ACC U-19 Women’s Championship 2012 - DAY 4: NEPAL PUSHED HARD

  • ACC U-19 Women's Championship, Day 4, Group A: Nepal v Thailand: TOSS - Thailand won the toss and have chosen to bat.
  • Much warmer morning than others so far this tournament in Kuwait, about 12 degrees already and there isn't that chilling wind from the north. Bright sunshine.
  • Thailand's effervescent captain Nattakan Chantam and little Sainammin Saenya RHBs both walk out to bat. Nepal's captain Rubina Chhetri RMF takes the new ball. Chhetri v Chantam is a key battle
  • Nepal top Group A at present, Thailand need one more win from their remaining two matches to pip China to a semi-final place
  • Just the one run from the Rubina over, the ball kept up to the bat, around the off-peg, Nattakan off the mark. Sonu Khadka takes the new ball from the Ahmadi End at KOC Hubara and Thailand are 1 for 0 after 1 over
  • Steady too, from Sonu Khadka LFM, good line and length, Thailand 2 for 0 after 2 overs
  • Rubina Chhetri finding inswing to the right-handers, Chantam's defending well, bat and pad close together, until WICKET, one comes through the small gate and Chantam after facing all 17 deliveries of the innings so far is out for 2. Thailand 2 for 1 in the third over
  • Little Sainammin off the mark with a flat-batted drive off the hustling Sonu Khadka, didn't quite time it and mid-off lets it through her legs, three to her and Thailand 5 for 1 after three overs
  • Thailand 10 for 1 after 5 overs, Sirintra Saengsakaorat RHB with Sainammin Saenya RHB in the middle, not a single loose ball by Nepal so far
  • Sonu Khadka drops one short and Sirintra helps it round for Thailand's first FOUR, Thailand 15 for 1 in the sixth
  • Saraswati Kumari RFM on in place of Rubina Chhetri 3-0-7-1 at the City End, Thailand 20 for 1 after six overs
  • Santoshi Kumari RFM replaces Sonu Khadka 3-0-10-0 at the Ahmadi End, Thailand 21 for 1 after seven overs
  • Thailand pushing the ones, 25 for 1 after eight overs
  • MAIDEN by Saraswati to Sirintra, full-length deliveries all, on the stumps, and Thailand remain on 25 for 1, nine overs gone
  • WICKET Sainnamin mistimes an attempted drive and is caught by Santoshi in her follow through to her left, out for 9, Thailand 25 for 2 in the tenth over
  • Chanida Suthirang 68* v China yesterday comes in to bat
  • Saraswati RFM bowling well, good change of pace, and keeping the ball right up to the bat, Thailand 29 for 2 after 10 overs, just four wides bowled by Nepal so far
  • Thailand 34 for 2 after 11 overs
  • Thailand 35 for 2 after 13 overs DRINKS
  • Accurate bowling from Nepal so far, the four seamers all keeping the ball on and around off-stump, on a full-length. Thailand's batters have flashed and missed several times. Wicket playing a little low. Good contest.
  • Three balls into the resumption and the umpires seem to have pulled up Santoshi Kumari for 'throwing', it's not an official warning, otherwise it would be a no-ball but Santoshi's now trying out a fresh action, Thailand 38 for 2 after 14 overs
  • Crowd swelling, 40 Nepali supporters. And a drum
  • Thailand 42 for 2 after 16 overs, runs drying up as bat is not being laid on ball, Sirintra 20*, Chanida 4*, Santoshi 5-0-14-1, Saraswati 5-0-6-0
  • Thailand 49 for 2 after 17 overs
  • Sangeeta Gauchan LB replaces Santoshi 5-0-14-1 at the Ahmadi End
  • Sangeeta pitching a little short and being cut through point four balls of the over, Thailand 56 for 2 after 18 overs, seven to go
  • Rubina's first ball back and Chanida pulls her for FOUR, Thailand 60 for 2 in the 19th
  • Sangeeta Gauchan looks quite a prospect, tosses the ball up, gets bounce and finding turn, a perfectly pitched leg-break to end the twentieth over, Thailand 66 for 2 with five overs to go
  • Just one run off the Rubina over, Thailand 67 for 2 after 21
  • WICKET, Sangeeta Gauchan bowls Chanida, driving, and Thailand are 67 for 3 at the start of the 22nd over
  • Thailand 71 for 3 after 22 overs and will be hitting out from now on surely
  • Sonu Khadka LMF 3-0-13-0 so far repalces Rubina Chhetri 5-1-15-1 at the Ahmadi End
  • WICKET crowd favourite Phira-o Kamla run out by Indu Varma, even favouriter, at point and Thailand are 72 for 4 in the 22nd
  • Thailand 80 for 4 with one over to go
  • Thailand finish on 86 for 4 off their 25 overs (S.Saengsakaorat 34*)
  • A competitive total by Thailand, but its Nepal who go into the innings break the happier team, 86 is a par score on this slow, low surface. Timing was difficult all morning, and with Nepal bowling so tightly big shots weren't easy. Sirintra pushed and nudged and held the innings together, Rubina Chhetri the pick of the Nepali bowlers with 1-15.
  • Thailand's captain Nattakan Chantam RFM takes the new ball from the City End, Shilu Rijal RHB and Anuradha Chaudhary RHB the Nepali batters
  • Nepal 5 for 0 after 1 over (Target 87, 25 overs)
  • Phira-on Kamla RFM to bowl from the Ahmadi End
  • Nepal 9 for 0 after 2 overs (Target 87, 25 overs) Phira-on Kamla testing Shilu Rijal
  • WICKET Nepal 10 for 1 in the third over (Target 87, 25 overs) crazy run-out, Nepal ran on a wide ball, completed one run, then found both batters at the bowler's end Anuradha has to go
  • WICKET - Nattakan Chantam traps Shilu Rijal in front, lbw for 1, Nepal 12 for 2 in the third over (Target 87, 25 overs)
  • Both teams look better bowling sides than batting. A real contest developing. Thailand have the edge in the field though
  • WICKET - Another run-out! Kavita Gautam out for 0, 1 ball faced, Nepal 13 for 3 after three overs
  • Rubina Chhetri and Indu Varma RHBs in the middle for Nepal, they need 74 more to win, 22 overs remaing
  • Nepal 15 for 3 after 5 overs (Target 87, 25 overs)
  • Both Phira-on Kamla and Nattakan Chantam RFMs bowling as well as the Nepali opening bowlers did
  • Nepal 17 for 3 after 6 overs (Target 87, 25 overs)
  • Jenjira Mayoe RM comes on at the Ahmadi End in place of Nattakan 3-0-10-1
  • Good over by little Jenjira, Nepal 18 for 3 after 7 overs (Target 87, 25 overs)
  • Sureeporn Laomi LB comes on at the City End in place of Phira-on Kamla 3-07-0
  • Thailand's bowlers getting progressively tinier
  • Laomi proving expensive though she is a wicket-taker, Nepal 28 for 3 after 8 overs (Target 87, 25 overs)
  • CHANCE of a run-out spurned, Chanida's throw from mid-off wayward, Indu Varma survives, aNepal 29 for 3 after 9 overs (Target 87, 25 overs)
  • P.Areeya replaces S.Laomi at the City End
  • Nepal 34 for 3 after 10 overs, Indu 13*, Rubina 8* (Target 87, 25 overs)
  • CHANCE of a catch at backward point, Laomi gets both hands to the slash, Indu Varma survives, Nepal 37 for 3 after 11 overs (Target 87, 25 overs)
  • WICKET a cat has only so many lives, the feline Rubina's yorked by Areeya and Nepal end the twelfth over on 41 for 4 (Target 87, 25 overs)
  • Jenjira Mayoe RFM 3-0-5-0 doing a good job for her team from the Ahmadi End, Pratiksha Basyal RHB the new Nepali bat, Indu Varma's still there, crowd of 100+ at the KOC Hubara ground
  • WICKET - Jenjira gets one through Pratiksha and Nepal are 45 for 3 at the half-way stage, (Target 87, 25 overs)
  • Mamta Chaudhary the new Nepali bat, Indu V. 20*, Nepal 45 for 5 after 13 overs (Target 87, 25 overs)
  • Nepal are 49 for 5 after 14 overs, (Target 87, 25 overs)
  • Nepal are 50 for 5 after 15 overs, (Target 87, 25 overs), Jenjira Mayoe finishes with 5-0-9-1, fine bowling under pressure
  • FOUR, Indu V. cover drives to the boundary, Nepal are 57 for 5 after 16 overs, (Target 87, 25 overs)
  • Sureeporn Laomi LB 1-0-10-0 replaces Jenjira at the Ahmadi End, critical stage of the match, not enough runs to play with to buy a wicket
  • But she is a potential wicket-taker, fizzing top-spinners
  • Nepal are 59 for 5 after 17 overs, (Target 87, 25 overs)
  • Areeya finishes with 5-0-27-1, Indu V. 30*, Mamta C. 7*, Nepal are 66 for 5 after 18 overs, (Target 87, 25 overs)
  • One feels the game has a couple more twists and turns in it, Nepal in the ascendancy at the moment
  • Fielders on the midwicket, long-on and cover boundary for leg-spinner Laomi, but long-off is vacant and Indu Vaarma powers a drive for FOUR thrrough there, Nepal 73 for 5 after 19 overs (Target 87, 25 overs)
  • Phira-on Kamla RFM 3-0-7-0 comes back, from the City End
  • Mamta Chaudhary batting very soundly
  • Nepal 78 for 5 after 20 overs, Indu V. 37*, Mamta C. 10* (Target 87, 25 overs)
  • Nattakan Chantam RFM 3-0-10-1 back on at the Ahmadi End
  • Nepal 84 for 5 after 21 overs, partnership of 41 so fsar for the sixth wicket between Indu V. and Mamta C. (Target 87, 25 overs)
  • WICKET - Mamta Chaudhary's run-out by point, at the 'keeper's end, Nepal 84 for 6 in the 22nd, three runs wanted, 16 balls left
  • Sonu Khadka's trying to finish it with one shot!
  • Sureeporn throws down the wicket, direct-hit from point, but Indu V's gazelled it in and Nepal are 85 for 6 with three overs to go and two needed to win
  • Sonu DROPPED - relative dolly and the run-out's missed too! Sonu survives, Nepal need just one to win
  • Indu cuts to backward point and NEPAL HAVE WON BY FOUR WICKETS
  • Thailand pushed Nepal hard and had their chances in the field, but having batted first just couldn't put up enough runs on the board, thanks to a disciplined Nepali bowling attack that gave little away. The ball came on to the bat better as the morning progressed too, which helped Nepal but it is Nepal who go through to the semi-finals unbeaten and Thailand must beat UAE tomorrow to be sure of joining them there

ACC U-19 Women's Championship 2012

Group A:
Nepal v Thailand at KOC Hubara
Thailand won the toss and chose to bat
Thailand: 86 for 4 off 25 overs (S.Saengsakaorat 34*)
Nepal: 87 for 6 off 22.3 overs (I.Varma 40*)
Player of the Match: Indu Varma (Nepal)

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Filed February 6th, 2012