ACC U-19 Women’s Championship 2012 - DAY 2: HONG KONG v QATAR

  • TOSS - Qatar won the toss and have chosen to bat, play gets under way in 12 minutes from now
  • Hong Kong have made one change from the XI yesterday, Rachel Eames makes way for Li Yan Pui
  • Qatar have made two changes from the XI yesterday, Feba Beilbey and Aisha Rehman coming in for Rechita Rajesh and Harshita Rastogi
  • Captain to captain to start, Mariko Hill RMF of Hong Kong to Yasmeen Gul LHB
  • FOUR WIDES (Hong Kong bowled more than 50 yesterday) are followed by a WICKET as Mariko Hill gets one past the groping bat of Yasmeen Gul and Qatar are 4 for 1, five balls gone
  • Kiki Kan RM from the Ahmadi End, Hiral Agarwal the opener on strike, Huda Malik (top-score with 20 yesterday in Qatar's defeat to Kuwait) with her in the middle
  • What do those Australian grade coaches say about bowlers? 'Good lines'? Mariko Hill has better lines today than yesterday, on and around off-stump for the most part and is on and around off-stump as a matter of course
  • Hasn't got that stutter before her delivery stride today, Mariko Hill, far more fluid, and is bowling the better for it, Qatar 14 for 1 in the third over
  • Huda Malik thumps a drive past Kiki Kan in her follow-through, FOUR to long-off and Qatar are 20 for 1 at the start of the fourth over
  • Qatar 21 for 1 after 4 oversthird man and cover on the boundary for Mariko Hill now, Huda Malik looks like she'll drive anything pitched up
  • WICKET Mariko Hill traps Hiral Agarwal in front of the stumps, lbw, and Qatar are 21 for 2 in the 5th over
  • WICKET, two in two balls, Rizpha Bano has her off-bail trimmed by a beauty and Qatar are 27 for 3 after 5 overs. MAriko Hill will be on a hat-trick at the start of her next over
  • Mariko Hill keeps that hat-trick in abeyance, takes herself off, 3-0-18-3, Chan Sau Ha SLA on at the City End
  • Amanda Kwok replaces Kiki Kan 3-0-13-0 at the Ahmadi End
  • Don't know if oil has been put on, but Chan Sau Ha is pretty slippery today, tossing the ball up, landing on a length and finding bounce and a bit of turn, two runs off her second over, Qatar 42 for 3 after 9 overs
  • Qatar 49 for 3 after 10 overs, Huda Malik 18*
  • Big WICKET, Huda Malil's bowled by one that comes in, Chan Sau Ha strikes and Qatar are 51 for 4 after 11 overs
  • Qatar after winning the toss, 53 for 4 after 12 overs,
  • Chan Sau Ha bowling well, especially considering the revelation from her coach that she's been throwing up all morning, 4-0-11-1 so far, Qatar 56 for 4 after 13 overs
  • DRINKS - Hong Kong better in the field today, though Qatar are not quite the opposition that Bhutan were yesterday. Bowers have been straighter and the apprentice 'keeper Dominique McCusker has therefore had it easier. Qatar will be hoping to get to 100
  • Manali Kadam 13* and Akansha Anil 0* the not out bats for Qatar, Qatar 59 for 4 after 14 overs
  • FOUR - Manali Kadam swings a high Chan Sau Ha full toss to square leg, Qatar 64 for 4 in the 15th over
  • Chan Sau Ha 5-0-21-1, Qatar 69 for 4 with 10 overs to go
  • Akansha Anil has an Ian Bell trickle on the stumps experience, Amanda Kwok picking up a WICKET MAIDEN, she finishes her spell, 5-1-13-1, Qatar 69 for 5 after 16 overs, Manali Kadam 18*
  • Annie Ho RM replaces Chan Sau Ha at the City End, the ball hasn't been leaving the square for quite some time, much rests on Manali Kadam RHB for Qatar if they are to get to and past 100
  • FOUR - Manali Kadam swings one to backward square off Sheriza Wadhwani OB
    Just the one scoring stroke off the Wadhwani over, could have had Kadam out too a couple of times, Qatar 73 for 5 after 18 overs
  • WICKET - Annie Ho strikes, Anjali Nair out lbw for 1, Qatar 77 for 6 in the 19th
  • Qatar 78 for 6 after 19 overs, Sheriza Wadhwani OB to continue from the Ahmadi End
  • Two runs off the Wadghwani over, ball kept right up to the bat, Manali Kadam 20* checked, Qatar 80 for 6 with 5 overs to go
  • Cary Chan RM comes on at the City End for her first over, MAnlai Kadam 23*, Khadija Ahmad 3*, Qatar 80 for 6 after 20 overs
  • Cary Chan LM a little under the Kadam hammer that over, and spraying it, Qatar 95 for 6 after 21 overs
  • Qatar 100 for 6 after 22 overs, Manali Kadam 29*
  • Mariko Hill back on - on a hat-trick from the sixth over
  • The hat-trick ball is kept out by Manali Kadam
  • Qatar 111 for 6 after 23 overs, Manali Kadam 35*, a FOUR to fine leg finish the over
  • Yaz Daswani, I promise you, Manali Kadam is Inzama-esque, 39* and her team are singing her name, Qatar 121for 6 in the 24th over
  • One over to go, Qatar 124 for 6
  • WICKET - Mariko Hill misses the Khadija Ahmad caught and bowled but has the presence of mind to underarm a direct hit on to the stumps to run the striker out, good hand for her in support of Manali Kadam and Qatar are 127 for 7 with three balls to go
  • WICKET off the last ball, Aaliya lbw as Mariko Hill finishes with 5-0-32-4, but its been Manali Kadam's day, 42*, survived a run-out chance on 29, but kept going, spanked anything wayward and kept the good balls out, Qatar finsih on a challenging 130 for 8, Hong Kong's top order are going to have to go some
  • Annie Ho and Dom McCusker the Hong Kong openers are out in the middle, Yasmeen Gul SLA, Qatar' s captain with the new ball, Hong Kong's target is 131 in 25 overs
  • Three off the first over from the blue bandanned Qatar captain and Hong Kong are 3 for 0 (Target 131, 25 overs)
  • Manali Kadam LB (also in a blue bandanna) can do no wrong today WICKET - knocks back Annie Ho's middle stump with her second ball, Hong Kong 3 for 1 in the second over
  • Akansha Anil RM comes on for the third over at the City End, new bat Hong Kong cap tain Mariko Hill greets her with a FOUR driven through backward point, Hong Kong 12 for 1 in the third over (Target 131, 25 overs)
  • Qatar's bowling is not threatening but given the situation it's a pressure chase for Hong Kong. Dom McCusker yet to find her timing, Mariko Hill seems content to push the ones and twos. Hong Kong 22 for 1 after 4 overs (Target 131, 25 overs)
  • WICKET - the big one, Akansha Anil RM, beats the slightly cramped forward defensive from Mariko Hill lbw for 11 and Qatar are delighted, Hong Kong 23 for 2 at the start of the fifth over
  • WICKET - two in two balls, Cary Chan is bowled! Qatar have this match in a potential death-grip, Hong Kong close to being upset, 23 for 3 in the fifth over
  • Hong Kong 33 for 3 after 6 overs, Chan Sau and Dom McCusker at the crease, the skies are closing in, the sun's disappeared behind some clouds, it's tue grit from now on if Hong Kong are to win this, a lot going right for Qatar this past hour (Target 131, 25 overs)
  • Huda MAlaik RM replaces Manali Kadam 3--10-19-1 at the Ahmadi End, Hong Kong 37 for 3 after 7 overs (Target 131, 25 overs)
  • WICKET - Chan Sau Ha caught and bowled for 4 by Huda Malik and the sun's shining on Qatar now, Hong Kong 37 for 4 in the eight over (Target 131, 25 overs)
  • More headgear than a Californian organic produce fair on display by the Qatari players, whatever they're wearing it's working, Hong Kong's runs off the bat have dried up and they're falling way behind the clock, Hong Kong 42 for 4 after 9 overs, Dom McCusker in from the start on 8*, Sheriza Wadhwani 1* (Target 131, 25 overs)
  • WICKET - Dom MCCusker's bowled by Huda Malik for 11, Hong Kong 42 for 5 in the 10th over (Target 131, 25 overs)
  • Amanda Kwok RHB the new Hong Kong batter
  • WICKET - Amanda Kwok beaten by the lack of pace! Bowled by Hiral Agarwal for 1, Hong Kong 49 for 6 after 11 overs (Target 131, 25 overs)
  • To Yee Shan RHB is the new Hong Kong bat, joining Sheriza Wadhwani 12*, Hong Kong 54 for 6 after 13 overs (Target 131, 25 overs) DRINKS
  • WICKET Sheriza Wadhwani bowed by Agarwal for 12, trying to work a straight ball to leg, Qatar's coach can be eard claiming credit for the wicket (!) for his filed-placement (!) and Hong Kong are 54 for 7 after 14 overs (Target 131, 25 overs)
  • WICKET - Huda Malik strikes again, Ruchitha Venkatesh is bowled for 2, Hong Kong 60 for 8 in the 16th over
  • Another WICKET Li Yan Pui bowled second ball on her international debut, Huda Malik takes her fourth, Hong Kong 60 for 9 after 16 overs, their target was 131 from 25 overs
  • WICKET and it's all over, Hong Kong all out for 62 off 16.3 overs QATAR HAVE WON BY 68 RUNS
  • Player of the Match for her 20 runs and four wickets is Huda Malik. Hong Kong well below expectations but shouldn't lose heart. Qatar's youngsters get a big boost from this, beating Hong Kong is a big deal.

ACC U-19 Women's Championship 2012

Group B:
Hong Kong v Qatar at KOC Hubara
Qatar won the toss and chose to bat
Qatar: 130 for 8 off 25 overs (M.Kadam 42*; M.Hill 4-34)
Hong Kong: 62 all out off 16.3 overs (H.Malik 4-8, H.Agarwal)
Player of the Match: Huda Malik (Qatar)

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Filed February 4th, 2012