ACC U-19 Women’s Championship 2012 - DAY 1: BHUTAN'S DRAGONS BEAT HONG KONG'S

  • TOSS: Bhutan v Hong Kong - Hong Kong won the toss and elected to field. Play starts in 10 minutes
  • Bhutan put into bat have got off to a good start thanks to an erratic Mariko Hill RMF over, short and wide and they're 12 for 0. Ugyen Dema LHB and Sonam Deki RHB the openers
  • Both teams not unaccustomed to the cold, in spite of the sun it's about 7 degrees and with the northerly wind it's feeling really chilly. Kan Hoi Ki RM bowling from the South End
  • WICKET Mariko Hill back in the groove, pitches the ball up first ball of her second over and Ugyen Dema's bowled, off-stump. Bhutan 18 for 1 in the third
  • Dechen Wangmo RHB the new bat, nuggety cricketer
  • End of the third over, Bhutan 19 for 1. Kan Hoi Ki RM to continue from the South End
  • It's going to be an innings of graft and grind from the Bhutanese, balls are not going to be lifted, bowlers like Mariko Hill and Chan Sau Har SLA are going to have the best chance of prising them out.
  • Mariko Hill RMF but more RFM today, not in the best of rhythm just focussing on pitching the ball up, aiming to hit halfway up the stumps, after 5 overs Bhutan 26 for 1
  • First FOUR of the Bhutan innings, Dechen Wangmo pulls Kiki Kan RM to the midwicket boundary, Bhutan 31 for 1 in the sixth over
  • Chan Sau HAr SLA replaces Mariko Hill RMF 3-0-15-1 at the North End and is greeted by a superb cover-drive from Dechen Wangmo, FOUR, Bhutan 40 for 1 after 7 overs
  • Ko Lo Ping RM replaces Kiki Kan 3-0-17-0 at the South End for the eighth over
  • Bhutan going well it looked like until WICKET Sonam Deki is lbw to Chan Sau Har and Bhutan are 43 for 2 in the ninth over
  • All but sqaure leg inside the 25-yard circle for Chan Sau Har SLA, new Bhutan Bat is Choening Tenzing RHB
  • FOUR Dechen Wangmo in some form today, pulls another to midwicket, Chan Sau Har pitvching short and Bhutan are 54 for 2 after nine overs, Dechen Wangmo 17*
  • After 10 overs, Bhutan 58 for 2, Dechen 18*
  • At the half-way stage of the scheduled 25-over Bhutan innings, they're 63 for 2
  • Back from a DRINKS break, and Hong Kong strike, Choening is BOWLED by Chan Ya King for 6 and Bhutan are 74 for 3 in the 14th over, Dechen Wangmo 25*
  • Ho Hung Ying not bowling too shabbilky at all, but not hurting the opposition either and Hong Kong are rolling through the overs, fielders spread wide as possible, Bhutan cruising to a potentially dangerous 120ish score, are 81 for 3 after 15 overs
  • Bhutan's innings distinguished by good running and good shot selection today - a major difference between them this time around and last
  • Hong Kong pretty decent in the field but anything hit in a gap is being made into a run, Bhutan 91 for 3 after 16 overs and Hong Kong will have to bat well themselves
  • FOUR Sonam Deki getting in on the action, crisp on-drive, but is then BOWLED by new bowler Sheriza Wadhwani OB next ball for 6, and Bhutan are 96 for 4 in the 17th over, Dechen Wangmo still there on 30*
  • Ruchitha Venkatesh RM replacing Chan Ya King RM 2-0-11-1 at the South End
  • Bhutan 106 for 4 after 18 overs, Dechen 32*
  • Mariko Hill RMF back on from the North End, she has two overs left, 3-0-15-1 so far
  • Just three runs off the Mariko Hill over, Bhutan 109 for 4 with six overs to go, Dechen 33*
  • Bhutan 119 for 4 with five overs to go
  • Mariko Hill might be a champ but so's Dechen Wangmo and she just leans back to hammer a short ball over square leg for FOUR and Bhutan are 127 for 4 after 21 overs, Mariko Hill finishes with 5-0-24-1, Dechen 41*
  • Bhutan scoring at exactly a run a ball, three overs to go and they're 132 for 4, Dechen 42*. Chan Sau Har SLA 3-0-21-0 replaces Mariko Hill at the North End
  • Two overs to go and Bhutan are 136 for 4, Dechen 44*
  • FOUR through mid-on, and she's on 48* with nine balls to go of the Bhutanese innings, a 50 would be very well deserved, she's held the innings together and played with tremendous assurance throughout, timing the ball beautifully
  • FIFTY to Dechen, authoritative Dravidesque flick through square and it's been a terrific innings, Bhutan are 148 for 4 with the last over coming up
  • Bhutan finish on 155 for 4 off their 25 overs, great effort by them. Hong Kong's Mariko Hill and Chan Sau Har weren't at their best, Dechen Wangmo 52* and Bhutan's batters were
  • Their game in 2010 was a thriller, this could be an even higher-scoring one. Hong Kong's captain Mariko Hill RHB and Dominique McCusker RHB come out to bat, Sonam Zam RMF to take the new ball for Bhutan...
  • WICKET to a run-out, last ball of the first over. Ho Hung Ying (not Mariko Hill) was the opener to go. Hong Kong 1 for 1
  • WICKET Dom McCusker's bowled by Anju Gurung, second ball of the second over, Hong Kong 3 for 2
  • FOUR to Mariko Hill, powers one through leg off Sonam Zam OB for Hong Kong's first boundary, Hong Kong 9 for 2 after 3 overs
  • Hong Kong 11 for 2 after 4 overs (Target 156, 25 overs). Mariko Hill RHB and Chan Ka Ying LHB in the middle for Hong Kong
  • Chan Ka Ying adrift in an ocean without a rudder against Sonam Zam, but she is trying to steer to leg with her bat
    Soman Zam OB finding some turn and bounce, three off her third over, Hong Kong 14 for 2 after 5 overs (Target 156, 25 overs)
  • Bhutan keeping the ball up to the bat, on that off-stump corridor. Few easy runs on offer at the moment
  • Sonam Zam 3-0-12-0 is replaced by Tshering Wangmo RFM at the North End, Hong Kong 16 for 2 after six overs
  • FOUR, Mariko Hill just dinks one high over mid-wicket, flies far and high, Hong Kong 20 for 2 in the seventh over (Target 156, 25 overs) and is then DROPPED at cover two balls later
  • WICKET Chan Ka Ying is caught for 7 at short extra off Devika Darjee, Hong Kong 25 for 3 in the eighth over. Chan Sau Ha RHB the new bat
  • FOUR, anything loose on the legside Mariko Hill puts it away, Hong Kong 36 for 3 after nine overs (Target 156, 25 overs)
  • After 10 overs, Hong Kong are 39 for 3, Mariko Hill 21*
  • Hong Kong need another 117 to win off 15 overs at just under eight runs an over
  • Chan Sau Ha plays possibly the shot of the day, a cover drive on the up for FOUR off Tshering Wangmo RFM and Hong Kong are 43 for 3 in the 11th over
  • Hong Kong 47 for 3 after 12 overs (Target 156, 25 overs), Mariko Hill stuck on 21* for some time, partnership of 19 so far for the fourth wicket between her and Chan Sau Ha
  • Sonam Zam OB returns for her fourth over, to try and break the partnership
  • Not many dot balls when Chan Sau Ha's batting and at DRINKS Hong Kong are 52 for 3 after 13 overs
  • WICKET Mariko Hill bowled by Devika Darjee for 22, Hong Kong 52 for 4
  • WICKET Chan Sau Ha lbw Anju Gurung 12, her second wicket, Hong Kong 55 for 5 after 16 overs (Target 126, 25 overs)
  • Sheriza Wadhwani RHB caught at short extra and Hong Kong are 58 for 6 after 17 overs
  • Eight overs to go, 98 wanted by Hong Kong, four wickets left - it's going only one way for Bhutan and Hong Kong
  • Bhutan have played extremely well today. Nothing exceptional or spectacular, just smart, effective cricket
  • WICKET Kwok Lau Ping is bowled by Ugyen Dema and Hong Kong are 62 for 7 in the 19th over (Target 156, 25 overs)
  • Hong Kong 68 for 7 after 20 overs, five overs to go and an academic 88 wanted
  • Both teams still trying their hardest which is good to see, Hong Kong's day will come again, Bhutan take another WICKET Kwok Lau Ping run out for 9, Hong Kong 81 for 8 after 24 overs
  • Another WICKET for Bhutan, Ruchitha's bowled by Tshering Wangmo after a gutsy effort, Hong Kong 85 for 9 with two balls to go
  • Hong Kong finish on 86 for 9 and BHUTAN HAVE WON BY 69 RUNS, no doubts about the Player of the Match it's going to be Bhutan's Dechen Wangmo for her excellent 52*

ACC U-19 Women's Championship 2012

Group B:
Bhutan v Hong Kong at KOC Unity
Hong Kong won the toss and elected to field
Bhutan: 155 for 4 off 25 overs (D.Wangmo 52*)
Hong Kong: 86 for 9 off 25 overs (A.Gurung 2-8, U.Dema 2-12)
Player of the Match: Dechen Wangmo (Bhutan)

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Filed February 3rd, 2012