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ACC U-19 Women’s Championship 2010 - Videos

Venue : Singapore
Dates : 4th - 12th October 2010

Nepal's ACC U-19 Women's Cricket Champions Nary Thapa and Sarita Magar

Kuwait's Siobhan Gomez and Varshini Suresh on Winning and Big Hitting

Dechen Wangmo: Bhutan's Cricket Champion

Damber Singh Gurung: Coaching Bhutan Towards Victory

Kiki Kan and Dominque McCusker: The Fine Line Between Victory and Defeat

Alessandra and Winnie on the thrills and challenges of being international cricketers

Hong Kong's Yasmin Daswani and Godiva Li: On Their Way to the ACC U-19 Women's semi-final

Oman's Arzoo Sattikar on getting better at cricket and the contest between cricket and school

Nepal's Nary Thapa on batting, bowling and battle scars v Singapore, ACC U-19 Women's Championship

UAE's Sneha Sankar on teamwork, team spirit and her team's semi-final chances

Ishitaa Gidwani and Mariko Hill: Winning for Hong Kong

Shubhangi Kulkarni of India advises young cricketers

Sita Magar: Nepal Batting Star

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