam copies the Chanida stroke, shot of real authority, this girl can play, scoring ng at will, Thailand 27 for 0 after two overs, (Target 37, 25 overs)
  • Four round the bat means there are wide open spaces, Chnaida and Nattakan take advantage, Shambhavi Gupta suffering, Thailand racing
  • Thailand 34 for 0 after 3 overs (Target 37, 25 overs)
  • Humaira Tasneem OB brings herself on at the City End
  • CHANCE of a stumping second ball of her over, Chanida survives
  • Chanida nudges for two and THAILAND WIN BY TEN WICKETS, Thailand 38 for 0 after 4 overs

ACC U-19 Women's Championship 2012

Group A:
Thailand v UAE at KOC Hubara
UAE won the toss and chose to bat
UAE: 37 all out off 20.3 overs
Thailand: 38 for 0 off 4 overs
Player of the Match: Sureeporn Laomi (Thailand)

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Filed February 7th, 2012