ACC U-19 Women’s Championship 2012 - DAY 2: MALAYSIA v NEPAL

  • TOSS - Nepal won the toss and have chosen to bat, an unchanged side from the one that beat China yesterday
  • Malaysia have made two changes Wani and Aliah coming in
  • Winifred Duraisingam RFM Malaysia;s captain takes the new ball, Anuradha Chowdhury RHB and Shilu Rajal RHB opening for Nepal
  • No real alarms for the batters, Malaysia's Winifred and Dewi Chunam bowling steadily too, Nepal 3 for 0 after 2 overs
  • Nepal 7 for 0 after 3 overs, Winifred 2-0-5-0 so far, Nepal looking for quick singles but Malaysia's fielding is good
  • Good cricket so far, Bowling and batting, quality. Nepal 9 for 0 after 4 overs
  • Intan Jamahidaya RFM replaces her captain 2-0-5-0 at the North End
  • Malaysia look like a really improved side compared to previous years' outings
  • Nepal 17 for 0 after 5 overs
  • First FOUR of the Nepal innings, Shilu pulls a Nursyaz OB delivery to square leg, Nepal 23 for 0 in the sixth over
    Shilu drives superbly, through off, beats two fielders, FOUR - Nepal 29 for 0 adfter 7 overs
  • Nepal 35 for 0 after 8 overs, Shilu 16*, Anuradha 5*
  • CHANCE of a caught and bowled, Nur Nadhira drops Anuradha
  • Anuradha, not settled, just going for big shots, Shilu looks the more composed batsman, Malaysia unlucky not to have a wicket, MAIDEN by Nur Nadhirah, Nepal 35 for 0 after 9 overs
  • WICKET Mariana Lakie OB misees a caught and bowled CHANCE off Shilu and then has Anuradha bowled next ball, Nepal 36 for 1 in the 10th over
  • Indu Varma the new Nepali batter
  • Nepal 39 for 1 after 10 overs
  • Nepal's batters not very comfortable against Malaysia's spinners and the running between the wickets of Shilu and Indu is diabolical, but runs are coming, 46 for 1 after 11 overs
  • Indu Varma survives an eminently catchable CHANCE to Dewi Chunam at mid-on, but she's missed and the ball goes for FOUR, Nepal reach 50, for the loss of 1 wicket, and its taken them 68 balls
  • Shilyu plays a sweet on-drive, timing and placement, FOUR, she moives on to 29*, Nepal 57 for 1 in the 13th over
  • Shilu looks like she has the measure of this attack, hits her fourth FOUR, through square leg, to take us to DRINKS, Nepal 66 for 1 after 13 overs
  • Malaysia were just on top for quite a while but the lst three overs, Nepal and Shillu Rijal have come back on top
  • About 60 Nepali supporters at the KOC Unity ground here in Kuwait
  • Nepal cruising along, 73 for 1 after 14 overs, Shilu Rijwal 37*
  • Malaysia's captain Winifred RFM brings herself back on for her third over 2-0-5-0, smart move, trying to break this partnership of 40 at better than a run-a-ball between Shilu and Indu Varma
  • WICKET Indu Varma's bowled goinbg for a big one, the ball after hitting a FOUR through midwicket, Nursyaz the wicket-taker, Nepal 76 for 2 in the 16th over, 45-run partnership, Indu out for 17, Shilu 37*
  • New batter in is Nepal's captain Rubina Chhetri
  • WICKET - Nurayazwani and Malaysia ecstatic! Shilu Rijwal bowled for 35, aiming to drive, NNepal 76 for 3 in the 16th over
  • New Nepali batter is Mamta Chowdhury, joins her captain Rubina at the crease, with some rebuilding to do before the late-innings acceleration
  • WICKET Rubina is bowled for 3 off 10 balls, going for a huge hit, Nur Nadhirah OB the delighted bolwer and Nepal in the 19th over are 91 for 4
  • Nepal's current batters are Mamta Chowdhury RHB and Kavita Gautam RHB. Winifred Duraisingham RMF the Malaysian bowler for the 21st over
  • Nepal 102 for 4 after 21 overs
  • The tall Mamta hits a quite beautiful straight drive for FOUR but then Kavita is BOWLED by Nur Nadhiirah, her second wicket, and Nepal are 116 for 5 after 22 overs
  • Nepal 119 for 5 after 23 overs
  • Sonu Khadka and Mamta Cjowdhury striking and placing the ball well, tip-and-run-stuff but Malaysia's bowlers and fielders holding firm, Nepal 128 for 5 with one over to go
  • Malaysia's captain Winifred RFM to bowl the last 4-0-11-0 so far
  • Nepal finish on 136 for 5 off their 25 overs, Mamta 23* after Shilu's 35 the main scorers, good performance by them, but they found the going harder than they'd have expected against a Malaysia team that chased everything down, attacked the stumps at every opportunity in the field and bowled with plenty of sass and skill. Two wickets each for Syazwani and Nadhirah. Nepal's bowlers will have to be near or at their best if they are to win this.
  • Nepal's captain Rubina Cjhhetri RFM takes the new ball, Mariana Lakie and Yusrina Yakkop the Malaysian openers
  • WICKET - Yusrina RHB falls third ball for 2, Rubina fires one in and hits the back leg right in front, Malaysia 2 for 1 in the first over. Malaysia's captain Winifred Duraisingham RHB walks in (Target 137, 25 overs)
  • Sonu Khadka LFM could have had a wickwt too! Mid-off misses a hands-above-head CHANCE from Mariana in the last ball of her over, Malaysia 5 for 1 after 2 overs (Target 137, 25 overs)
  • Captain to captain, Rubina to Winifred is one of those very important mini-battles withing the battle, Rubina Chhetri RF is giving it everything, Winifred resisting, but resistance will not be enough in the long run. Malaysia 7 for 1 after 3 overs (Target 137, 25 overs)
  • Nepal miss a golden CHANCE to run-out Winifred after her partner Mariana called her through and sent her back, Malaysia 8 for 1 after 4 overs (Target 137, 25 overs)
  • Captain to captain, senior-team player to senior-team player, Rubina to Winifred, Winifred wins for a while with a FOUR through mid-off, top-shot but then Rubina comes back with a fast ball which just zips past Mariana Lakie's bat WICKET and Malaysia are 13 for 2 after 5 overs (Target 137, 25 overs)
  • Two runs off Sonu Khadka's third over and Malaysia are 15 for 2 after 6 overs (Target 137, 25 overs)
  • Santoshi Kumari RFM replaces Sonu Khadka 3-0-6-0 at the South End and Winifred RHB flicks her down to fine lefg first ball for FOUR but next ball Santoshi has her WICKET revenge, bowling the Malaysia captain for 13, Malaysia are 21 for 3 in the 8th over (Target 137, 25 overs)
  • Kavita Gautam RFM replaces her captain Rubina 3-0-9-2 at the North End and starts causing further problems for the Malaysian batters who are 24 for 3 after nine overs (Target 137, 25 overs)
  • If Nepal were as good as in the field as Malaysia, they'd have tken three more wickets, another gilt-edged run-out CHANCE is spurned, and Malaysia are 28 for 3 after 10 overs (Target 137, 25 overs)
  • Good run-out by the wicket-keeper Pratiksha Basyal, running out the crease-leaving batter, stunned by the leg-before appeal going on at the same time possibly, Nusyazwina's out WICKET Malaysia are 28 for 4 in the 11th over (Target 137, 25 overs)
  • WICKET - Aqilah's yorked by Santoshi Kumari and Malaysia are on a steep slope downhill when they have a mountain yet to climb, 28 for 5 in the 12th over (Target 137, 25 overs)
  • Nuraswani and Dewi Chunam the two Malaysian batters at present, 29 for 5 after 12 overs (Target 137, 25 overs)
  • WICKET Indu Varma at point coolly gets beneath a skied slash by Dewi Chunam off the bowling of Kavita Gautam and Malaysia are 31 for 6 after 13 overs (Target 137, 25 overs) and that's DRINKS
  • WICKET - Intan's bowled third ball after the resumption by Santoshi and Malaysia are 32 for 7 in the 14th over (Target 137, 25 overs)
  • WICKET - Kavita Gautam rips through Noratikah's defences and Malaysia are 33 for 8 in the 15 th over (Target 137, 25 overs)
  • WICKET - Santoshi yorks another one! Nursyazwani goes and Malaysia are 34 for 9 in the 16th over (Target 137, 25 overs)
  • The last WICKET falls to a bizarre run-out, Nurrotikah driving past the bowler, the ball hitting the umpire, deflecting to mid-on, they chance a run and Nurrotikah's run out at the bowler's end, Malaysia all out for 39 after 16.2 overs which means NEPAL WON BY 97 RUNS

ACC U-19 Women's Championship 2012

Group A:
Malaysia v Nepal at KOC Unity
Nepal won the toss and chose to bat
Nepal: 136 for 5 off 25 overs (S.Rijwal 35)
Malaysia: 39 all out off 16.2 overs (R. Chettri 3-9, S.Kumari 4-13)
Player of the Match: Santoshi Kumari (Nepal)

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Filed February 4th, 2012